Sid: Pranam guruji. Guruji it may take ur time but it will save a life from ruining.Please spare some time to understand and answer my LAST question.

I was not able to correctly put my doubt and the answer little disturbed me. So I am again tring to clarify it.

I am your SON only, deeply begging for your guidance and help.

Guru ji since childhood I have been following vedic marg and ur preach-havan, yagya and meditation.

During my studies (2014) I once got some bad thoughts. I couldn’t understand how to get rid of it as it happened for the first time to me. I totally deviated from my studies because such thoughts kept on coming and I thought something was wrong with me this simple thing really stressed me out. So finally I decided I will not bother about such thoughts and will not REACT to such baseless imaginations. So then I asked you a question on 31 May 2014.

In the question by “some problems” I actually meant the baseless deviations and disturbances in mind and not some real life problem (I know from you: God help those who help themselves so one should solve the problems not let them just come)

In it you mentioned about hat yog and I thought I was doing somthing wrong and even today whenever I try t force myself(mind, brain, body) to do more or better in life or force my mind or brain to concentrate and leave doubts I feel I am doing Hatyog.

I read little about hatyog on internet. I Donot think I do any of those strange cleanliness kriyas. I have always heard vedic prech and read vedic books of yours – bhramcharaya, divine light. I automatically have been following YAM and NIYAM( obviously not perfectly)
But I again and again feel that I am doing something wrong. I am marred with self doubt today.

Since childhood I have been following vedic marg preached by you but if suddenly I get the doubt that I am doing somthing wrong then how can I proceed.

Please tell me I am following vedic path only not any other one that I even had never heard of in my life.
There are many other things that may not be mentioned in vedas like
1. television
2. songs
3. meeting ones friends.
4. someone may even go to temple/ murti pooja
5. or even may tell some lie
or any other thing that may be good for man.

I hope doing these things would not part of hathyog.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I think, I have clarified all your doubts earlier, so please link the same and try to follow. Your firm decision to not to pay attention on bad thoughts will destroy your negative thoughts. You are a student, you should pay your full attention towards studies simultaneously do havan, name jaap etc., as usual.

Kamla: I have lost my vishnu pratima know what can I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please, contact with local pandit to solve your problem because I only worship formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and then again creates the universe.

Anonymous: Hindi shabd ki utpatti Sanskrit se hui hai kase spasht kijiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh spasht hai ki jo swar aur vyanjan Sanskrit ke hain, wahi hindi ke hain aur pehle Sanskrit kee utpatti hui hai phir Sanskrit se hindi utpann huee hai.