We were talking about Pramaan Vritti. So when we see the destruction of matter or sorrows and even death before us, so this Pramaan Vritti helps to determine that the world and even our body at one time is destroyed/disappeared. In this matter Lord Krishna also says in Bhagwat Geeta 2/27 that death is certain for those who are born. Vyas Muni in Mahabharta says that this is strange that the people daily see the death but all the remaining alive people are so busy in their routine that they have forgotten their death and seems to be indulged in their work as if they will remain alive forever. So if by virtue of Pramaan Vritti one learns about the sorrows and death etc.,and become an ascetic and starts worship Yoga practice etc., then this Pramaan Vritti is called “Aklishta” (gives no sorrows) and on the other hand if somebody is attracted towards materialistic world and is involved in bad deeds/sins then this Pramaan Vritti is called “Klishta” (give rebirth and sorrows etc.) It is Prataksha Pramaan. But see that in the matter of realisation of God the Prataksha Pramaan can’t be produced, God being unmanifested. Yajur Veda Mantra 40/8 also says that God is omnipresent and unmanifested. God is beyond description and beyond imagination and is not liable to realise by means of any organs. Here the Vedas arise the necessity of Yoga philosophy to realise God.

Second is Anumaan Pramaan Vritti. When we recognize the true knowledge about the unseen matter by seeing its symbol/symptom then the “Main Vritti” which gets the true knowledge is called Anumaan Vritti. It is Anumaan Pramaan. This type of knowledge of a matter is based on guess, by seeing the symbol of the matter. For example, far away we see the smoke in the sky then we guess that surely the smoke is the result of burning fire. Here we do not see the burning fire, but on the basis of smoke only we come to know the truth that there is fire. Similarly when we see sun, moon, earth, animals and sky etc., then by virtue of Anumaan Vritti we guess that all the said matter had not been created by man but certainly God has created the same. This is called Anumaan Pramaan Vritti and this knowledge from Anumaan Pramaan is attained by “Main Vritti”. In Yoga Shashtra the words of Main Vritti has been used specially by Vyas Muni in his comments. The reason behind is that some Vritti is have misunderstanding also but the Vritti which gives knowledge without any doubt that Vritti is called “Main Vritti”. For example it was told above that from a far distance when we see the rope then we have doubt that it may be a snake, so this is the Vritti with doubt. Again when we went near the rope and got the truth about snake then the Vritti which has given the true knowledge of snake is called “Main Vritti”. When the total world is seemed destroyable by this Vritti and when we become ascetic and start studies of Vedas /Yoga practice then this Anumaan Pramaan Vritti is called “Akilshta” (gives no sorrows). On the other hand when we are entangled with illusion and attachment etc., and do sins then this Anumaan Pramaan Vritti becomes “Klishta”(gives sorrows). Description of Aagam Pramaan Vritti will follow.