Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen that is conducted on every Monday for the benefit of everyone. His his preach, he shared:

We should pay attention towards God. You shouldn’t pay attention to anything else. If you do not do service then you will get sin. One day you will get punished. Don’t think that Rishis eyes are closed. You should keep your eyes low. There are people of opposite gender who come here. You should speak with Shraddha.

I have opened this ashram for doing tough sadhna. I do not need sadhna. I need hard sadhna. This ashram is opened for that only. Rules are for everyone. Now I will certainly give punishment. Earlier I will not give punishment and now everyone has become high-headed. Don’t do things that you may become eligible to get punishments.

There is nothing bigger than Yajyen. You get the blessings of God, Rishi and parents. According to age I feel I weakness due to hard work but I am free from diseases. I cannot leave Yajyen. When Yajyamaan and Vidvaan jointly do Yajyen then sins gets destroyed and all three lokas benefit. Those who are ignorant leave it.

Yajyen is the biggest worship. This is God’s voice. You are sitting in the lap of Acharya and reciting. We can make our fortune by doing Yajyen. There only we get knowledge and we should follow it. For it Vedas, Shastra, upnishad, etc. say that this life is to listen Vedas, sadhna, etc. and to realise God. People say anything, anger, revenge, misuse their appointment, etc. You should maintain this environment lovingly. We should aspire for God and get devyoni if you keep Rishi happy.

Here people avoid Acharya and run their own kingdom. Always stay in sanyam, niyam and service is the biggest. Always keep doing service. If you make Acharya unhappy then God destroys them. If people have no Shraddha and service then God destroys them. You don’t have the attitude towards detachment. You do groupism. You should stay for realising God. If you are not doing service, not having Shraddha, not following the truth then God doesn’t leave anything. He gives punishment and destroys. It is such a good environment where mantras are chanted, and lazy people come here and spoil the environment.

I keep explaining again and again if we do Yajyen, Agnihotra and listen Vedas God protects them. It is just you people that are safe. God has removed the protection from everyone. God gives everyone punishment. There is no excuse. He says that I will properly destroy you. You should listen again and again, and pay attention.

God says that you eat my food, you listen by ears, I give you the sense organs by which you take knowledge, and you don’t believe in Me, don’t listen to my Vedas and don’t follow my rules. You do some other worship, watch cinema, etc. God says that I will destroy you.

If you do sins then I will give you sorrows.

You should see good movie. Children when they see bad movies their Brahmcharya gets destroyed.

If you leave my Yajyen then I leave you forever to get sins. In Yajyen the education that is given of saiyam (self-control) and niyam (rules), you should follow it. There is no so much poverty, lack of respect for women, etc. If our karmas will be good then God and Rishi protect us 24/7. God has not given us any freedom that we do bad deeds.

Why do you stay with liability at ashram? Without service there is nothing in ashram. This is not an old age home. Even old age home has rules. They are also given daily tasks which they do. This is Ved Mandir. Here you should do as much as service as possible. You are capable of doing service and hence you should do. There is nidhya, dvesh, chugli. You are not free to go against Vedas. You should stay under the rules of Vedas. You will get happiness. If you go against the rules then you will get sorrows.

With avidya you think that even sorrows are happiness. Even if you have many diseases, deaths, etc. people think money is everything. Without worship of God, you cannot get happiness. God has not liberated you to do sins. You have got this body to realise God.

The best deed is Yajyen. You need to serve the Rishi with body, mind and wealth. You yourself can become capable of realising and also teach others if you do the deeds as per Vedas. If you do things against Vedas then you are nastik (unbeliever).

With a great fortune you are able to chant these mantras in front of Rishi. Gurubani says that ‘seva bhav naal guru dyaal honde nein’. In Rishi and his adobe, God is prakat. He is happy as you are listening to Him and following His orders. If Rishi is happy then God is happy, and vice versa.

Here everyone is the same. There is so much difference in people. They do bad deeds in the ashram. Hence they need to be punished. God has not made you free to do any bad deed. You have got this body to listen Vedas and follow what Vedas say. That’s why you have got this body. Otherwise He would have made you an animal.

God cannot preach. He doesn’t have a mouth. He uses the mouth of a Yogi. Hence the service of Rishi is specified since they share knowledge and help you realise. You get a Rishi’s darshan with very good fortune.

There is a rule that you will come for 3 days in ashram and not more than that. What do should we do for such people? Without service God won’t be pleased.

Aahutis of 40th adhyaye of Yajurved follows.

To get immersed in vidya, in terms of pride that we have learnt some mantras and treat others as lower. Did I treat you as someone lower? I have treated you as my sons and daughters. If you treat the others as lower than you then it is not tolerated by Rishi and God.

Those who follow avidya – false knowledge, they will go to bad births. Avidya has four lakshans (signs). Those who have not listened Vedas, or they have listened and have not understood, these people will go to darkness due to avidya since they consider sorrows as happiness. They don’t listen to Vedas that what is death and what will happen after death. They don’t even know what their reality is. They should consider sorrows as sorrows. Then to destroy it they will make an effort. Even those who are rich have mental tension and have family issues. Without worship of God you cannot be happy. They are calling themselves as happy as they have avidya. Knowledge of God is needed to be happy in present life and in future.

Second avidya is jad ko Chetan. God is Chetan. He is in stone but He is not stone. God says that I am inside you but you don’t know as you don’t follow Vedas.

Sanyas is the best path and is the hardest path. I know by my personal experience. When I have taken sanyas since then I have not even eaten peacefully. When I eat, people keep asking questions.

Another sign is that soul is Chetan (conscious). We have made it jad (non-alive). There are immense qualities of God in Vedas. A knowledgeable of Vedas will say that why are you worshipping the stone? They consider jad as Chetan. The whole world thinks that jad is Chetan.

They will go in darkness.

You never leave sadhna and agnihotra. You should stay away from bad deeds. You should invest in service. You should follow what you learn here. Worship God that has not been made by humans but who is there for unlimited time.