Swamiji performed Yajyen in the evening. In his divine preach, he shared:

In the morning the first mantra of Rigved was explained. You have got the human body. You should use it for Yajyen. When soul gets caught in maya (illusion) – rajogun, satogun and tamogun then the soul does sinful deeds and it goes to different yonis. Nowadays it has become impossible to understand.

Human body is made for Yajyen. You can listen but you cannot understand as the soul is attracted towards rajogun, tamogun and satogun.

The second mantra also has Agni word, which is used for Almighty God. Earlier Rishis followed the path of Vedas, did ashtang yog sadhna, managed grahasth, etc. Human body should be used for working hard. People do a little work nowadays and get tired. People don’t follow Vedic path from young age and do not have the knowledge of Brahmcharya. People get diseases and lose strength at the age of 30-40. Earlier people would do hard work till the age of 100+ years. They would go to jungles at the age of 50. Their bramcharya would protect them.

In today’s time also there are many people who have followed the path of Vedas. In Arya Samaj also there are many. Here in Ved Mandir also there have been vanprasthis and sanyasis. Nutaney – new. There are many who are engaged in following the Vedic path now. You come in this category. Some of understood vairagya early and some have taken it at a later stage (60-70). Some spend the whole time in fighting and other materialistic things till old age. Human body is meant to attain knowledge.

If you are not getting vairagya then you can stay in family life but focus on sadhna. There are youngsters that go to gurukul and come to grahastya at the age of 25. Arya Samaj has made a lot of Gurukuls where they have school education and also Vedic education. It should happen. It is our dharm and duty. We should not destroy human life in money, etc. The body becomes old and is not capable of walking, etc. If people want to do it then they may do but human body is made to realise God. Rishi Muni and Tapasvis are engaged in searching for God.

Everyone’s thoughts should be one listening Vedas, following the Vedic path, ashtang yog, etc.

Rishis those who have the experience of realising God – both shabdbrahm (Vedas) and parbrahm (God). He is called Brahman. Such a Rishi is worshipable and should be praised. God gives him buddhi that is out of the world.  He has known the mantras sakshyat (in true form). They are yatharthvakta (speak the truth as it is). They are able to share the true meaning of Vedas.

The knowledge that they have shared to humans and with which their several generations (of these humans who learned from Rishis) followed Vedas, worship and meaning of Vedas. All this has been coming in their tradition for several generations.

Those who did not follow Vedas they regretted and were not happy. With this no one stays foolish. We should listen Vedas. The books written by earlier and current Rishis should be followed. It is not easy. It is for brave people. Those who have strength they are given this knowledge. With brahmcharya get the knowledge. Don’t spoil a single day in foolish talks. It is possible that you will be able to excel in worldly deeds and also spiritual.

Gautam Rishi has said in Nyay Shastra that humans should listen to Rishis and ask their queries and get clarifications. It should be done lovingly to gain knowledge. It shouldn’t be done to fight. If you ask Acharya what is God? Then Acharya will explain knowledge, deeds, nature, etc.

When you get a firm belief after listening Vedas that God is everywhere. You do not say that He is powerless or needs your support. He punishes evil people and protects those who goes towards Him.

There was a mantra in morning that God protects them and gives them salvation. It is not possible in this birth. Vrittis are going very far. Vrittis should go inside. People get the pleasures of sense organs. Only the brave people can control them by Brhamcharya and sadhna.

Such a soul who is able to make the vrittis niruddh, he says that I live in this body. Like you are sitting in Yajshala. You know that you are separate and Yajshala is separate. Then you will be in your form that you are knowledgeable, pure, immortal, etc. Till these vrittis don’t stop keep doing sadhna, so that you can go to Dev Yoni and you can keep getting a human birth.

People keep trying to search for God while doing good deeds. Some of them and others may get in future births. With the blessings of God the meaning of second mantra was shared. This will keep happening.

The meaning of Rigveda mantra 1/36/2 is asked by a disciple. Santayah – God that gives everything. Every bit that we get for staying alive is from God. He gives everything. He keeps everyone alive – rich or poor.

Havishmantah – havi (superior materials that are used in aahutis. He gives ghee, woods, etc.) God that gives superior materials.

Knowledgeable of Vedas (Vidvaan) do your dharan. Dhadhire – God is inside everyone but no one knows. No one knows the activities of God.

God that is inside and is hidden. After doing sadhna of several births they make Him prakat. Soul knows that I have realised God and He is inside me. Dheehami – I strive to realise God. When you do Gayatri jaap you should think this – You are inside me and I am thinking of You.

God that increases power – Agni. We should do dharan of God inside you – the same that is realised by God – by being following Vedas and being under the shelter of Rishi and continuing sadhna.

Sumanah – God with divine knowledge. In this world, if there is war or anything, you may become our protector in this world. This is a prayer to God. In this mantra God’s qualities are also explained. God becomes their protector also. Those who do His stuti, prathana, etc. God protects them and gives them moksh. Like Vidvaan realise God, similarly, we may also. We should do His upasana.

There is no other God like Him. Vidvaan do not accept worship of any other God. You keep listening to His qualities daily. Vidvaan do not tell about worshipping of anyone except Him. They are able to defeat everyone and win. God protects Vidvaan. Who can win over them?