1. How a man will be free from the reactions of the deeds he/she performs on earth?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are three kinds of karmas sanchit, prarabdha and kriyamaan. Vedas tell to discharge our duties (karmas) according to Vedas as also mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta 3/15 which says that karmas are emanated from Vedas. Sanchit karmas means the total number of karmas of the previous births at the time of taking birth. Prarabhadh karam means the karmas taken from sanchit and are to be faced in present life (good or bad). Kriyamaan karmas ,means the present life’s karmas. From present pious karmas we can burn all past karmas good or bad and can get salvation. So the importance actually is of present pious deeds according to Vedas.

2. If Myself is part of his creation, what stopping me to know my creator as he is?
Swami Ram Swarup: The body is created by God according to deeds and we are soul reside in the body. Soul is eternal and is not made by anybody. Illusion due to which we are called ignorant, is the reason which does not allow us to know ourself that we are souls. God is one souls are several. Body is dead but not soul. When anyone goes to a learned philosopher of Vedas and yoga then one day the illusion is over and he knows himself.

3. Why every human being asked to realize the self in the spiritual path, what will happen if he/she don’t?
Swami Ram Swarup: The nature of soul is eternal, peaceful, calmetc., but he has forgotten his own stage due to illusion. So due to effect of the said nature everybody tries to get peace, calm, etc., which is only possible through spiritualism and not by means of worldly articles etc.

4. Most of the spiritual gurus preach to extend the love and peace with others, How do you define these two terms?
Swami Ram Swarup: Love and peace are the result of tapsya and isnever attained on the basis of mere preach or worldly knowledge as is also mentioned in Kenopnishad shlok 4/8. So to extend the same one will have to gather the same within him for which knowledge of four Vedas and practice of ashtang yoga, worship, prayer are essential being eternal philosophy. But against the Vedas most of the saints, study, remember and make talks thereon which is itself a sin. For example in 12th chapter of Bhagwat Geeta shlok 8, it is said that one should surrender his mann and budhhi to God.Further in this shlok it is said that he will be in God (realize God) and in this statement there is no doubt. Suppose anybody study this shlok only and does not practice the said path of Vedas and yoga then will he be able to realse God mere on the statement. In shlok 13 of this chapter it is said to leave dvesh (hate), attachment, proud, etc., so this is a preach. If we read this preach only and remember the same by heart then whether we will be able to leave the said bad evils/sanskars until we follow the said eternal path of Vedas and yoga. Actually now a days people have been made by false saints to listen the sweet-sweet words only which are sweet like honey. And everybody can listen because listening is not a problem but nobody can experience and nobody can get peace or love etc. Even the preacher who is lack of Vedas and yoga philosophy is always under influence of illusion but act like a film actor. Because they are not ocean of peace and love like Vyas Muni, Guru Vashisth and all ancient rishis Munis who are philosopher of eternal knowledge of Vedas and yoga. If present false saints who are against the Vedas and yoga could be able to spread love and peace then there would have been no hate, corruption, insult of women, slaveness of child etc., violence, selfishness, injustice, politics of votes etc-etc., which are all over the world and such saints hold Yajna and tells to spread peace and love for whole of the world. Whereas there is lot of decrease in the world.

5. Why most of the people cling to get attached with the worldly objects and its pleasures?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is due to the nature of soul which is calledPARISHWANGDHARMI in Vedas i.e., attachment. When anybody takes birth the soul has its nature of attachment. For attachment the soul has two matters before him— 1. prakriti made worldly articles like gold, silver, building, car, film song, etc-etc.,
2. Almighty God . due to lack of true preach most of the souls are attached to world and thus accept problem, tension, sickness, worries and next bad birth etc. few only who attends satsang etc., get peace.

6. Why is it wrong to enjoy the pleasures given by the worldly objects?
Swami Ram Swarup: Why everybody is not interested to play with apoisonous snake. Answer is clear that it is a great danger to life. But snake charmer who knows about the snakes’ nature and takes out its poison always plays with snake and make source to live upon even. So worldly objects are not prohibited in the Vedas but are to be used to live upon. But before its use one will have to know its effect and defect and aspect through Vedas. Then the worldly object will be faithful to make realisation of God even and as also stated in Yajurveda mantra 40/1. Because then one will be able to know good and bad, true and false.

7. How as a parent can inculcate the spiritual thinking in the child?
Swami Ram Swarup: For this the parent first must be of spiritualminded complete in all respect like king Dashrath, and Janak etc., and mother like Mata Sita and Kaushlya etc. Otherwise the parent must give advice to the child to go to a spiritual master who is a learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy like Vyas Muni and Guru Vashisth. Without such Guru there is no way.

8. I find myself thinking differently with other fellow men in establishing goals in this materialistic world and observed same with others. Why it isso, assuming everybody has his divine grace?
Swami Ram Swarup: This difference is due to based on worldly theory because nobody has realized the omnipresent God within all through Vedas and ashtang yoga practice. Mere sayings has no values and will never give peace.

9. Per Bhagawat Gita, Lord Krishna states that, everybody has to do karma. Every body should act based on his/her swadharma. Most of them have attributes inflected from this world which are good and bad set by the scriptures. If every attribute is coming from this world, why one is good and other is bad?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwat Geeta also says in shlok 3/15 that allkarmas emanates from four Vedas and everybody must follow the orders of the Vedas and must discharge duties according to Vedas. But due to bad luck most of the people are against the Vedas and thus is the problem.

10. Is god expecting any thing from the human race?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please.

11. If he and his attributes are infinite, how will an ordinary human would know him with his/her limited capabilities?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should worship God who has unlimitedcapabilities. God and soul are separate from each other. God is unlimited qualities etc., whereas soul is limited. And God has made provision and has given chance of human life to soul to realize God.