Yajur Veda Mantra 31/5 says that the whole world/atmosphere is created by Almighty God. Though the creation is the greatest,utmost and surprising deed which cannot be done by anybody else except God,But still in comparison the creation is nothing before the God i.e., the God isgreater than the creation and the surprising creation is nothing in comparison with God. In Mantra 31/7 it is added in Hiscreation that Rig, Saam, Atharva and Yajur Veda have been originated fromadorable God for the benefit of Human being. Every Rishi bowed, prayed andstudied the four Vedas because in the ancient time of Satyug, Treta and Dwapur no religion came into existence. Andthere was no holy knowledge except Vedas for the whole world.After studying thesame the Rishis learnt Yoga philosophy therein and practiced. Only then they realised truth and somehowthey wrote six Shashtras, Mahabharta and Brahmin Granth etc., for thedisciples/public’s benefit. Here again we must recollect that the Rishisstudied and practice the preach of Yoga in life, realised God through the powerof Yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas then they became able to preach or writethe experienced knowledge. It is a matter of sorrow that now-a-days thetradition of practicing or experiencing the truth traditionally is almost allseemed to be over and mostly the present Gurus only by reading, learning byheart and briefing the same to thepublic like a lecturer. It is afraid that whether it has been a profession orsomething else. So traditionally the Yoga Shashtra has been a spiritualShashtra by Patanjali Rishi wherein he is explaining the truth .There are fivekinds of Chitta’s Vrittis——

PramaanViparya Vikalpa Nidra Smritiyha (1/6)

For the last morethan five thousands years the study on this matter is oftenly negligible which has caused a great blind faith etc. Anyhowthe first Vritti Pramaan has its three kinds——–

1.Prataksha 2.Anumaan and 3.Aagamaha

Most of theSadhus now a days tells people not to touch Shashtras,Vedas and Yajna which is the culture and a traditionknowledge of the Human being preached by Almighty God in the shape of fourVedas and thereafter learning /practising from Vedas the Rishis spread thesame. In the absence of this traditional knowledge ,no one is now able torealise the truth or decide the untruth. If we still learn about the said Vrittisfrom Yoga Shashtra based on Vedas then there is no reason left behind todiscover right or wrong. Because in Vedas/Shashtras to decide the truth, thePramaan(Proof) is to be produced .Pramaan means Proof . From the ancient timethe above stated Praman Vritti (Proof) used to be quoted while preaching orwriting being ordered by Vedas. It is a wonder that due to lack of traditionalknowledge and public being away from the traditional spiritualism the Praman(Proof) are not being quoted/asked and thus Muni Kapil says in his SamkhyaShashtra – Itaratha Andhaparampara(3/81) i.e., in the absence of an aliveyogi/philosopher of Vedas a new own created tradition will be generated whereinthe spokesman/listener both will be totally blind about the truth/facts . TulsiDass ji has also told in his Ramayana under couplet 97 verses 1&2 that –

l. Now the people do not see and study the preach ofVedas. Mostly sadhus sold Vedas i.e.,the sadhus do not know A B C about the Vedas / yoga philosophy preached therein. 2. In the absence of the traditionalknowledge of the Vedas , the people accept the religious paths which suit them. It has been also resulted that thepeople accept them the most wiser sadhus who are lack of Vedas /yoga philosophybut make spending fun and talk against the truth of traditional knowledge. We must therefore, learn our traditionalVedas, shashtras to decide truth. Todecide the truth Yoga Shashtra speaks to give Pramaan (Proof) from Vedasetc. First we learn about PratakshaParmaan as stated above. Please seethat Vedas/all shashtras including this yoga shashtra says that whatever comeunder this Parmaan that is all truth and remaining lecture/statement isuntrue.


Five organs(eye,ear, nose, skin &tongue)gets the knowledge by seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting from outermaterilistic world and pass the same to the Chitta. The Chitta passes the sameto the Soul to experience and for disposal. Thus the knowledge collected by thefive organs and the faculty which receives and contains the same is called thePrime Vritti of Chittawhich is further defined as Prataksha Pramaan i.e., thetrue knowledge experienced by Soul through the process of five organs and PrimeChitta Vritti is called Prataksha Pramaan(direct proof given by fiveorgans).For-example Eye, the organ seethe snake .The effect of knowledge of the snake thus received and make on theChitta. Now the Chitta’s Vritti truthfully decided that it is undoubtedly issnake.This is called Prataksha Pramaan Vriti.(Direct proof from eye organ whichcan’t be wrong at this belated stage). Similarly we have to know about the other fourorgans viz nose ear tongueand skin on the matter of prataksha Pramaan Vritti. In this matter there may be some doubt also, For example far away there is some darknessand little bit light also. We see anddetermine that there is a snake. Butwhen we go near then we find there a rope instead of snake. The Prime Prataksha Pramaan Vritti gave thistrue knowledge about snake. So in thiscase to come to the conclusion about truth the Prataksha Pramaan (proof) isneeded fundamentally and traditionally which now a days is seemed tonegligible. This results to spreadblind faith and other harmful ways to the human beings. Vedas / Shashtras do not depend only on thePramaan vritti but either of the one from Prataksha, Anumaan or Aagam Pramaanis required to discover truth brief of which follows.