It is a problem that now a days scientists are studying and do hard job to invent only the matter, which are visible and studied through mind whereas the God is invisible by organs. Yajur Veda Mantra 3/6 states that the Earth moves round the Sun and Saam veda Mantra 630 states that Sun revolves on its axis. The Mantra clarifies that due to moving the Earth, the seasons, days and nights etc., are originated. The today’s science has invented all above said theory but the fact why all planets are moving in the space is briefed in Yajur Veda mantra 33/43 that the earth has its moving nature and is thus revolving through Gravitational power. Each planet in space is attracted with its own Gravitation power. But this Mantra and Mantra 34/31 also clarifies that the Gravitation in planet is only due to the Gravity power of Almighty God. Because God is everywhere therefore, God is also within all planets and due to the Gravity and Almighty quality of God, the Gravitation is seen by the scientists in all planets. But the search being limited up to the visible matters only, no scientists has realized the Gravitation power of God which was realized only by our ancient Rishis / Munis.The Yoga philosophy preached in Vedas only gives us Divine eyes to realize God and His power .Our ancient Rishis/Munis ,therefore, were infact true Yogi and scientists, together. So one-sided progress in society has not been accepted by Vedas/Shashtras. Yajur Veda Mantra 40/14 says that science and spiritualism both should be progressed together by human being. Now a days, the World is usually after the materialistic progress only and the progress in spiritualism like Yajna, Ashtang Yoga practice etc., preached in Vedas are being ignored which has resulted tension, militancy, corruption etc., all over. Yoga philosophy preached in Vedas teaches us real path of spiritualism/worship as well as the qualities by which we discharges duties for family/nation. Yoga Shashtra Sutra 1/5 says-

Vrittiyaha Panchtay-yaha Klishta -Aklishtaha

Meaning:- Chitta’s Vrittis are five, sorrowful and without sorrows.

There are five kinds of Chitta Vrittis. Klishta Vrittis are those who give us sorrows and Aklista Vrittis do not give sorrows. When we are attached with Rajo, Tamo , and Satto qualities of Prakriti and are thus indulged with sins then the effect made on our Chitta will be sinful and when time comes to bear the sin then the Vritti gives us Sorrows accordingly. This Vritti is called “Klista”. And in contradiction when we attain pure preach from spiritual Master from Vedas/Holy Books and thus by virtue of Yoga philosophy we become ascetic/learned then the effects made on Chitta are of Aklista Vrittis which do not give sorrows/problems/pain/tense etc., in life. While doing worship /Yoga practice , both the Vrittis are to be faced by an aspirant but he should continue his practice to attain Ekagar Vritti and Sampragayat Samadhi first.The next Sutra says about the name of five Vrittis:-