On the matter of “practice” the Yoga Shastra further says

“Sa Tu Dirghkalnirantrayasatkara savita Dridbhumihi” (1/14)

(sah) that practice (tu) but (Dirghkal) for a long time (nairantraya) continuously (satkar) and with respect (Aasavitah) should be adopted/done (Dridbhumihi) and too with firmed decision and firm stage.

Meaning = the practice on the resources said before should be continued for a long time with respect, faith and based on firm decision. When we say about long continue practice then its meaning is the long practice uptill the last breathing. In this connection Lord Krishna clearly says in Bhagwad Geeta shaloka 6/38-42 that the result of the pious deeds based on Vedas and the practice of Ashtang Yoga never go in vain. So we must learn that whether we restore the result of materialistic deeds, which will give us no peace and too will go in vain at last. Or we live duly supported ourselves, with asceticism, on the path of pious deeds preached in Vedic philosophy. Because Lord Krishna here further says that the result of the said pious deeds remains attached with our future in so many births and on this basis only an ascetic gets next birth in the family of Yogis. And the above said worship will start where he stopped in the previous birth. Therefore Yajna/Yoga practice should continue uptill death with respective manner being everlasting. Vyas Muni in this connection also says this practice must be continued in every stage daily and uptill death, without break, and with faith and respective manner. This type of practice gives an aspirant a firm stage and steady position of the chitta where the chitta does not attach in materialistic environments. Then what is the significance of real asceticism? It is given below:

Drishtanu shravik Vishyavitrishnsya Vashikaarsangya Vairaagyam (1/15)

(Drisht) already saw (Aanushravik) already listened (Vishya) scene/incidents/matters (vitrishnsya) without attachment/desires (vashikaarsangya) this controlled stage of chitta (vairaagyam) is Asceticism.

The above sutra concludes that whatever we have seen or listened through the organs of eyes, ears, etc. about the materialistic articles have seen or listened and considered/gone through/determined through organs of eyes, ears, mind etc. about the materialistic articles like assets, building, family. These are called the seen/experienced articles/matters.

But as said in the sutra regarding the “Aanushravik Vishya”. This knowledge cannot be got without listening the preach from Rishi/Muni/Yogi/true saints or without studying Vedas/shastras/holy books through a spiritual master. This Aanushravik subject matter pertains to be master of the knowledge of future birth, final liberation, realization of permanent merriment beyond the pleasure experienced from organs regarding materialistic world, and perfect judgement of supernatural powers. These all are gained through the long practice of the authenticated spiritual path including practice of Ashtang Yoga. The materialistic activities and experience thereof by general human being and even by Rishi/Muni/Yogis also come in “Aanushravik Vishya” i.e. already seen and experienced worldly affairs both are neglected and become undesirous and even do not come under consideration in life again, then only this type of stage of chitta is controlled asceticism. Because at this stage an aspirant has controlled his worldly desires and the remembrance of all previous life, happenings, etc. It is very much clear that normally when we sit on meditation for worship, etc. then our chitta starts remembering of all the previous lives’ good or bad happenings.

But still more often today’s saints say to sit on meditation and reciting Holy name of God. On the contrary, the traditional knowledge of yoga philosophy preached in the most ancient Vedas do not accept it. As briefed above, this traditional knowledge says about the determination of the authenticated path first, and then follow the same by its practice. Secondly, through the preach of Rishis/Munis/Vedas/shastras etc. an aspirant must remember that the whole world is destroyable and both by practicing yoga philosophy and listening preach as briefed above when he becomes a true ascetic then only the fruitful result is obtained.