Yoga philosophy alerts us from false thinking as we read in previous Vritti. Now we consider about ”Nidra” Vritti

Abhavapratyaya Aalambana Vrittihi Nidra (1/10)

Abhava=non-existence. Pratyaya=knowledge
Aalambana=reliance. Vritti=effect of various forms.
Nidra=deep sleep (without dream).

Meaning = Nidra is the Chitta’s Vritti where in we realise the knowledge of non-existence. In Nidra Vritti we realise the knowledge of nothingness, because when we take deep sleep then we forget ourself or any link with the whole world, and on awakening we say that we took a deep sleep we are felling freshness so who told us about the sleep? This is only Nidra Vritti who told us about our deep sleep. Even after awakening we say that we had forgotten about the whole world, family or our position. Shashtra says that this fact also told us by Nidra Vritti. Therefore the Nidra Vritti is also a Vritti of Chitta who gives us the knowledge of nothingness. Even if we do not take a sound sleep then also the Nidra Vritti gives us the same knowledge. Otherwise, we were sleeping, we should have known nothing.

When the five organs and five perceptions and Chitta is entangled in laziness, sensuality, proud, anger, worldly desires etc; and we are having the pleasure of getting sound sleep, then this Nidra Vritti is called Klishta Nidra Vritti, which always give sorrows, repentance, early death, etc.

On the contrary if we worship adorable God by virtue of yoga philosophy and attain knowledge by Nidra Vritti that there is a knowledge of nothingness in deep sleep and if we apply this knowledge while awakening that the total world is destructible, nothing is immortal. So we must do the true and pious duties entrusted in Vedas/shashtras only and carefully we must study Yoga philosophy and if while meditating we in awoken condition realise nothingness as realised in deep sleep. So this Nidra Vritti is called Aklishta Nidra Vritti, which gives no sorrows. Instead it gives salvation. So we must remember that the God has blessed us to learn the knowledge through ourselves, but for the same we must seek the guidance of an alive spiritual master.