We must recollect that the soul acts in accordance with the Chitta’s Vritti is. Whatever the Vritti is, so is the Soul. If the Chitta Vritti is happy the soul feels happy. If Chitta Vritti is feeling sad so is the soul. Samadhi is salvation. And in Samadhi there is neither happiness nor sorrows but there became a permanent spiritual pleasure. That is why to restrain the various forms of Vritti is called Yoga. In the series the third is Vikalapa Vritti,ie; SHABAD GYANANUPATI VASTU SHUNYA VIKALPA (1/9)

Meaning-Vikalpa Vritti is the Vritti where we gain the knowledge merely based on words only, that is mere thoughts only, but the matter/target is nil. For-example suppose a man viz. labourer does work hard and hardly he manages food to live upon, but he starts thinking that if he could be President of India, then he could get nice accommodation, food and dignity etc. In this way he is not a President. His dream is based merely on the words he thinks. So the Vikalapa Vritti is based only on words knowledge but there is no any matter in fact to experience. Actually there becomes no shape of the matter, which is based merely on wording knowledge. That is why, in the second sutra the word for the Vikalapa Vritti has been used as vastu shunya. Vastu means matter like book, house, money etc; and shunya means zero ie; shape is nowhere. Only words are without existence of any matter. For example-somebody says that the man is carrying bow made by rabbit’s horn. In this case also basically there is no rabbit on the earth who has horns. So this is false statement.

Vyas muni comments in this matter on the said sutra that this Vritti does not come as a true proof and even does not come under Viparyaya Vritti. So there is lot of difference between Viparyaya and Vikalapa Vritti. False knowledge in a matter due to misunderstanding is Vipparyaya Vritti, but the matter actually exists there. Whereas in Vikalapa Vritti there is no existence of matter like rabbit’s horn.

Now a days we thinks about swarg and narak based on words only whereas in Vedas/shashtras, there is no swarg and narak. One has to face his Karmas (done deeds) here only on this earth by taking birth based on pious deeds/sins. Now when we listen preach from a spiritual master/yogis and sits on meditation or doAshtang yoga then this Vikalapa Vritti is Aklishta and gives no sorrows. But on the contrary when we talks about God, Goddess, worship etc.; but do nothing practical then this Vikalapa is Klishta and gives sorrows. This Klishta Vritti makes our attachment with the materialistic world and we ultimately get sorrows always. Description of Nidra Vritti will follow.