Traditional Yoga education starts right from learning Yama and Niyama i.e., on-violence, truth, not to be thief, to control on senses, satisfaction, purity, religious austerity, study of religious books and faith in Almighty God. The materialistic environments, now a days, has ruined the traditional aspects and therefore, to follow the above qualities are not being taken in human life with the result the loving atmosphere or brotherhood between public has gone away even internationally. Mostly, we now start doing Asana (posture) and we give it the name of learning Yoga Philosophy.

We see in Mahabharata and Ramayana that in the ancient time, this Yoga Philosophy along with above qualities promoted the international brotherhood with long, happy life. Because the ancient Rishi-Munis/public practiced regularly its eight paths i.e., Yama, Niyama with the result they used to achieve final eighth stage of Samadhi (Salvation). Suppose if we now are doing Asana/exercises only or little bit Pranayam but there is no sign of satisfaction, non-violence, truth etc., in our life .So the mere doing Aasan’s practice will not achieve the main mottoes of Yoga philosophy i.e., Ahimsa, justice brotherhood and Samadhi with long happy life. In the absence of which we will not love the human beings like Lord Rama/Krishna/Rishi-Munis etc. They loved the public as well as fought for justice also. Now days, often it has been a tradition to do the Asana with the intention to take care of health only. If we see the health of Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhan and Dhristrashtra etc., so we will find that no body is available on the earth to compare in this matter but there good health only became the reason of destruction of family and peace of public so the Yoga philosophy does not target the health point only. Mainly it is a worship and preach to whole of the world to live and let live .So keeping in view the said aspects we must therefore not merely study the first and second Sutra of Patanjali Yoga Shashtra that Yoga is only Samadhi or total stoppage of “Chitta Vritti” is called Samadhi i.e., realization of God. We will have to recollect this traditional Yoga philosophy in the spiritual way also that full eight paths of Yoga education concentrate, teaches how to worship God, promote international brotherhood including spreading non-violence and discharging the duties about family and nation.

Then we reach at the final stage of Samadhi. Certainly, therefore, traditional Yoga philosophy requires the deepest study of Patanjali Yoga-Darshan wherein we also find the references of immortal knowledge of four Vedas. In Vedas there are three immortal truths to be studied and known. First in Almighty God, second Soul and third is Prakriti (matter). God is one who creates Universe from Prakriti. Souls abide in human bodies. God and Souls are alive but Prakriti is non-alive matter. God and souls are immortal but the matters created from Prakriti are destroyable. So our body is as well as the whole Universe made from Prakriti is at one time destroyed, usually we see these happenings in the Universe daily like death, destruction of matter, food, cyclone, earthquake etc. Prakriti has got three qualities-Rajo, Tamo, Soothe Chitta (mind) is also made by the said three qualities of Prakriti.Sato quality is an indication of enlightment i.e., wisdom therefore, “Tato Chitta” is a wiser, Tamo is idleness. Therefore, Tamo Chitta never likes hard working and thus is lazy and unreligious. Rajo has qualities to do sins only. Therefore, by virtue of practicing Yama, Niyama and worship etc., when the Chitta attains the Sato qualities and ascetic stage and starts knowing the true religious preaching. At this stage the alive Soul feels himself totally separate from non-alive Rajo, Tamo and Sato qualities of prakriti.

Therefore soul is alive and human body where in “chitta” is a part thereof, is non-alive. Therefore soul understands the knowledge viz., separation of “chitta” but “chitta” being non-alive matter does not know anything else. At this Samadhi stage the soul has got no worldly contacts .It is called “Asampragyat Samadhi” i.e., final liberation .It will be appreciated that mere doing Asana, the stages mentioned above can never be achieved /realized .Our birth is actually meant for attaining the said stage, the animals or birds etc., are not meant for this wisdom. And to attain the said stage the practice of Ash tang Yoga has been stated the best way in the Vedas /Shashtras.