By Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya

Amongst the human-beings, when a person, after listening and studying the vedic thought becomes capable to know alive and non-alive matters of universe perfectly and thus becomes aspirant, then he must desire to realize God. You see, in all four Vedas, God has been defined as Almighty. So, He needs no help to control the universe, as is also stated in Shwetashwataropnishad that His unlimited knowledge, power and deeds are natural i.e. act automatically in the universe. So, God is He Who after creating the universe, perfectly holds, nurses and again creates it. While nursing, He controls deaths, births, rains, provides food to everyone, awards result of karmas, creates seasons, gives knowledge of Vedas, Yajyen and how to attain salvation, all planets mainly earth, mercury etc. including sun, moon, stars etc. are moving under the control of power of God, after final destruction, under God’s administration, the souls take birth, based on their previous lives’ deeds etc.

Therefore, it is beyond consideration, imagination and calculation that how great is this worshippable Almighty God.
Besides as per Manusmriti Shlok-
He preaches three divine educations-
Gyan Kand (Knowledge of all worldly matters)
Karma Kand (form of deeds)
Upasana Kand (How to worship God)

In this regard, Atharvaved Mantras 8/9/25, 26 also preach-
There is only one God, who bears the load/burden of entire universe. Being alive, He alone gives movement to both alive and non-alive worlds. Alive world comprises of souls and the world which is visible is non-alive (Yajurved Mantra 40/1 refers).

God only gives power, energy, movement etc. to the earth, space and heavenly bodies emitting light due to which the earth has the quality of being fertile, gives us shelter to dwell thereon, has several matters within it like gases, coal, diamonds, gold, silver, iron, brass etc. and several other beneficial matters for all living-beings.

God gives power and movement to the space by which space causes rains, provides capability to several types of birds and aeroplanes to fly, sea, rivers, lakes, streams to flow and facilitates us to build houses to live in, grow crops, vegetation and to walk freely in the atmosphere, God gives power and movement to heavenly bodies to shine and emit light, which is essential for all living-beings to live upon.

Keeping in view, the unlimited powers of God, Atharvaved states- No one is equivalent to God, He being the Greatest/Almighty.

Rigved mantra 1/89/11 throws light that God is the greatest amongst days, nights, space, the base of oceans, air and its expansion, the great circumference of earth, great rivers. Infact God is separate from all the human-beings and the said worldly matters and has unlimited power.
In Yajurved mantra 40/8, God has been stated as “Shukram and Akayam” i.e. Almighty and Formless. Isn’t it that how much unlimited power exists in Almighty, formless God and those who had tangible form like Ravanna, kansa, Duryodhan, Pandavas, Bheeshma Pitamah, Alexander, Napoleon Bonaparte, Rustam-e-Hind Dara, King-Kong, Gamma etc. had negligible power.

If we pay our attention towards the following mantras of Rigved mandal 10, Sukta 48, we find-
Manta 6 states that the human-beings who have all types of weapons and challenge Me (God) to fight, are destroyed by My unseen, unlimited destructive power, without any weapon, within a fraction of second.
In Mantra 7 God states that though I am alone but I defeat a group who are atheists and speak ill of Me.

God within no time destroys the whole universe at the time of final destruction and creates such a wonderful and expanded universe again.
Infact, as per Samved Mantra 744, we must worship The God Whom our forefathers used to worship right from the beginning of the earth. And the said God is He Whose description is being given above according to Vedas.
So, accordingly, we must worship and daily pray that may God protect us from sins/ill thoughts to enjoy long, happy life and attain salvation while discharging all moral duties.

The idea of Rigved mantra 10/48/2 is this that God destroys the wealth of ignorant and wicked persons and for those who do daily prayer, praise, worship and are sinless, He preaches Vedic knowledge.

In view of the above, Vedas ask us as to how would we be able to know Vedas and God? In this connection, God Himself preaches in Rigved mantra 2/23/1 that under the guidance of learned Acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy, we must only worship the God Who is our Lord, Who personally knows all the living- beings and every matter of entire world, Who commands over the universe and is Almighty. Because he who knows the Vedas, he knows the God and therefore he alone makes us to know Him. In this connection, we may remember our ancient/present Rishi-Munis whom the Vedas have made authentic dignitaries to preach Vedas and know God accordingly.

Originally published in Daily Excelsior