By Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya

Birth, thereafter death; after death, rebirth based on pious or unpious deeds, this is an eternal and everlasting Prakriti made cycle. You see, if sun does not rise, naturally, the day will be covered with intense darkness. Knowledge of four vedas, which emanates directly from God, is like the Sun and each of its ray spreads eternal, everlasting and true knowledge for the benefit of public. Think, if the sun of Vedas does not shine, then automatically the people indulge in darkness of illusion.

It is sad that after Mahabharat war, for one or the other reason, the sun of Vedas seems to have set down and hence illusion.

Now, mostly a person is so much attracted towards the pomp and show and materialism, that if he is indulged in business, film industry, progress in science etc., he would totally concentrate on that, leaving behind the spiritualism and till the time of his death, he would continue to strive to get progress and to shine his name in his respective field.

But very few know about the secret of Yajurved mantra 40/15 that at the time of death, soul remembers the name of God, his form and the deeds done by the soul right from childhood till death, on which the soul repents; gets extremely sorrowful that for whole of life, he was indulged in illusion and has wasted his valuable life in falsehood.

Vyas Muniji in his Mahabharat epic makes us understand that one day everyone will have to meet with death and Vedas are eternal and true to follow to overcome death.

This land is of Rishi-Munis, who were philosophers of vedas. So, we must also follow the eternal vedic path. Atharvaved mantra 11/3 (2)/31 preaches to get progress in both materialism and Vedic spiritualism simultaneously as one-sided progress is harmful.

Rigved preaches that the soul prays to God, that he is not desirous of more wealth etc. but being afraid of death, he has come under God’s protection.

Oh! to my wonder, in Punjab Kesari, dated 26/07/2019, I read the following views of the great scientist of the world, Einstein, which also prove the contents of this article.

Einstein was asked by an American reporter, at the time of his death- “Sir- you are the greatest scientist of this country, what is your last desire and if you are reborn then what would you like to be. Einstein thought for sometime and thereafter he replied “I would like to be anyone except a scientist. When the reporter heard the reply from such a great scientist, he was surprised. Reporter added, “Sir, how astonishing words, you are uttering. After successfully doing several inventions yet you donot want to become a scientist in next birth, why, so?” Einstein slightly smiled and then in serious mood uttered, “I have researched several scientific matters and discovered truth therein. And for the same, I have spent whole of my life. But now I have been experiencing that at the time of death, I am going with empty hands. I could not think over the truth, who knows all the truth about science and its power”. The scientist added, “After death, there would not be any existence of Einstein but I could not discover the truth during my life; that WHO MADE ME EINSTEIN. I am sorry that at the time of my death and this sorry will remain forever, that being a scientist, I had been searching several matters but I have failed to discover myself. Why my attention was not drawn towards the unknown truth and discovery of soul/God? If there is a rebirth and I get it then I pray to God that in the next birth, I become a self-realised and self-explorer learned saint and become successful to discover about the life and the greatest power (God) and self-realization.”

Conclusion of the thought of Einstein is that the science which he discovered and got several highest titles are of no use if a person does not discover himself and God.

Scientist Einstein himself stated, being a scientist, he could not discover himself. His thoughts tally with Vedas’ preach. For example- Einstein stated that whatever we discover, the God already knows it. His thought is according to Yajurved mantra 7/29 wherein it is preached, Oh! man, your birth in human-life is meant to discover, Who you are.

You know, Einstein also could not discover himself.

The truth uttered by Einstein at the time of death may be remembered by some people who were present there and story published in the above newspaper may also be remembered by us for sometime but time is labouring on and accordingly, the thought of Einstein will be ignored and demolished because the tradition of people of present times is to earn money, money and money, materialistic articles, materialistic articles and materialistic articles, merriment of senses and perceptions. Due to the said illusion, human-beings have forgotten vedic path and God.

Source: Speaking Tree