All Vedas, like Yajurveda mantra 4/1 and 7/1 state, “PRITHIVIYA IDAM DEV YAJNAM”, “BHAGAH ASI _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”. Meaning of which is that we have taken
the birth on this earth in human body to do services of God and learned Acharya to become pure and to realize God which is the main motto of human life. So in all Vedas, worship of God is defined that when we obey the teach of God in Vedas, then it is the real worship i.e., services of God.

Geeta shlok 8/10, beautifully describes about Yogi, who is completely immersed in faith and services of God (in Hindi it is called Bhakti) and does holy
name jaap with steadfast mind. The shlok says that such Yogi at the time of leaving for heavenly abode realizes God. The word Bhakti owes to origin from root
word “BHAJ” which means ” to serve”. Doing service is a pious deed. Hence to serve God and to give Him respect and honour is called service to God (spiritual). In Sanskrit language such service to God is called Pooja. Here, may I take the opportunity to mention about types of worship of Almighty God. All Vedas and all holy books and preach of learned persons clearly states that God is a donor and not recipient. We can give respect to our parents and learned persons acharya etc., by providing them with food, clothes, house, comforts, sweet speech etc. But such things can’t be offered to God because He is the donor of the same and He is formless and Almighty. So God does not need such goods etc. So the best worship of the God also stated by Yask Muni, is to obey the God by studying Vedas, doing holy Yajyen, respect to learned Acharya of Vedas and doing practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy while discharging our daily moral duties
towards family, society and nation as did by ancient Rishi Munis, Raj-Rishis and their public in their respective family lives’ as well. This is the best service to God stated in four Vedas. It means to say that this the best worship (pooja) of God.

One should always remember the definition of Pooja-Bhakti as stated above. Mere decoration of Dhoop, lamp etc. in a thali (dish) for performing Arti is not termed as
Pooja in Vedas.

Also being obedient to parents and giving them respect and honour is also the real pooja (worship) of parents. Hence if we do not obey our parents, if the son and daughter-in -law do not serve them in their old age and merely offer them flowers and do their Arti then it is their grave disrespect and not worship. Here, it shall not be out of place to mention that Vedas do not accept the present Shradh, Pind-
daan or Tarpann etc., after the death of parents etc. When every part of body along with mouth had been placed on pyre for burning then there is no scope of
soul to eat or to do anything without bodies or parts’ of bodies. Similarly when we do not obey the orders given by Almighty God in Vedas such as to perform Yajyen, do name-jaap of Almighty God, regular contact with learned acharya of Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, speak truth and adopt true conduct,
do pious deeds etc. Then if we merely worship God by Arti and offering of flowers then Vedas do not consider this as true worship of God.

The above worship has been stated by God Himself in Vedas. Certainly, when we obey God by doing above worship really it is real services (worship) of God.

It seems most of the people nowadays are after the materialistic articles of the world i.e. indulged in illusion with the result if they have turned lazy and do not want to do hard labour as inspired in Vedas. This is the main reason that such
entities have labeled the study of Vedas, performing Yajyen and Yoga as a very difficult task and in a way they give proof of their own inefficiency, laziness.

They give the excuse of Kalyug to adopt easy path for achieving God and preach against the doctrine of Vedas and spread illusion amidst innocent public. Otherwise who can dare to state Vedas and its divine Philosophy including Yajyen and Ashtang Yoga as difficult and preach to give up/abandon Vedas’ preach, i.e., no-one except a lazy and untrue person can do so. A learned in fact can give up his own life but not truth.

Once I heard a song, the idea of which was, “leave the desire of a very long life because even a shortest fraction of time, like a second, is more important if indulged in truth and love. So what is the use of daily long, false speech or so called preach of those saints or men/women when its outcome is sorrows,
diseases, tensions and problems etc., then completely ignoring the saying of false saints who say Vedic Philosophy, Yajyen, practice of Ashtang Yoga is difficult, one should listen from a learned acharya, true eternal preach of God in the shape of four Vedas, this true, little, eternal voice(keeping aside the matter of its’ being difficult or easy) is most beneficial, peace bestower and bestower of long, happy
life than the false preach as stated above.

Sri Krishna Maharaja jee in the shlokas of Geeta have inspired everyone to seek the shelter of Vedas to be established in truth, happiness and eternal peace.

So we have to worship Almighty, formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe as stated by Vedas and as explained above based on Vedas.