Notes from Yajyen conducted on July 09, 2017 (as a part of 3 day Yajyen) on the occasion of Vyas Purnima. Swami Ram Swarupji gave the discourse from Kathopnishad as well.

11 Upanishads tally with Vedas. Rishis have shared their knowledge after deep study of Vedas. These are our treasures.

Udalak Rishi was donating his entire wealth including cows. He was donating old cows who would not conceive. His son Nachiketa, saw that his father was preserving healthy cows for him. He asked his father that I am also your property, who are you donating me to? His father ignored him for sometime. After he was persistent and insisted, his father said ‘Mrityum Dadami’.

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Uttam son or disciple is the one who, who without being ordered, perform their service. They understand what their father would need. Madhyam is the one that who immediately follows the instructions. Uttam does not need any instruction, they understand the potential needs. Adham is the one who, despite being instructed, does not follow.

Nachiketa did an introspection and thought that I am Uttam at many times, and Madhyam in the others but I am never Adham.

Nachiketa thought that the order has come and he should follow. He goes to Yamraj (his Guru). There is no other Yamraj apart from God and Rishi. God is all powerful and does not need any assistance. However, in this shlok the meaning is Acharya since he has control over death.

Yamraj’s wife told him to come inside and have food, but he refused. He waited outside for 3 days without food and water.

In case a Brahmin (learned of four Vedas) comes to your home and does not take food then the family is destroyed. (All knowledge is destroyed. Sons, animals, etc. are destroyed). It implies that if someone disrespects the learned of Vedas.

Yamraj is the one who is learned of Vedas. It is the responsibility of everyone to have control over sense organs and to be away from lies and sins. Yamraj addresses him and says that you are respectable (since he was son of a Rishi) and brings him inside.

Truth is one only. Not 2-4-5 (multiple) – God is one only. He is truth. World is not mithya. You should try to know the God which is realised after meditation for multiple births.

With the reference of Vedas, Guruji explained that the knowledge of Vedas comes from upanishads. Rishi’s attribute the knowledge to Vedas but ordinary people don’t. All knowledge that exists is from Vedas. In case you see truth anywhere, it is from Vedas. Unfortunately, the so-called Gurus of today do not attribute the knowledge to Vedas and portray that it is their own, which is a great sin.

Yamraj asks Nachiketa for three vardaans since he has waited outside for 3 days. Nachiketa asks that may his father may become happy and away from sorrow, and when he goes to his father, he may recognise him and talk to him.

Nachiketa did not ask for blessings for him including money or to realise God. We will have to follow Dharam.

Then the third var he asks for was spiritual – he asks for spiritual knowledge. Yamraj offers him blessings of long life, materialistic happiness, riches, kingdom, family, unlimited riches, vehicles, unlimited life, animals and others materialistic boons. For these blessings only people have forgotten God. If you follow God then you don’t need to ask for blessings.

Vyas muni ji used to follow the path of Vedas. At that time there was no other book. People understand worldly things better since that is their focus. However, this is not their Dharam. People do not concentrate on spirituality but approach it as a hobby. In earlier times, the day would start with Vedas. The question would not arise that they will remember anything worldly.

You should remember God and Rishi in the morning. If one doesn’t remember then they have destroyed their lives. In the last 5000 years, people have forgotten their true motto of life. God says in Vedas that you should devote less attention to worldly things and pay greater attention to Vedic path.

Since we approach spirituality as mere formality, you also get blessings of God as formality and not eternal happiness. With this, the buddhi is not sharp.

In all ashrams, God has put spiritual oath. Brahmcharya has focus on spirituality. In Grahastya, it is said ten tyakten bhunjita. Then Vanprasthya and then sanyaas. It is proven by the rules for all ashrams that the maximum focus is on spirituality. 75% of all ashrams is on spirituality.

People are unable to break themselves from the shackles of entanglement with the materialistic deeds. Like someone wearing a bulletproof vest has no impact of bullets. Similarly, people entangled in the worldly things. God knows what is your ‘mansa’. Jigyasu realises all knowledge.

In response to Yamraj, Nachiketa says that money is not something with which one gets satisfied. I have had your darshan and the materialistic happiness (and money) won’t be far behind. That means, the blessing of Rishi will automatically give all materialistic happiness.

Both soul and God are in all bodies. As per Yog shastra, they are coveted with illusion. Once it is cleared then you realise both. We are looking for the God who is in divilok in Prithvi by creating different worships. How is it possible? Even though he stays in Prithvi as well but his place is divilok. We should try to reach there.

Our motto is to realise God. Not to marry or money. All this temporary. It is not for us. We are souls. No one can give the value for Vedic knowledge. It just needs Jigyasa. Icchanti deva sunvantam. Dev have the desire to realise God. You should become Dev and not stay Manushya. And not fall to become rakshas.

Vyas muni learnt each mantra of Vedas from his Acharya. Today is the day of Vyas Purnima. His mother was Satyavati. His father was a rishi (Parashar). His mother had floated him in a water body to the adobe of Rishis. His name was Krishndopayan (island) and Rishis were taking a bath there. Rishi’s caught hold of him and they raised him. He realised God at the age of 11 and had knowledge of all Vedas.

If we don’t remember the history of our country then we will not follow the right path. It is our culture. Our countrymen should know our history and culture.

It was around 5250 to 5500 years ago, that he was inspired to write down Vedas so that it stays as a reference. He took few disciples with him for assistance and went to Ekant. He is not the writer (author) of Vedas. Even God is not the writer of Vedas. He is stronger than everyone combined in the world even without hands and legs. That shows his greatness.

On today’s day after writing them, he appeared in the public with his disciples. If we don’t know the qualities of Guru or God then it is of no use.

It is because of his blessing that the books of Vedas are available. These are learnt traditionally after listening and then you can study them. Rules of God don’t change. Vedas are the voice of God. Half the scientists in the world believe that Vedas are the knowledge of God and the others believe that these are works of a scientist and such a scientist has never been born.

Today is the day of Vedas. I don’t know who has named it Guru Poornima. It is day of Vedas. If we celebrate it as Vyas Puja, then other Gurus will have no value. It is anarth then. Puja means aadar maan sammaan. It is not the day for those who do not know Vedas.

Hey Agni (God), you were there before anything. Antaryami (who knows everything) you give merriment to Rishi’s, and Vidvaano, you give benefit to everyone and you are our Sakha (friend), you give us knowledge, manushya stay in your rules. (explained later in detail)

More time you spend with someone, he becomes your friend. If you spend more time with bad influence, you will get the same.

All humans who strive to realise God, understand his qualities and follow his rules, these humans only become kavya (Vidvaan – learned of Vedas), and will realise God. They are in the company of Rishis and listen to the qualities of God, apart from this they don’t do anything. (They have Vairagya). Then God becomes your friend.

(Please note that these are compiled by a disciple and not vetted by a learned of Vedas. There may be errors or omissions)