By Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya

After completion of the time of final destruction, God creates universe and simultaneously originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis because in the absence of vedic knowledge, human-beings would remain ignorant and would not be able to utilize worldly matters. The first mantra of Rigved is-

“Agnimeedey Purohitam…………….”

Id- ea of which is that a person must desire to worship God and before starting any deed; first of all must remember God because it destroys all the sorrows, problems, diseases etc.

Vedas are the invaluable treasure of education of each and every worldly subject i.e. right from straw to Brahma. That is why, medical science is also a part and parcel of vedic knowledge.

Atharvaved mantra 2/9/5 preaches that God is the Creator and nurses us. So He is empowered to destroy all the diseases and is stated- “Su Bhishaktamaha” i.e. the best doctor.

I think, that is why, several doctors, duly inspired by Almighty God, clearly tell to the relatives of highly critical patients that – “We the doctors have done our best, now everything lies in the hands of God.

In view of the above, the destruction of the Corona disease also remains in the hands of Almighty God. Therefore, if we forget Him, He does not protect us from diseases.

First of all, Vedas preach that the base of the human-life is Brahmacharya. So, Atharvaved manta 8/5/2 preaches that when a person maintains firm brahmacharya, then the precious gem of strength is generated in his body which kills all the microbes which cause diseases.

Further, Atharvaved mantras 8/5/10, 11, 12 preach that Brahmacharya generates the best medicine within the body to kill all types of disease causing germs. So, corona disease cannot stand before the person who maintains Brahmacharya. But there is a doubt that in the absence of holding vedic knowledge, Brahmacharya can be maintained and hence problem.

In previous yugas, the knowledge of Vedas was in vogue. As a result, everyone used to maintain Brahmacharya, perform daily Yajyen/agnihotra, which purified the air, water, food etc. Therefore question to face the diseases did not arise.

In daily life, living-beings, including human-beings, spread pollution in the atmosphere. Corona virus has also been spread by human-beings. If we consider Yajurved mantra 1/1, we find that if we perform daily agnihotra/Yajyen, then all infectious diseases are destroyed.

Mantra 1/2 gives full assurance that agnihotra/Yajyen purifies the air and thus destroys all pollution. When all the pollution is destroyed; air, water, food is purified by agnihotra/Yajyen then where would corona virus exist?

But to our bad luck, unlike previous yugas, mostly the intellectuals and politicians of our country are not aware of the vedic knowledge and as a result are unable to liberate the public from this serious disease.

Let us pay our attention towards Yajurved mantra 6/14 which preaches that if a person makes contact with a learned Acharya, then the Acharya by teaching him vedic knowledge especially making him perfect in performing benevolent daily agnihotra/Yajyen with ved mantras, purifies his speech, respiratory system, eyes which are the source of vision, purifies his ears, the source of hearing, purifies his naval, organs of excretion and ultimately makes his character/conduct pure.

As quoted above, the idea of vedic knowledge is that if public makes contact with learned Acharya of Vedas, learns vedic knowledge, including performing daily agnihotra/Yajyen with ved mantras, the result will be as mentioned below-

1.) There will not be any kind of disease in public and the public will always experience pleasure. (Yajurved mantra 1/1).

2.) Yajyen purifies the universe, if it is performed by everybody. Its result in the form of smoke exists in sunrays and spreads with air. Thus it purifies the air and atmosphere. It holds all the pleasure of the universe and that is why, it is called the best deed of the world.

In this mantra, the Almighty God preaches/orders the learned Acharya and public that both should never leave to perform Yajyen i.e. Yajyen should be performed daily. Here, we will have to think that all intellectuals and politicians have oversighted the eternal knowledge of Vedas, then who would perform Yajyen and how the atmosphere would be purified. Then automatically several diseases like corona would generate. In toto vedas preach that the best deed for benevolence of all living-beings is performance of daily agnihotra/Yajyen lovingly and with hard work. (Yajurved mantra 1/2 refers)

See, what a wonderful knowledge exists in Yajurved mantra 1/3 that the Yajyen holds the world, purifies the universe and clearly preaches that Almighty God purifies those who performs daily Yajyen/agnihotra but those, who being lazy, donot perform it, they are not purified and they are infected and spread diseases.

It concludes that until and unless our intellectuals and politicians, being the head of nation, would not make contact with learned Acharya, learn vedic preach and perform daily agnihotra/Yajyen, how would the nation and its public be purified and liberated from disease like corona? Because neither vedic knowledge nor Yajyen is performed without learned Acharya.

See that, inspite of all efforts by medical authorities, public of the whole world could not be made free from diseases and have not been provided with physical as well as mental pleasure.

Originally published in the Speaking Tree.