By Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya

In today’s time, we must pay attention towards the children for their betterment. Why? Because children are the future of the nation. As per Vedas, it is the duty of the king to ensure that every child, from the age of five to six years, is provided with good education. It is to make a child’s character the best and to ensure that he is admitted in the school to get worldly education, right from the school to university level. It concludes that the females of the nation should also be provided with moral/Vedic education. Vedas preach that not a single child of the nation should be left out.

Due to the absence of Vedic knowledge, most of the students are getting indulged in bad habits like drug addiction. We must be aware of the fact that Indian culture is based on four Vedas, which emanate directly from the god. So we must value the Vedic knowledge. It is sad that its tradition has been broken by us due to ignorance, mainly by politicians, who are a way towards making a good nation and also inspire children. But if they wouldn’t follow the tradition, they also wouldn’t be capable to keep the children in shape and keep giving wrong messages of corruption among them.

For example, an Acharya should perform the upnayansanskar for children. This sanskar is eternal and everlasting and makes the relationship between an Acharya and his disciple a loving one. In Valmiki’s Ramayana, the upnayansanskars of lord Rama and his brothers were performed by their guru Vasishth. But today, the study of such holy epics and spiritual books goes in vain. And it is a sin.

In upnayansanskar, the child is taught the Gayatri Mantra, which blends intellect with knowledge. However, most students in the country are not aware of the traditional Vedas. Through that, the child attains the best stage of being a human. The child obtains the divine blessings of several learned Acharyas for a long and happy life, which is lead to serve the society at its the best.

The vedarambhsanskar (to start gaining Vedic education) is also performed along with the upnayansanskar, which is most important but has been neglected over the period.

We must pay towards Manu Smriti which states — ‘Janamana Jayatey Shudraha, Sanskaraat Dwij Uchyatey.’ When Vedic sanskars are performed, the human beings are called Dwij, which implies second and a new birth. The Vedic culture states that without performing sanskars, a man’s purpose of existence cannot be accomplished.

The responsibility of the parents cannot be overlooked here. Parents need to keep a check that their child does follow Vedic instructions and worship regularly. Children must be educated to love, respect and serve their parents.

(The author is the chief editor of Ved Ishvareya Vani, a bi-annual magazine.)

Source: Daily Pioneer