These questions were sent by Vikas L. Acharya:
Who first wrote Veda book? Which period?

These questions were sent by Vikas L. Acharya:
Who first wrote Veda book? Which period?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are not written or spoken by God. This knowledge is emanated from God and is originated inthe heart of four rishis as stated above. God is Almighty i.e., He has all powers. So He needs no assistance to do universal deeds. In human body alive soul resides. And soul is dependent, soul requires mouth to speak, eye to see, hand to write etc., etc. but not God. So from His power God originates the knowledge of Vedas in the rishis without writing, or speaking etc.

Was Veda originally one book and then divided into four parts later? Is it true? Why? When?
Swami Ram Swarup: Knowledge of the Vedas is one but it was given to four rishis in the shape of Rigveda, Yajurveda,Saamveda and Atharvaveda. these Vedas have three topics stated above.

Which is the oldest "veda books" available today? Which place is it? Who wrote it? When?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas have not written by anybody please but emanated direct from God as stated above. And thisknowledge right from the beginning of the earth was being preached to the aspirants/ public traditionally by ancient rishis Munis. Who also studied traditionally. The knowledge of Vedas was by heart. However before five thousand three hundred years i.e., during the time of Mahabhart war Vyas Muni who also had knowledge of the four Vedas by heart traditionally, he wrote first time on Bhoj patra and then printed in 18th century. Now explanation of four Vedas in Hindi by late Shri swami Dayanand Saraswati is available and can be sent to you on demand.

Which is the world "oldest manuscripts" of Veda’s? Which museum has it? Many people said it’s in Britain, Germany, Pennsylvania, Southern India. Which place(s) is it exactly? Does anyone have list of official record of Veda’s oldest manuscripts?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am not certain but it is perhaps in the museum of Britain, please.

How the initial version of Veda’s got lost? When? Then, which version of Veda’s are we following today? Who collected all the mantras and wrote the four Veda books again?
Swami Ram Swarup: There have been fought several wars on the earth. If you want to destroy the nation, destroy their culture and the nation will be destroyed at its own. Mostly the communities had been doing the work on the said matter. All script in original and other hand written books of the ancient rishis were respectfully placed in India in Takshila and Nalanda, university of Bihar (India). Aurangzeb started destroying the culture. Aurangzeb arranged both the universities culture to place into fire. Just imagine that the books were burning continuously about six months. But traditionally the knowledge of four Vedas were known by heart by Indian Brahmin. Who knew one Ved by heart he was called Vedi. Two Vedas — Dwivedi, three Vedas — Tripathi, and the Brahmin who knew four Vedas by heart was called Chaturvedi. So Vedas are stillalive and are being printed by the grace of God.

Mostly we claimed Veda’s are 5000-6000 years old (oldest book). Who authenticated this history? Where is evidence?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are more old as mentioned above please. Before 5300 years (i.e., 5000 to 6000 years) Vedaswere first written by Vyas Muni which Vyas Muni knew them by heart traditionally. So Vedas have not been written by any rishi, Muni, man etc., as briefed above.

It is read that during creation of earth, Veda’s were raised from the sea during "Sagar Manthan". This means earth is million years old, how did Veda knowledge survived till today? Who protected Veda’s?
Swami Ram Swarup: This story is false please being unnatural too and against the Vedas.

Today on what basis publishers print Veda books? Which author/version of Veda’s do they mostly refer?
Swami Ram Swarup: To spread the knowledge of Vedas please. I have also written about 9 books on Vedas motto being tospread the truth. Mostly the author is late Shri swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Vedas’ knowledge is divine. The fundamental of the Vedas is this that it was not written or spoken. The knowledge by the power of God was originated about one Arab 96 crore, 8 lakhs and 53,000 years ago. Then first time the four rishis of unsexual creation started pronunciation of the mantras by the power of God. God wanted to make them known to know wordmeanings and senses of the mantras. and therefore the rishis knew all. Then first time the four rishis started pronunciation of the mantras. They taught the mantras to other ignorant people. Then another rishis were produced who knew the Vedas by heart by listening only. There was no paper, ink or pen there. The Vedas were being learnt by moth to mouth and traditionallythis process is yet in force. But mostly not by heart but taking help of the printed book. So printed books are not called Vedas but these are called samhita. Samhita means the collection of Ved mantras. therefore Vedas are not books as yet and will never be in future but samhita. Kapil Muni throw light on this point in his Sankhya shastra 5/48 that when a rishi does tapsya in the shape of Yagya, study of Vedas, practice of ashtang yoga then the ved mantras are still (now also) originates in heart and the rishi pronounces the mantras and those mantras are called Vedas, emanates from God. so Vedas must first listen (study) FROM alive Acharya (Guru who knows Vedas). Then books of Vedas can help only.