Atharvaveda Mantra 1/164/16 says “Akshanvaan Pashyat Na Vi Chetat Andhaha” that is, he who knows enternal knowledge of Vedas, has been performing Yagya (Yajna) and practiced Yoga philosophy, he realizes God and he who is lack of the same knowledge cannot. Yajurveda Mantra 6/5 says “Suryaha Vishnoho Paramam Padam Sada Pashyanti” that is Suryaha (Philosopher of Vedas and does Yoga) ever sees (realises) the Almighty and omnipresent God. Yajurveda Mantra 40/13 says “Dheeranam Tat Shushrum”. Dheeranam means he knows Vedas and practices Ashtang Yoga and realizes God, so the meaning of mantra is that we, aspirants have been listening about Almighty God from Dheeranam and like this, there are so many other remaining Ved mantras, which clarify that based on the knowledge of Vedas, he who does Yagya and practice of Ashtang Yoga is capable to realize the secret of Prakriti, souls and Almighty God. This is called Traitvad because it has got three enternal subjects cited latter. Our ancient Rishis have preached that to know the truth, there are four authentic proofs, as also said by Patanjali Rishi in his Yoga Shastra Sutra 1/7 –
“Pratyakshanuman Aagamaha Pramaanani”. So in Aagam Pramaan there are two pramaan (proofs) to realize truth:
(i) “Aaptodeshaha Shabdaha” (Sankhya Shastra, Sutra 1/66). That is a Rishi who knows Vedas and has realised God by practicing Ashtang Yoga, is considered a proof to realize truth of traitvad cited above, which means that whatever he says is true, because he only says his experience of samadhi (salvation) and hard study of Vedas and practical Yajna. That is why Kapil Muni has told in his said sutra that the preach of such Rishi is true and is considered a proof to determine the truth.

(ii) Second proof in Aagam Pramaan is – four Vedas but Vedas have not been written by any Rishi etc. Vedas are the knowledge originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. So Vedas are considered as “Swataha Pramaan” (self-proof) being the knowledge direct from God. So Vedas need no proof. On this matter of Vedas, there are so many Ved Mantras like Yajurveda Mantra 31/7. The said mantra says that Rigveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda – is the enternal knowledge from God, that is, Vedas emanated direct from God, so are self-proof, that is why, Rishi Patanjali says in his Yoga Shastra Sutra 1/26:

“Saha Eshah Poorvesham Api Guruhu Kalenaan Avachedat” that is the Almighty God is the first Guru of the ancient Rishi at the time of first unisexual creation. The God, by His power originated the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis and thereafter the Rishi-Munis of such qualities have been our Guru. Vyas Muni, commenting on this Sutra 1/26, says that at the time of creation, there was no Guru to give knowledge to the persons because every Rishi left his body in the previous creation, which creation had been destroyed in the final destruction of universe (Pralaya) and as a principle, until knowledge is given by anybody, the knowledge cannot be attained. So our first Guru is Almighty God Himself, who gave the knowledge of four Vedas, which was followed by our ancient Rishis traditionally and we have to follow to maintain the eternal culture and realize Prakriti, soul and God, being the main objective of this human life. Therefore, in the whole world, that path or the knowledge is true which tallies with four Vedas. This fundamental law of God must be known by everybody seriously to reach the truth. Unluckily, most of the saints are talking at their own accord and what a wonder even that they usually tell not to study the Vedas, no to perform the holy Yajna and not to follow the Yoga philosophy; which are against the Vedas, the knowledge of God.

It has been a matter of pleasure for me that on the Internet several questions are being sent regarding spiritualism and with the grace of Almighty God, I’ve been answering, totally based on the knowledge of four Vedas as proof. Recently, the questions regarding Advaitvad are being received, which are placed in this section for the aspirants to study, to understand the truth, please. Comments of the readers will be appreciated.