Veda – Divya Gnana, a landmark book on Vedas by Swami Ram Swarupji was unveiled at Ved Mandir, Yol during Annual Yajyen.

In the above picture, Shri K. Guruprasad, a disciple who has led the translation effort is seen alongwith other disciples at the function. It was done during the auspicious occasion of commencement of Sam Ved.

Swami Ram Swarupji unveiled the book during Yajyen. It was followed by singing Sam Ved. Swamiji lauded the contribution and efforts of Shri K. Guruprasad and his family in promoting the message of Vedas. He said that promoting Vedas is a service towards God.

The book has 111 pages and is a translation of Vedas – a Divine Light part V. The translation has been done by D. V. Vasudevarao.