The human body is a medium for discharging the duties and doing the auspicious deeds according to the way advised in the holy books. For example Mantra 2nd of Chapter forty of Yajur Veda recites that while discharging the duties and doing the auspicious deed like Yoga/Yajna, family duties etc. you will find the stage where no result of any deed done by you will have to be beared by you. and in the absence of doing the auspicious deeds, there is no any other way to escape you from bearing the result of the deeds.

In view of the above, we see that the theory of deeds is typical, deep and vast to understand. Because when we are advanced in one way, suppose in matterlism (worldly affairs) like progress in Science, High education getting degrees etc.. maintain our living standard, go ahead in Agriculture and only try to gather articles/money to make use in our daily routine one sided, on the other side we do not find its good result to obtain any peace, righteous way to worship, increasing international brotherhood, respect of humanity and to here religious qualities.

This is one-sided progress in matterlism only. Again with regards to spiritualism so many saints are trying to produce themselves superior by saying that the family, science, agriculture, money matter and world etc all is destructive and they mostly preach to leave the world for doing worship. This is the second side in comparison of above one side. This one sided worship is also seen with lack of the above quoted good qualities like peace and international brotherhood etc. we see that both the above one side progress is mostly against the holy books specially against the theory of Vedas.

Because in the above quoted Mantra No 2 of Chapter forty, in fact, it is preached that O Aspirant, do progress in both the sides together. And we see Lord KRISHNA, Shri RAMA, SITA, King DASHRATA, JANAKA and other several others who adopted the both sides. So the theory of deeds (Karma’s) is deep. It will also be briefed later on because some sutras of Yoga Darshana also throw the light on the deeds and therefore brief description will be done there. Here however, try to understand two main type of deeds (Karmas) to come on Yoga theory. These two deeds are as follows :-

(a) Natural deeds- To eat, sleep smile laugh, to weep, to pass the urine and stool etc.

Note: For these type of deeds neither a teacher is employed nor an institution is required to understand or do the same. These are equally to do by human being and animal/birds also.

(b) Instigated Deeds: – To study, progress in Science, Technology, Trust in God, Auspicious deeds, Yajna, Worship, Yoga Education including meditation etc.

Note: These auspicious type of deeds cannot be done by animals/birds etc. These are only meant for human beings.

So we are separated from the categories of animal/birds etc, when we are faithful to do auspicious type of deeds mentioned at [b] above. In whole of the holy books in the world, we learn to pray or worship God to bless us to teach only instigated deed. For example see Sama Veda Mantra No 259 :

“O lord give us the knowledge to enable us to understand the instigated and auspicious deeds. O worshipful God, guide us to the righteousness or teach us the yoga so that we may be able in our present life to attain Divine light”.

To guide such inspiring deeds, a perfect spiritual master who has the experienced knowledge through the power of yoga Tapasya/study etc. is required. Here it will be not out of mention that this knowledge should start right from the beginning of the earth. From the above it is concluded that when the question of instigated or inspiring deed arises, we see that several different types of instigated deeds concerning the auspicious deeds and worship are mentioned in four Vedas and in other several holy books but our ancient rishis and the wisers of present time declared the Yoga property as one of the best amongst them, to realize the Almighty God and to overcome the sorrow /tension/sufferings/ills/evils/death.

They declared that the Yoga power enable man-kinds to get long happy life. Here it is also authentically stressed that Yoga Education is meant for everybody. Because everybody wants a happy long life and it is a mentality of mankind not to ask for sorrows, pain etc. So to say that the Yoga is difficult and it is not meant for married personnel is against the Vedas and totally against the path of Lord Krishna, Shri Rama, King Dasharath, Janka, Sita, Madalsa and several ancient Rishis, Munis and public who remained in family married life and adopted Yoga Education/study of Vedas and attained the final liberation stage, the motto of human beings.

So now a days it is against the holy books and preach to escape from auspicious deeds/duties misleading ourselves by merely saying that we are doing worship only and no duty is entrusted to us. In this connection, on the theory of deeds(Karamas). I would like to narrate an interesting story for your consideration.

Once a King was wandering in jungle in search of hunting. Suddenly he saw a fox playing cheerfully with her children in a deep pit. The King thought himself that it is difficult to come out of the pit. Therefore, the fox could have fell in the pit when she was a pregnant. Otherwise, from where her children came in the pit. He (King) also thought, “By which source the food has been providing therein”?

Because her children were seemed to be with her for along time, as if she would have fallen recently the children would have wounded. If they were for the last so many days then she could not seemed in a fresh and cheerful stage. Now he questioned to himself, “from where the food arrange for them”?

When the king was busy in his problem suddenly he heard a roar of lion, the king of jungle. He (king) saws that the lion playing and throwing up a dead body of a deer when coming towards the pit. To see the scene continuously, he hided himself with his horse behind a large tree. He saw that when the lion in a joy full mood threw the dead body of deer towards the sky, it suddenly fell into the pit. Again he saw that the fox is taking her meal happily and she too was satisfied to have the meal sufficient for the coming days. A thought generated in the mind of the king that what God’s amusement?

The God is great. He provides food etc. To the helpless, sick and handicape and everybody without doing job. So, why he is worried for the un-necessary load of kingdom and why he wastes the time to discharge the duties for the family/public. When god provides meal etc . without doing any job so I should also sit here idle and do worship only. The power who is looking after the family of fox, certainly will also look after me, and will also provide everything here in the jungle without doing job.

So he made up his mind for the sitting idle and remembering the name of God. But see, that a hungry man is not able to continue his workship for a long time. Therefore, the hungry king started looking here and there if the arrangement of his food has been arranged by God and if somebody is coming with several type of finest food in golden pot. But all in vain. Nobody came there with the food and became night.

The king becoming hopeless and fell on the ground. He awaked in the next morning when he sew the rays of light coming towards the earth from the sun. The king got bath and again sat on a place (asan) and started remembering the name of God with the intention that he will send the food for him now. The time was labouring on and it is now evening. Now with the trouble of hunger, he could not remain stable. He then started taunting God by saying, “O God am I so inferior to fox that you have not taken care of me ?” see, that I left my kingdom and every thing but you have not even provided me with a food.

Meanwhile a saint came before him and told the king that the God has sent a message for you as under: “O mad king what type of false Yoga you adopt. You are able to be a lion then why try to be a fox”.

The words uttered by the saint, opened the eyes of the king and the false knowledge of not doing hard work /auspicious deeds immediately vanished always from his heart. He soon started walking towards his kingdom for discharging his almost duties.

A result of Vedas and several holy books concludes that the blessed body of mankind is meant for doing auspicious deeds at his level best. Keeping aside the duties one should never act to be merely a holy man. God does not appreciates if we shoulders our duties and livelihood towards others and sit idle by baseless thinking for showing ourselves holy men.

It is said that God does not appreciates a boastful person and therefore one should give up the act of giving self airs. So is the Yoga education. If we listen a study properly, contain it in our mind faithfully and do action accordingly, then only we can achieve our motto while doing our duties with family and nation.