Published in Daily Excelsior Magazine – September 11, 2016

“Vedas preach us that in the beginning of the creation all the
human- beings were born as ignorants. At that time, there
was no Rishi-Muni, teacher, guru etc., who can preach the
ignorant public. As usual, then from the adorable, acceptable
Almighty God, unto whom people make every kind of sacrifice,
emanates the knowledge of Rigved, Samved and Yajurved.
In this connection, Yajurved mantra 40/8 also educates us that
God in the beginning of every creation always gave the knowledge
of Vedas to His subjects, so that the public should not remain
ignorant. So, all those persons who listen/study Vedas become
learned otherwise remain ignorant.

Study of Vedas reveals that in the beginning of non-sexual creation,
there were no mother or father and bodies of mother and
father is also made by God from non-alive matter prakriti.
So, at that time, non-sexual creation exists. Rigved mantra
10/18/10 also states that at that time, there remains only this pious
land which is called our mother, keeping aside the matter of sects
because at that time sects are not originated. Sects are
generated only before two thousand to two thousand
five hundred years by human-beings
whereas creation came into existence
about one Arab, ninety six crore, eight
lakhs, fifty three thousand and one
hundred sixteen years ago. Vedas
educate us that at that time our
motherland remains soft like a
young women or agricultural

This land of ours becomes soft
and mild like milk which is boiled
and its boiling surface becomes
soft so that the souls who take
birth and get bodies do not bear
pain. Because at that time, the new
creation is non-sexual and nobody
is available there to look after the
same, then only our motherland gives
shelter. As the mother after delivery
feeds the newly born baby with milk, in the
beginning of creation, our motherland nurses
us with herbs etc.

Therefore, human-beings and other living-beings
are always dependent on motherland. Even now, we are alive due
to our motherland who provides us with every type of herbs and
food etc. So, God has created the land and every matter
therein/there on for our use. This land decorated with herbs and
vegetarian food, cows and other animals which give us milk, ghee,
butter etc., is respectful for us and is not required to be destroyed.
Secondly, Atharvaved mantra 10/8/9 states that human body
consisting of five senses (ear, eyes, nose, tongue and skin), five
organs of action (hands, legs, mouth, two organs from where we
pass urine and stool), mind and intellect, is a temple of Almighty
God, because God Himself resides in it.

So, every human-being must respect the said temple and live
and let live. Bulleh Shah also says- “Bow before everyone who
comes before us, Because when we have to worship then God
abides within everybody.”

The said invaluable body, within which God resides and only
gets originated by worship, is only entitled to do pious deeds while
discharging all moral duties whereas the other bodies like that of
animals, birds, insects etc., cannot do worship of God.
May God give all of us the mental and physical power to obey
the said preach of ved mantras and therefore may live together
promoting international brotherhood.

God alerts us that from this pious human body a learned must
always follow the true path because God always give protection to
the devotee and destroys the falsehood.

Atharvaved states (Vrijinam na hinoti) i.e., God never promotes
the sinner and (Mithuya dharyant kshatrium Na) also He
does not promote/protect the powerful person who is cheater and
commits sins. Indeed He (vakshaha hanti) destroys the devils
(Asat vadantam hanti) and those who tell lies. Therefore, God
preaches that nobody should follow falsehood and discuss baselessly.
Neither become devil nor bitter to others.

Vedas tell that human body is like a chariot, to do only
pious deeds, to make future bright and happy and to realise

Based on Vedic culture, Rishi of Aiteryopnishad states that
after the completion of time period of final destruction, “Ikshann”
generates within Almighty God and creation starts.
He creates five bhoots i.e., Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akash, Prithvi.
Again it was realised that who would look after the creation/land?
We have to understand that God has created all human-beings and
other beings to looks after the creation/mother land and not
destroy its beauty by promoting terrorism and bombardment etc.
This land is not meant to flow the blood of innocent public on her
chest, where in the beginning it nurses us.
Quran Sharief also states, in the universe, only khuda is entitled
to be praised, who creates earth and sky, light and darkness.
He is the only one who creates you from the soil and fixes the particular
time of death.

If we try to study deeply the Vedas, Upnishads,
Quran Sharief and other holy granths then we
would find that Only
God/Khuda/Parmeshwar has created
this beautiful universe and to protect
and look after it, the human-beings
have been created from
Khak/Prakriti. That’s all, nothing

That is, we have only to understand
that there is no question of
sects but there is only one preach
in all sects that “God has created
the human-beings and the universe.”

And the universe is to be looked
after by all human-beings living
together in brotherhood manner.
Mahabharat granth states that in the
previous yugas, every king as well as all
human-beings followed Vedas, truth and did
always pious deeds. As a result, Rishi states in
Mahabharat that they (all human-beings) decorated the
beautiful land like a bride. But it is sad why the preach of our RishiMunis
and prophets has now gone in vain and jealousy, pride,
hatred, anger, greed, lust etc., have burnt the Kashmir valley where
peace, love and even divine pleasure used to be realized by the
Devi-devtas, keeping aside the matter of sects, creed etc.

As briefed above that God made Kashmir valley which was
evergreen, remained always like a young, beautiful, alone loving
daughter, decorated like a bride, quite full of different kinds of
flowers and fruits; having saffron, honey, almonds, raisins, walnuts
and other dry fruits, full of apple orchids, the land which
attracts the local persons as well as outside tourists, giving them
pleasure, golden land, quite full of musical environments and the
land as if it has been brought by God from the heaven to earth.
God knows from where the evil eye was cast on her and for the last
several years, it is burning like anything.

The local life has been ruined, education, employment, daily routine
life, agriculture, finance, spiritualism, brotherhood and what to
say every type of happiness has vanished away. In the end, we will have
only to try our level best to understand that no sect permits to destroy
such a glorious, beautiful land.

Based on only false statement, instigation, cheating etc., by
those who have never studied their pious spiritual books deeply
from a learned to follow the same for the benefit of mankind but
have only spread their self-made views to fulfil their selfishness.
Nowadays, spiritualism is to be spread quickly to washout the
falsehood especially from the young generation. As Vedas tell that
worldly progress and progress in spiritualism is required to be
achieved simultaneously.”

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