Swami Ram Swarup: Temples are man-made but human body, where Almighty God resides and is realised, is God made. Authenticated that is true proof of qualities of Almighty God is only available in 4 Vedas wherein it is stated in Yajurveda Mantra 32/3 that “NA TASY PRATIMA ASTI” means there is no any shape or statue of Almighty God being omnipresent and in Mantra 31/2 it is stated that only one God is there who creates, nurses & destroy the Universe & after destroying again creates & so on. Thus at that time the necessity of temple was not deemed fit. God has no any assistance. Upanishads says ‘TAD SRISHTA TADNU PRAVISHT’ means God created Universe & entered therein. So HE is everywhere & omnipresent.

To realize God chapter 7 of Yajurveda & other three Vedas clearly says that Yajna, study of Vedas & holy books & specially Ashtang Yoga practice is required in family while discharging the duties. For this very purpose a real spiritual masterthat philosopher of four Vedas & Ashtang Yoga (practically) is basically required.

During this materialistic period this traditional task has been ear marked tough by mostly saints & public under influence of so called saints. For-example Tulsi says in Ramayan “DWIJ SHRUTI BECHAK” i.e., present Gurus have sold Vedas means they never study Vedas & do know nothing about Vedas & Yoga. In next says “SHRUTI BIRODH RAT SAB NAR NARI” means man, woman & their children have taken bold step against the Vedas. There are so many Chopais (couplet) in every kand of Ramayan giving knowledge of Vedas & Yoga, but it is heart broken shock to our traditional culture of Vedas that mostly the present saint or katha vachak avoid its explanation to the public with one or the other reason.

You see if there is no sun then there is no light. This is fundamental law. Similarly if there is no knowledge of Vedas, there will be no wisdom about matter, soul Almighty God & difference between the qualities of said true matters. Up to the time of Mahabharta there was no temple. Thereafter the knowledge of Vedas decreased & between two to three thousands years the temple has been made. It is also true that Vedas knowledge is also available in Valmiki Ramayan, which is the first holy book on the Earth written before one crore eighty lakhs years. Secondly Mahabharta & Bhagwat Geeta (an extract of BhishamParva of Mahabharta)thereof, 6 Shashtras, Upanishads & other holy books related to Vedas, like Shatpath Brahmin Granth etc. But problem is this that there description, comments & explanation have been based mostly on sects or on self made views of present some of the saints whereas the said books written by ancient Rishis (¬ by saints because at that time there were only Rishis, Munis & Ashtang Yogis available in force who were philosophers of Vedas and no other holy books of present time were written) are totally on Vedas & not based on present sects.

So the reason of the temples is only due to the decrease knowledge of Vedas for the last about three thousands years because before this period there was no temple continuously since the time of creation that is more than one Arab & 96 crore years. Temple provision is only in the sects & not in the Vedas & above said holy books.