It is a well known fact on the Earth that the most ancient holy Books viz., four Vedas/six Shashtras are quoted as proof by the wisers .So in Vedas there is no Swar Yoga.But nin Vedas there is a description of surya Naadi(vein) a nd Chander Naadi(vein).For example, Atharva Veda Mantra 2/15/3 states that the left hole of nostril is called Chander Swar and right is Surya Swar (warm).Surya (Sun) is an indicator of fire/hotness whereas Chander (moon) is an indicator of Som matter Cold/Peace. The breathe (Pran & Apan) is moving through both holes of the nostril in two main veins , Ida vein and Pingla vein. Left nostril contains Ida vein and right contains Pingla vein. Between both eyebrows where these two veins(Naadi) are connected that point is called Murdha from where third Naadi(vein) Shushumna starts.Shushumna is Shiva and Shiva is Hans. When we breathe inside then the Swar is Sa and when we breathe outside then the Swar is Ha ,i.e.,Hans. Gayatri Mantra or Guru Mantra is practised by knowing this Swar knowledge. Secondly, Lom and Vilom practice of Pranayam is also done.But all this knowledge must be fully taken by a wiser Yogi first.So Swar Yoga can also be considered a part of Ashtang Yoga which is faithful to all .This is a vast knowledge and requires brief description which is not possible here. It is to be learnt from an experienced Yogi. However, if required this knowledge containing 10 lectures can be delivered on this subject of Swar Yoga. Please confirm. Any question on Yoga or spiritualism by readers or anybody else is highly appreciated and I shall feel personal pleasure to reply.