Swami Ram Swarupji is a Saint with a difference
He never considers himself to be a mystic or a spiritual healer
though his devotes think otherwise

(Interviewed by R. N. Anil)

“Throughout the human history religion has been the mainstay of man. Though the search has been through different paths but the goal is the same. None of the religions teaches hatred far less injury to any man”, says Swami Ram Swarupji. “The world is inflected today with discords, animosities and rivalries and religion is the only way to bring harmony peace and solace to the troubled mankind.”

Emphasizing the role of religion, Swamiji says, “religion is the essence of righteousness. It inspires us to climb from evil to good, from darkness to light and from falsehood to truth. It elevates man from the morass of temporal concern. It ennobles his spirit. It helps him to achieve emancipation from all bondages.”

Born at Landikotal in West Punjab, on June 6, 1940, Swami Ram Swarupji looks much younger than his age. His Yoga way of life, perhaps, has shortened his ageing process. He stresses the revival of Yogic knowledge which, according to him, is the best way to secure peace. “If one wants to be happy he must first discover himself. Peace does not come from outside, it lies within. So to get peace one should reach within one’s soul. Nature is all Maya and Maya can never give permanent happiness which comes only by understanding oneself and Yoga helps in that.”

Swamiji has same reverence for all religions and often recites couplets from Sufi saints and scholars. He is secular to the core.

Swamiji never considers himself to be a mystic or a spiritual healer though his devotes think otherwise, as several of them have been cured by him through his Yogic powers. Yoga, according to Swamiji, can fashion human personality into an integrated and harmonious being.

Real happiness lies not in luxurious living but in loving and serving one’s fellow-beings, says Swamiji. True religion, he asserts, teaches universal love, tolerance and compassion. God is truth and truth is one. Though its manifestations are many but the source is one. Though the paths are many but the destination is one. When asked about the role of religion in politics, Swamiji empathetically said, “all the maladies of present day society are due to the fact that the modern rulers have lost the path of Dharma.”

“The ruler”, he said, “should identify himself with his subjects and should not be ignorant of their needs. He should care for them and share their joys and sorrows.” Politics, according to him, should be guided by Dharma but in no way it should interfere in Dharma. Spiritual values and ethics should form the basics of politics.

According to Swamiji religion unites people and never divides them. Even if we think from the religious point of view there is a divine spark within everyone. We are the creation of the same source and the soul hardly sees any boundaries. Why not then talk about the one global family? If we do so then the world will be much happier place to live in.