By Swami Ram Swarup, Yogacharya, Ved Mandir – Yol

On 27th September, 2018; Supreme Court has declared section 497 of I.P.C as unconstitutional by which the adultery no longer remains a crime in India. Really, the learned of Vedas are shocked over the decision. In her comments; the chairperson of National Commission for women, Swatiji expressed rightly that “the said decision would be harmful for the women and the men would easily get the license to get indulged in adultery.”

There is a saying that “If you want to destroy a nation, destroy its culture; the nation would perish away at its own accord.”

We remained slaves of Mughals for about eight hundred years and that of Britishers for two hundred years, during which our culture ruined.

As a result, our food habits, wearing of clothes, behaviour, education, conduct of lives, spiritualism etc. are badly effected by western culture. India is a land of vedic culture where Rishi-Munis used to deliver vedic knowledge amongst the people right from the beginning of the earth. Accordingly, Sri Ram asked Laxman to cut the nose of Shroopnakha for her characterlessness, Keechak was awarded death punishment by Bheema when Keechak tried to sexually harass Draupadi. Bheema also killed Dushasan due to his bad behavior towards Draupadi, etc.

So, in such a pious country, the above quoted verdict of Supreme Court may become the cause of destruction of India.

A person who discharges duties according to Vedas, that deed is pious deed and the deeds which are against the Vedas are called sins. The above stated Supreme Court verdict is completely against the Vedas.

Following are the examples from vedic culture which preach to be away from adultery-
Yajurved mantra 8/3 states that the person is unfortunate in present life as well as in next birth who is married but also remains entangled in other women.

Atharvaved mantra 7/37/1 advises a husband to remain sincere to his wife alone and never think about other females.

Rigved mantra 10/85/14 states that the purpose of marriage is only to provide good progeny to the nation to make it strong.

Atharvaved mantra 6/81/1 states that a husband should be pure-hearted and not be devil-minded.

Atharvaved mantra 5/25/6 preaches that the life of a husband should always be free from sins.

Rigved mantra 6/65/3 states that all the persons should only adopt their wives and not others.

Manusmriti shloka 8/371 preaches that if a women leaving her husband does sins with other men then king should award her death punishment by throwing her alive before the wild dogs. And similarly when the said sin is committed by a man then the man should also be awarded death punishment. The above are the few ved mantras amongst the several and if we search all four vedas then unlimited knowledge is obtained in this matter. (Yajurved mantra 11/77 also refers).

After Mahabharat war, the knowledge of Vedas diminished. As a result, devlish thoughts, sinful acts, blind faith and illusion spread, hence the problem. Vedas teach us to discharge our duties according to Vedas and we must always be bound with the vedic rules. We must never violate vedic rules for which we must study vedas as our forefathers did.

Therefore, husband and wife, both cannot have the freedom to do sinful acts as per their own desire. In the previous yugas where the king of the country used to get advice from learned of Vedas, Rishi-Munis etc; now the present king, government, judges etc. are not aware of the vedic culture, they make their own rules which are imposed forcefully on public. Then where would lie the happiness, public will always bear sorrows. Guru Nanak Devji has also told- “Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar”.