Nature cannot be changed. When man or woman take birth then they are suppressed to bear the or to face the result of past deeds (karmas). But when a person really worships God and study Vedas then he burns all the previous deeds to face and nature of the soul appears.

Ancient times means up to the Bhagwat Geeta time. Because at that time also the knowledge of Vedas was in force according to Vedas every Arya/Hindu used to do worship by performing holy Yagya (Yajna) and they used to practice ashtang yoga philosophy by which they had controlled five senses, five perceptions and mind. As said in Ramayana about Shri Ram, “SHRUTI PATH PALAK” i.e., Shri Ram used to discharge duties of any kind according to four Vedas and so were his public and the public up to Mahabhart war.

Study of four Vedas will reveal that there is no difference from man or woman, boy or girl. It is stated in the Rigveda MANTRA 8/1/6 that O! God, you are more than to my father and brothers but you are equal to my mother. Again it is said, “mata nirmatri bhawati” i.e., mother makes the future of the children bright. Rigveda mantra 8/34/19 says, “ISTRI BRAHAMA BBHUVITHAH” i.e., the woman is herself Brahma. The God has given this Supreme title to a woman. There are so many Ved mantras where the girl and woman have been praised. But after Mahabhart war the study of Vedas started going to an end and arrogant thus made their own rule as also said by Tulsi in his Ramayana Uttra Kand couplet 97(a) and verse 1 to 4 under the said couplet.

So Sati pratha and cruel ruling on the woman started after Mahabhart war and specially within two thousand years. For example it is being said that Shri Ram sent Mata Sita to jungle and Luv & Kush were born in jungle. The hundred percent true proof is available in Valmiki Ramayana wherein Shri Ram did not do this bad deed. Sita was in Ayodhya with Shri Ram and Luv-Kush were born in palace. And Tulsi has also not written the said story. So it is wonder that who has spread the false that on listening from a washer man Ram sent Mata Sita to jungle. Naturally the arrogant spread this false to crush the woman. There is no Sati pratha in Vedas. So to know the truth about any subject either spiritual or worldly. We will have to check from Vedas because Vedas is a knowledge which Almighty God originate in the heart of four Rishis at the time of beginning of creation. The reason of sins/corruption at all level is due to ignorance and lack of study of Vedas. We will have to go back under the shelter of Vedas the immortal knowledge of Almighty God, if we want peace.

So the woman cannot be made happy or respectful till such time we adopt Vedas. Otherwise the societies/meeting etc., at world level have been working day and night for the betterment of human, but really all in vain. Insult, rape-cases, and burning cases with other harassments are increasing day by day.