Swami Ram Swarup, Yogacharya
The story of Valmiki Ramayan begins with the words that once Rishi Valmikiji who was ascetic asked Rishi Naradji, who was engrossed in austerity, continuous study of Vedas, expert amongst orators and supreme amongst Munis that “Bhagwan, at present time (TretaYug), who is possessing pious qualities, is praiseworthy, courageous, full of gratitude, steadfast on truth and vows?” Meaning of Sanskrit word Sampratam used in second shloka is “Inpresent time/Contemporary time”. So, this shloka clarifies that Valmiki Ramayan was written by Rishi Valmikiji when Sri Ram, Naradji and Valmikiji were all alive together. That is why, Valmiki Ramayan is authentic self-proof of divine life of Bhagwan Ram, accepted by the learneds of Treta Yug and of present times.

[When Bhagwan Ram entered the jungle, several Rishi-Munis asked Sri Ram to kill the devils, who were causing obstacles in performance of daily Yajyen. But Mata Sita with utmost respect and affection requested Sri Ram that intellect becomes sinful by holding weapons in the forest. So, leave the idea of killing the devils here.

After hearing Mata Sita, Bhagwan Ram replied that he (Sri Ram) can sacrifice his life, can leave Laxman and her but vows made that too with Brahmins cannot be
broken. (Arannya.8/7). You see, how astonishing, firm, faithful and pious vow is being seen in the above divine words of
Bhagwan Ram.]

In Continuation, Rishi Valmikiji asked Rishi Narad, “Who is of pious, virtuous conduct, protector and well-wisher of all living-beings, learned of Vedas, mighty,
strong, capable, full of patience, is away from criticism and jealousy, has conquered anger and sensuality, when gets infuriated and fierce in war, generates fear
and trembling amongst devtas (divinity) also?”

Here, I would say that such pious and purest divine qualities quoted above, donot exist in an ordinary man except in God or equivalent to God. That is why, Bhagwan Ram cannot be considered as an ordinary man. According to Atharvaved mantra 9/10/11, when even an ordinary devotee has full control over his senses by following Vedic path, does not take rebirth. Instead, at Samadhi stage, God originates within him. Again, as per Atharvaved mantra 4/11/7 such dignitary becomes like God.

Such dignitaries weild divine body for the benevolence of the people. When he holds the body of a humanbeing at his own accord, he lives amongst humans for their welfare and through that body, in the capacity of God, preaches human-beings. He also weilds the body capable to reach several lokas, to wander there, for the benevolence of all the livingbeings.(Atharvaved mantra 9/10/11 refers). But here, we are discussing the divine life of Sri Ramji who right from his birth was not an ordinary human-being. He has all the Supreme divine qualities of God within Him. He was called MaryadaPurshottam Ram. Therefore Sri Ram being Bhagwan is worshippable all over in India, where he ruled in Tretayug and even all over the world.

After listening to the questions, Devrishi Narad, who knew all the descriptions/happenings of three lokas, started saying happily, “Hey Rishi Valmikiji. You
have quoted many rare qualities that after consideration, I tell you about the said Supreme dignitary.”

After sometime, Rishi Narad told Rishi Valmikiji that, “His name is Sri Ram who is renouned amongst all the public. He is the strongest, mightiest and virtuous. He is born in Ikshvaku family. He is wise and of moral character, sweet spoken, wealthy, destroyer of enemies, having broad shoulders, strong and well-built arms, having neck like conch-shell, big chin, wielder of huge bow, his neck bones are hidden inside his flesh, arms overhung his knees, his head is beautiful and graceful, forehead is broad. He is well-built and body organs are proportionate. He is neither very small nor very tall. Colour of his body
is soft, smooth and beautiful. He is powerful, his chest is prominent, eyes are large, all parts of his body are beautiful and he is full of all pious traits.”

Rishi Narad added that Sri Ram always used to be surrounded by gathering of respectable people like the rivers who enter the sea, Sri Ram was Arya and impartial.
In such an extraordinary divine body, God manifests Himself and preaches the human-beings. So is Bhagwan Ram, who wielded such divine body and in the capacity of God preached us.

Here, if we pay attention towards this shloka, we find that in Satyug, Manu Bhagwan explained about Aryas in his Manusmriti that Arya lived in India right from beginning of the earth. Secondly, Valmikiji here throws light that in Treta, Sri Ram along with his public was Arya and his capital was in Ayodhya. So, we are Aryas, living in India right from the beginning of the earth and those claim that Aryas have come from outside, their views are false.

Rigved preaches to the extent- “Krinnvan to Vishwam Aryam” i.e. make the whole world Arya.

Originally published in Daily Excelsior.