God made bodies, sun, moon, air, electron, proton, tree, space etc., etc. Is there any scientist who can even make a leaf of mango tree or any tree then what to talk of other unlimited matters made by God. Science is respected because all science matters are emanated from Vedas and are useful to all human beings. At the time of beginning of earth God makes all human, animal/birds’ bodies first which are non-alive. Then He places the souls within the bodies according to previous deeds and this is done by God only and not by anybody else.

God made bodies, sun, moon, air, electron, proton, tree, space etc., etc. Is there any scientist who can even make a leaf of mango tree or any tree then what to talk of other unlimited matters made by God. Science is respected because all science matters are emanated from Vedas and are useful to all human beings. At the time of beginning of earth God makes all human, animal/birds’ bodies first which are non-alive. Then He places the souls within the bodies according to previous deeds and this is done by God only and not by anybody else. Can any scientist create a body by cloning without taking genes from a body already made by God. and not only, clone, scientist have to take other measures also in which, the matters are taken by scientist which are made by God. Secondly only those genes will be developed which have soul. You see when soul is out from a body that body is to be destroyed because the body starts giving smell etc. scientist cannot make genes or the matters used in cloning.

God is not working according to any will of human. He is a commander and does not fulfill the requirement of human as a servant. The knowledge and deeds of the Almighty God are natural. If one can devote time to study science then why he has no time to study spiritualism and wonderful acts of God which are beyond calculation and beyond imagination. A scientist works on cloning if by the grace of God, the scientist has a mind, body and soul within it. A mad cannot be scientist and a scientist cannot make mind.

Relationship is always made at least within two matters which are always separate from each other. One says that this is his house. So house is separate and person is separate. Another says that this is my house, my son, my wife etc. So person is separate, his house, son and wife are also separate from each other. That is why the relation was made. Similarly when someone says that this is his head and leg, ear and eyes etc., so here also it is clear that the person who is making relation with head, eyes etc., is separate and the said organs and the whole body are separate. Otherwise relation can not be made. No one on the earth says that he is eye, he is head, he is leg, he is body etc., but always says that all the organs of body are of him. So naturally question arises that who, “HE” is to say that this is his head. So “HE” means “SOUL” who resides in the body. Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 says that this body is like a tree. Tree is destroyed one day. So body made by prakriti’s five matters (earth, air, water, space, fire) is destructible, prakriti being non-alive. In said tree, God and soul also reside and both are alive matters. God is omnipresent but soul is not omnipresent and resides at only one place at one time. Suppose we are sitting in a dark room in the night then we are unable to do any task like studying but in the light of electric bulb we become able to do job. Similarly, human body only works when the soul resides in it. That is soul works like an electric bulb otherwise we daily see so many deaths of youngsters also whose healthy body is there but does not work, eye cannot see, ear can not listen etc., so which matter (tatv) had left the body. Yes it is only soul.

Why a newly born baby of human being, animal or birds etc., is always afraid of death? Because he has taken birth just now and is not aware of death unless one has experience of death, he never has fear from death (within bodies) for the last unlimited years in which soul has effect of experiences of several death and that is why he is always afraid of death because he had been experiencing number of deaths for last uncounted lives. So soul takes next body after leaving present body. And eye, leg, mind etc., never requires merriment, happiness, etc. But we say all human beings are desirous of getting happiness, merriment, long life etc. then who is this to desire, happiness, merriment etc. Yes it is only alive soul and this soul through eyes, legs, head, body etc., feels sorrow or happiness based on his previous lives’ deeds.

There are three types of deeds (karmas) sanchit, prarabhadh and kriyamann. Suppose one soul has to take birth (body). It means he has to face total number of deeds of his all previous life’s and these deeds are called sanchit karmas. But sanchit deeds are huge/unlimited and cannot be faced in one life. So the karmas which can be faced in one life are called prarabhadh (luck-destiny). So God has not made our luck at His own but Almighty God has taken the deeds which we have already done. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clarifies that human being is free to do any deed good or bad but God only awards the result. Now the balance deeds from sanchit deeds will be counted in the next life. Now the deeds which we do in our present life day today are called kriyamann. So if we do pious deeds according to Vedas, shastras and holy books and based on pious preaches of rishi Muni/learned saints then our all sanchit deeds are burnt and we can get salvation. So human beings are free in the matter of doing deed good or bad, but result will be awarded by God. So, we must worship and do pious deeds under guidance of a learned Guru. One should go always ahead for hard working, pious deeds, worship to make future bright himself. One should always work hard towards aright path. Worship does not mean that we are free to discharge our family duties, education, etc., but rather it is a sin. So we have to get progress in both way at a time i.e., spiritualism and worldly progress i.e., science, education, duties towards family etc. So God creates the universe according to his eternal law framed in Vedas which are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. So we have to follow the law of God always to get long happy life.

There is a word “MONAD” in English which cannot be disintegrated further, so is the soul which cannot be parted being alive, smallest, immortal etc. Here I want to give a result of investigation on souls by a scientist. The scientist made a box made from glass where nothing could enter. It was totally empty then he placed body of a boy who wants to die immediately. The scientist was watching every second of the boy’s life. When the soul left the body of the boy then the scientist could observe nothing but some alive matter that left the body and got out from the glass which was unseen. It was experienced by him through his apparatus. The matter of soul and God is actually realized by an ashtang Yogi otherwise it is beyond imagination, that is why Yoga shastra sutra 1/3 says that a Yogi realizes himself (that he is soul and not body) and then the Yogi attains salvation. The soul residing in body feels sorrows happiness, heat, cold etc., this is fundamental law that if knowledge is not given then nobody can attain knowledge. So nowadays , it is a matter of deep thinking that from where science originated. If a newly born baby is nursed carefully in a cave of dense jungle where there is no link of human beings, the baby is provided with all medical aid, food etc., but is placed in a cave only. Nobody talks to him and no education is given then naturally today also the baby being 25 years of age will remain illiterate. He will not be knowing any language, any science etc. So is the case of backward races who are living in dense jungle and are naked, do not make food, houses etc., because they have not been provided with the knowledge of science etc., and our society has yet not made contact with them. It is a bad luck of human being that nowadays we do not study Vedas wherein the present science, maths, rules of family, marriage, politics, agriculture, science, army, weapon, atomic energy etc., etc., are mentioned.

Our ancient rishis who knew Vedas did dig out the science mentioned in Vedas and wrote hand written books quoting there experiences about science, souls and God etc. Based on Vedic knowledge of rishis, India was the Guru of whole world and was given the title of “Golden Bird.” You know, like Aurangzeb so many emperors destroyed the eternal Indian Vedic culture. The said books were destroyed in the international university of Takshila and Nalanda by Aurangzeb. If you want to destroy a nation, destroy their culture and nation shall perish away at its own accord and that is why India, a great country has been destroyed in this way. It is a scientific law that earth moves around the sun which is already mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 3/6. Maths, trigonometry all science is there in four Vedas. I have written a book in Hindi on Vedas and can be sent to you if you so desire. Yajurveda teaches how to make food, houses, building etc. Atharvaveda gives full knowledge of medical science and surgery, ortho etc. Yajurveda says about mixer. The philosophy to make air craft is in Vedas etc. All present science has come from Vedas with the grace of our ancient Rishis but what has happened is that after Mahabhart war when most of the warriors were killed then our mothers, aged, fathers, youngsters, sisters etc., were so shocked that they could not get to contact rishis and the new generation could not get knowledge of Vedas wherein there is not a single matter of worship etc. but contains all worldly matters, few of them quoted above.

For example Atharvaveda says rishis did tapsya (tapsya means Brahmacharya, control on senses, five organs, mind, intellect etc., did study of Vedas, yoga practice) and afterwards they decided to make nation strong. In jungle Shri Ram met Bharat, he asked Bharat about God politics, finance, treasures, respect of elders, mother, father, well being of whole public of India which is a duty of king then after asking so many such questions Shri Ram discussed personal matters with him. So Yajurveda mantra 40/14 says to get progress in both ways simultaneously i.e., in worship (upasana) and progress in worldly matters, few of them mentioned above. So here it is a deep point to be considered by all human beings that worship does not debar from discharging duties of family, society and nation, examples of which are Shri Ram, Krishna, Dashrath, Mata Sita, Ansuiya and so many Raj rishis kings and mantradrishta rishi Munis who were all family owners. But due to lack of knowledge of Vedas at present most present saints who are against Vedas, Yajyen and yoga philosophy are spreading poison to the people for their own benefit of collecting bags of money. They say that world is destructible, you need not do any deed all is wastage and thus become followers (servants) of such false saints. Therefore the main object of the Vedas is to work hard in every field which has been stopped by people. By following Vedas we can make nation and world strong and promote international brotherhood. Present saints always say about worship, only and finish hard working, respect to elders, etc. they usually say that earning money is nothing but get money in bags and made so many buildings etc.

In Shatpath Brahmin Granth 3/7/3/10, written by Yask Muni it is said, “VIDWANS HI DEVAHA” i.e., he who is learned of Vedas, he is called Dev. Yajurveda mantra 40/3 says, “ASURYA NAAM TE LOKAHA ANDHEN TAMSA VRITAHA___” means while taking birth a child is called “Manushya” i.e., mankind. If he learns vedas, does pious deeds and discharges his moral duties well and according to Vedas then he becomes Dev. Otherwise Asur i.e., devil (demon), one who kills the pure voice of soul and does sins. In Van Parv of Mahabhart Yaksh asked question to Yudhisthar,” KAH NASTIKAH” i.e., who is called atheist? Yudhisthar answers, he who is against and insults Vedas he is atheist (Manusmriti 2/11 also refers). So there are two kinds of men/women according to Yajurveda mantra quoted above. One, “DEV” and second “DEVIL”. So our birth is to become Dev. Rigveda mantra 10/181/1 says that in the beginning of the creation God always originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis, then the said four Rishis spread it further and until now the eternal knowledge of Vedas is being received traditionally. The names of those four Rishis are— Agni, Vaayu, Aditya, Angira, as also mentioned in Rigveda mantra 10/109/1 and Manusmriti shlok 1/23. This truth is also mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta wherein shlok 3/15 says that Vedas are emanated from Almighty God and in shlok 13/4 Shri Krishna says that the knowledge of soul and body is very well mentioned in four Vedas and the Rishis have described the same by many methods. In Atharvaveda mantra 2/35/1&4, it is preached that Rishis spread the knowledge of holy Yagya (Yajna) to the people to kill their sorrows and Rishis are those, “MANTRADRISHTA ITI RISHIHI” i.e., those who have studied Vedas and ashtang Yog practice and there realized Almighty God and seen Ved mantras in their heart, they are called Rishis. So the knowledge of the Vedas, as per Rigveda mantras quoted above, is given by God Himself.

To the Rishis and it is eternal truth and cannot be changed that is why in Yog shastra sutra, Rishi Patanjali says, “SA ESH PURVESAHM API GURUHU” i.e., so next to God is Rishi. God did not give the knowledge to the present sants. In Vedas, the name of the learned are mentioned as Rishis, Muni, Vipra, Dwij, Agni etc., and not sants. To be next to God it is necessary to have full knowledge of Vedas and ashtang yoga, as per the rules quoted above. To know that what is true and what is false, proof is required. Yog shastra in sutra 1/7 says about four proofs within which proof of Vedas to determine the truth is compulsory. However, it makes no difference that if a present sant has learnt four Vedas, done ashtang yoga practice mentioned in Vedas and realized Vedas and God, then he is also next to God. If declares his name Rishi or Brahamchari and does not know Vedas and yoga philosophy, then he is liar and cheating the public. Because in Shanti Parv of Mahabhart also Bhisham Pitamaha says to Yudhisthar that there are two kinds of Braham (though God is one). First, “Shabad Braham” i.e., knowledge of four Vedas, second “Par Braham” the realization of formless God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. So he who does not know Braham even Shabad Braham—Vedas. So how he writes himself as brahamrishi, naturally he is cheating the public. Because most of the public does not know about Vedas and the arrogant (the saints who are against Vedas) have spread false knowledge about vedas, Yajna and yoga philosophy. That is why, Manusmriti 2/168 says that the saint/Guru/Dwij who does not know Vedas but studies false books, he in his present life goes downwards i.e., experiences sorrows, sufferings etc., etc., with his followers, i.e., their followers also go down and experiences the said difficulties etc., but nowadays it is also spread that God takes examination of a worshipper but such type of examinations have not been mentioned in Vedas. And Ramayan also says about such false saints— VARAN DHARAM NAHIN ASHRAMCHARI,SHRUTI VIRODH RAT SAB NAR NARI. Tulsi says that at present men and women here become against the eternal knowledge of Vedas. Again Tulsi says in Uttrakand DWIJ SHRUTI BECHAK BHOOP PRAJSAN, KAU NAHIN MAN NIGAM ANUSASAN. i.e., at present mostly the people do not accept the knowledge of vedas, present saints/Gurus have sold the Vedas i.e., they do not know the ABCD about the Vedas. Again in Nirukta 7/3, it is said that he who study all knowledge of the same Granth it is mentioned that he who has studied Vedas in full and teaches others, he is Rishi.

It is now a fact that ancient Rishis used to live in a lonely place/jungle in Gurukuls/Ashram where the students used to go take Vedas/Yoga knowledge as Shri Krishna, Sudama, Shri Ram and their public used to go. It was the effect of Ved mantras on them and the effect of practicing ashtang yoga philosophy. They used to lead simple way of life without any luxury etc., whereas nowadays the saints (against the Vedas) mostly live in bigger cities where way of earning is obtained. The Rishis used to bless the people according to Ved mantra to be the richest and having all households in the family etc., whereas now the present saints say that money will do nothing, family will do nothing, house will do nothing, cars and clothes will do nothing and they themselves take lot of money and enjoy luxuries. The Rishis were out of illness/tension etc., and Upanishad says about the fact whereas most of the saints are having multifarious diseases, tension etc. The ancient Rishis mostly used to live in Gurukul and used to go to kingdom on invitation (Valmiki Ramayan Bal Kand sarg 7 also refers). But nowadays saints send their disciples door to door to collect money and to arrange maximum gathering/crowd. The Rishis like Vyas Muni etc., used to go mostly on foot and alone to anywhere (Mahabhart says) but now the present saints/Gurus go in a fleet of cars/groups with body guards etc., etc.

The Rishis were self of simple living without luxury etc., but with their blessings they made people the richest whereas most of the present saints have become the richest with all luxury, gathering money/donation etc., from even poor people and public seems to be poor.

In Brihadarnayk Upanishad there is a debate, shastrarth between Bal Brahamcharini Gargi and Rishi Yagvalkya. This debate was organized by king Janak. The winner of debate was to be given 500 cows with gold plated on horns. When Rishi Yagvalkya ordered his disciples to take the cows then king Janak interrupted and requested the Rishi that these cows are meant to him who will win the debate with my supreme Acharya Gargi. King asked the Rishi that whether he (Rishi) is Brahamrishi Yagvalkya Rishi answered, O! king there was shortage of milk in my Gurukul to my students and that is why I was taking the cows. But if you want to ask something I am ready. There became debate and Rishi won and got cows. This story tells that all Rishis used to ask donation when they needed whereas present saints, even being multimillionaires, from donation even they are asking for money.

In Upanishad king Janshruti met with Rishi Rakya in lonely place sitting on sand under the shadow of Bullock cart. Whereas present saints meet with highly decorated and valuable throne.

Rishi Jardbhart was sitting alone in a jungle on the earth. When he was asked to carry the palanquin (palki) putting one side on his shoulder. Then he immediately became ready without any proud and walked on foot. Mostly now this cannot be repeated.

There are maximum examples of the ancient Rishis who were Tapsvi, lover of truth and who are adorable. What has happened nowadays that after Mahabhart war (about 5300 years ago),when our elders did not make contact with ancient rishis then they and following generations have forgotten the truth on three points of Vedas —1. Karmas in Yajurveda, (hard working towards all worldly matters mentioned above)
2. Worship (upasana ) in Saamveda i.e., Worship of one alive and Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and who has unlimited the best qualities which are beyond description, beyond imagination And calculation and are known only by following and doing deeds (hard working, Upasana)
3. Progress in science and worldly affairs, which is called “Gyan (knowledge) mentioned in Rigveda.

Now most of people are after false prophets and the false prophets are spreading poison to say that nothing is to be done except to take God’s name from them (false prophets) and do jaap only and give money to them (false prophets) that is why in India no Shri Ram, no Shri Krishna, no Mata Sita, no Dashrath, no Harishchandra or Gargi (king Janak’s guru) etc., etc., dignitaries are taking birth who serve the people gave justice, and did hard working always. No warrior like Bhim, Bhisham, Arjuna, to protect the nation and no business man of the country equivalent to the ancient times when knowledge of Vedas was in force, who never took unnecessary profit or did hoarding, storing the items of livelihood and selling them when prices become high, are taking birth due to such false worship etc., against the Vedas, atheism has grown up all over the world because our forefathers did not make contact with rishis as stated above who get knowledge of Vedas on the above three points i.e., hard working, spiritualism, science/education together. So they only remember the matter which were/are beneficial to live upon and to make our human body healthy like making food, clothes, houses and other science etc,. but they have forgotten about God, soul, prakriti and all other moral duties and thus selfishness took place and hence the atheism. So is the case with present science. Science is eternal as mentioned in eternal philosophy of Vedas but our forefathers have forgotten God and other moral duties and hence there are so many cases of present scientists for last so many years who are not happy with their life. Then what to talk about humanity? So spiritualism must be attached with the life and present science then whole world will be united. The matter of science, food etc., beneficial to the body only, are visible whereas matter of soul in God being spiritual and mentioned in Vedas can not be seen with the eyes but are realized. Nobody thinks that who has made the mind of scientist which is being used by him. Who has made the mind of all, can any scientist make mind, sun, moon, air or even single leaf of any tree. So science and scientists are respectable in Vedas but not those who have forgotten investigation of soul and God.

Now I stop here, Vedas’ views being lengthy, unlimited and the matter is eternal and everlasting.