Suresh Kumar: Respeted Swamiji,

I am a keen devotee of Lord Shri Sai Baba. Recently I alongwith my wife had gone to Shirdi also. I write and compose many songs of Sai Baba. Many atimes baba comes in my dream also. In my office i have built one small temple cabinet, where i have placed my baba. Daily I light incense sticks. On Monday and Thursday I garland baba and read Sai Amritvani, Sai Mahima (Composed by Panvel Narayan baba) , Sai Chalisa and Saisacharitra.

But in my life I have lot of difficulties. Till date my problem has not been solved guruji. I had a desire to become Singer / Composer and also Actor (Any one of them ). But till date my wishes are not fulfilled. Now I am married and my age is 30. At present my interest is totally lost. Can I regain my Interest ?

Can you please advise me ? why this has happned to me. Is Baba Angry / or not close to me.

Swami Ram Swarup:

There are three kinds of deeds in Vedas/shastras. Deeds done in the past
uncounted births are called Sanchit Karmas. On the basis of these Karmas a
person takes birth for a definite period in which he has to bear the result
of the deeds which are called Prarabdh Karmas. These Prarabdh Karmas are
taken from Sanchit Karmas the balance remains always in Sanchit Karmas.
Third is Kriyamaan Karmas for which we are free to do either good or bad the
result of which wee have to face in future in the shape of happiness or
sorrows accordingly.

By the grace of God yourself was inspired with the result of the pious deeds
and you had to go to take shelter of a Guru Maharajs. Now it is up to the
Guru Maharaj’s blessings based on his tapasya to look after his disciple.
Still it is said that Guru is one but a person should serve Rishis, Munis,
philosopher of Vedas/Yogas etc in accordance with the tradition right from
the begining of the earth, Every one says that Lord Krishna and Shri Ram had
his Gurus but very few know that their Gurus were philosopher of Vedas and
Yoga, and their holy names were Sandeepan Rishi and Vashisht Muni. Rishi is
called who has realised and seen Ved mantras by virtue of hard yoga practice
and muni is called who is a philosopher of Vedas and yoga after acute study
of four Vedas. So our countrymen should keep this fact in view too because
is traditional. So the first thing is that by virtue of your past instigated
deeds your soul was inspired to seek a guru maharaj, as far as dreams are
concerned the Vedas and shashtra say that it has got no more good result in
the life.

When Lord Krishna says that O Arjun you cannot see me with you eyes than
dreams are not of more values but you should try to see you Guru Maharaj in
presence and too alive and take good education for a happy life, ask said in
Vedas. You have made a temple it may be good, but the best temple of worship
is a human body made by God Himself and details of which may be asked from
Guru maharaj and philosopher of Vedas/yoga. Incense sticks is the shortest
form of holy yajna. Our fore fathers/rishis/Shri Ram/Shri Krishna etc. used
to perform holy yajna. We must also continue it, in addition, and should
make it possible. You are doing worship accordingly to the path whatever you
have listened from anywhere else. You may carry it on at your own but I
would also like to mention here about traditional path of Vedas wherein it
is mentioned Devaha yajain yajjam ajayant means that the Devaha (rishi/muni)
use to do worship of God by doing holy yajna and by listening Vedas and
practice of yoga too. (Yajurveda Mantra 31/16). Please see in Tulsi
Ramayana also- Ved purana vashisht bakhanahien, sunahu Ram yadaypi sab
janahien, means that Shri Ram used to listen Vedas from a spiritual master
Vashisht Muni, a philosopher of Vedas/ yogas. Secondly , koti vaja medh
praphu kine daan aneka duvija kah dine, means Shri Rama persormed more than
krore holy yajnas and donated/respected rishi/munis, philosopher of

So please try to add it also in your life. Because some holy books are
written by now a days men/women/any religious men who have studies only
but not have practised yoga or guru mantras etc.But Vedas are theknowledge
originated in he heart of four rishis direct by God fundamentally in the
beginning of the earth. That is why in Yoga Shashtra sutra Rishi Patanjali
has said that Sah esha purvesham api guruhu means that the God is our
spiritual master (Guru) of our past/anccient rishis. So everybody also try
to listen the God*s voice of Vedas from a philosopher of Vedas.

Here I would like to tell you the meaning of Amrit Vani. In Vedas mrit means
dead and Amrit means everlasting/immortal. God is immortal that is why His
knowledge in the shape of four Vedas is immortal too. And that is why He is
the first spiritual Guru of our past Rishis and all of us also. We all must
follow it traditionally. Nobody wants sorrows right from an ant uptill
humanbeings. Men and women always desirous of having pleasures not sorrows.
Happiness is always the result of our past/present deeds in births but final
everlasting happiness is always achieved after having births in human body.
We can destroy all our previous births,sins or deeds by virture of following
a traditional spiritual path of listening Vedas, doing yoga,yajna as
mentioned in Vedas and shashtras. We must also recite and practise the holy
name kof Almighty God in heart as is rightly preached by a spiritual master.
The problem will automatically be solved. This yoga /yajna/guru
mantra/preaches of Vedas are always done in family life and need not to take
any kind of sanyas. Your desires are good it requires still continuous hard
practice, devotion, dedication and reality concentration of mind with
worship of God. Please carry on and God will definately help you. You can
regain because to achieve the target age and married life is not a problem
as mentioned all happennings are based on the result of previous deeds but
those can be removed, so do not demoralise yourself.

The best spiritual master and even God do not become angry but forgive the
aspirants and help them too. You and everybody is always welcome and it has
no concern of being anybody’s devotee. Guru May be one but sevices of rishis
munis must be done by everybody. Shri Ram’sGuru was Vashisht Muni but He too
served and took education from Vishwamitra, Augustya, Atri and Shringya
rishis etc. Those past days are always to be remembered in the history of
our nation which must the repeated and maintained to get rid of ravages of
hatred and to be happy and gay.