Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Swamiji , people dying of diseases like cancer, etc in a nation, is it the fault of king (or ruler) and people responsible for governance? Swamiji, you have always said if our government implements vedas and teaches them to students then our nation will progress and these type of diseases and other problems would be removed from nation. But Swamiji, isn’t it duty of Brahmin or learned people like you to teach some worthy person and develop that person into able ruler so that these problems can be removed from nation like Rishi Chanakya did? Swamiji didn’t at beginning there were only four Rishis with knowledge of Vedas and who later taught other people and then we were able to get a king like Manu, then why similarly Brahmins can’t train and teach a person and make him/her a able ruler? Swamiji why can’t this land of Aryans not produce any ruler to lead the nation when it can produce so many Brahmins?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Yes, somehow it is the fault of ruler that several kinds of diseases are being faced by the public because of the pollution, fruits and crops-food grains are not pure. The second reason is very important that India which has been the land of Rishi-Munis, tapasvis has oversighted to follow the vedic path. In vedic path, daily yajyen/agnihotra were being performed which totally removes the pollution, gives pure rain water and healthy crops. Yajyen also destroys the diseases. Dear son, we have to follow the preach of Vedas which emanates directly from God. So God says in Vedas that until and unless the King of nation makes contact with learned of Acharya and tries to spread vedic knowledge, the illusion will not be over. So, alone Brahmin or Rishi-Muni are helpless. However, learned Acharya of Vedas, in absence of the support of Government are also doing at their level best to spread vedic knowledge. But there one-sided efforts are like cumin seeds in the mouth of camel. Chanakya was a learned of Vedas and also he was the best politician who offered his pious services to capture the kingdom. So, his act was not like Rishi-Muni, Yogi who spread vedic knowledge. Yes, in the beginning of the creation, there was only four Rishis from whom a person named Brahma attained vedic knowledge. From Brahma, other person got it and became Rishis. Out of them one was Bhagwan Manu. Manu was not a king but public made him a king. From here the vedic knowledge used to be attained by the next generation. After Mahabharat war, nobody made contact with Rishi-Munis and hence the knowledge of Vedas started diminishing. As a result, the arrogant made their own paths of worship etc., which were totally against the Vedas. This situation is still continuing.