DK: Sswamiji charan sparsh i wanted to ask that i have seen from when i have started meditation dhoop havan etc my problems have increased , i feel even i was better before when i used to do shiv ling pooja or devi devta pooja which i have left after your guidence that we hsould not perform any pooja of devi devta etc sorry if i hurt you charan sparsh again
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. My dear son, this is your opinion that you were better when you were doing shivling pooja etc. It is not an opinion of Almighty God in Vedas. You might have heard that a person is to discharge his duties but result is awarded by Almighty God. So, to determine the result of worship before its beginning is not recommended by any holy path. However, Vedas tell to adopt only eternal, true path. I would now like to state that if you desire to adopt your previous worship of shivling etc., you may adopt the same at your own. Nobody would restrict you. My blessings to you again, please.

K D Gupta: Swamiji pranam Kindly explain the content of vedmantra 9/139/1 mndlm rig …Dhadyangah me janusham….aa name gira .
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The idea of Rigveda mantra 1/139/9 is that those who are learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy, they only know the pious effect of the learned but those who are indulged in illusion, they are not able to know the influence of learned. Those who get the Vedic education from the acharya/spiritual master, the followers should follow his (acharya) pious path. The aspirant should only therefore follow the path of learned Rishi-Muni of Vedas and should not follow the path of ignorant/who are indulged in illusion.

Aman: I am from Uttarakhand.In our village during pooja devi devta come to possess some medium and talk to other people. I had doubts in mind. What actually is this? If soul in sukhsm sharir reside in space and can do nothing without physical body. How then they possess others body. Also one month back my mother expired due to long illness. When we go to village for Shraad her soul possessed one of our relative and talked to us embraced us and wept. Why should I not believe that soul can see and hear? I want to understand this.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there is no such preach that devi-devta come from heaven etc., to possess some medium to talk to people. And you are very much correct that when the soul leaves the human body, remains in sushupt stage i.e., (stage like coma). So, how the soul can talk without tongue, mouth etc. Vedas tell about only five alive devi-devtas. First mother, because she nurses, second is father because he does hard deed to earn money for family, third is the learned guest who knows at least one ved and fourth is spiritual acharya/guru who knows four Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. Fifth is Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. How a shradh of a dead person can be organized when soul itself takes next birth within thirteen to fourteen days. How a dead person would be able to eat, listen etc., without human-body. Belief is the matter of eternal philosophy of Vedas which emanates direct from God and Vedic philosophy does not tell about the above quoted soul.