Kartik: R/Sir, please send us 2 sloks of each vedas, as I am trying to searching from google but I am unable to get it. Hence I am requesting you to arrange to send me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Rigved mantra:-



The mantra is in “Shlesh alankar” therefore, signifies two meanings of word- Agni. First is Almighty God and second is corporal/material (Agni) fire.

Meaning and idea of the above quoted mantra in respect of Almighty God is as under-

(AGNIM) Almighty, Formless God (EEDEY) to worship/to praise (YAJASYA) of yajyen (HOTARUM) bestower/giver (PUROHITUM) who holds the entire universe before as well as after the creation, that is God is the supreme benefactor of souls and Prakriti after final destruction also. (RITVIJUM) adorable and worshippable in every season (RATNADHATAMUM) holder of all precious gems, gold etc. (DEVAM) bestower/giver i.e., giver of all precious gems, gold and other necessities.

Meaning- I worship the God who is bestower/giver of yajyen, He is our Purohitum i.e., Purohit which means that God only holds/protects the souls and non-alive Prakriti after final destruction. He also nurses us after creation. He is Ritvijum i.e., adorable and worshippable in every season. He is Ratnadhatamum i.e., holder of all precious gems, gold etc., and He is Devam i.e., bestower of the said precious gems and other necessities which include clothing, shelter, food, crops, water, air etc., to survive.

Idea- Yajyen means Devpooja, Sangatikarann and daan. Devpooja means the services rendered to five devas. Sangatikarann means to satisfy the learned acharya of vedas and yoga philosophy by rendering services towards him, at level best so as to get Vedic education in return. Daan means to donate to authentic person. So the idea of the mantra is that we the human-beings must worship/praise only one God possessing the divine qualities mentioned in the above quoted mantra.
If we worship a God who does not possess the above stated divine qualities like possessing power of creation, nursing, destruction of universe etc., then our worship does not tally with the eternal knowledge of vedas and hence the problem arises. We must also note that the above divine qualities are possessed only by formless, omnipresent, Almighty God equivalent to whom no one was born, is born or shall ever be born in future. So, God was one, is one and shall always remain one. He is lord of universe. We all must worship Him only.

(Rigveda mantra 10/121/10)

(prajapate) prajapati, prajapati means he who protects and nurses the praja, i.e., public, (na) not; (tvadetaanyanyo) tvat+anyaha, tvat means from you, anya means another; (ta) those; (etani) these; (vishwa) all; (jatani) all the created matters of the world; (na)not; (pari) lord/master; (babhoov) does; (yat) for which; (kaamaha)desire; (te)for you; (juhumaha) we offer; (tat) he, i.e., God; (naha) for us; (astu) fulfilled; (vayam) we; (syam) become; (patyaha) master; (rayeennam) of assets/money.

Meaning –
This is a prayer to god. Oh! God you protect all the public. There is none other than you who can be a master of all the created matters of the world. i.e., there is one God who creates the universe and is its Lord.

So Oh! God may all our desires, for which we pray to you, be fulfilled. May we become the owner of assets/money.

Idea –
Oh God, you are the master of this universe. All the materials in this world – food grains, gold, silver, sun, moon, human body etc, are created by you alone and you are the only Lord/owner of all the matters. No body can create, or take these goods without your consent.
We worship you as described in Vedas and pray you to kindly fulfill all our wishes and give us all these materials to prosper and lead a happy life.

Yajurved Mantra:-

(Yajurveda mantra 30/3)

Om=the name of God, Vishwani=all, Duritani=flaws/defects, Parasuv=to keep away, Dev=here dev means God, the literal/common meaning of dev is he who gives us everything. Savitah=the creator of three lokas/universe, Yat=those, Bhadram=good qualities, Tat=those, Nah= to us, Aa Suv= to get.
Oh! dev savitah vishwani duritani parasuv yad bhadram tat nah aasuv.

Meaning –
Oh! God You give us everything and You are the creator. Kindly keep us away from all flaws/defects and illusion and may give us all the good qualities.

Oh! Almighty God, the giver of every thing in our lives, and the creator of this entire universe, please remove our illusion, flaws and defects like laziness, anger, attachment to worldly things, cheating, pride etc. and inculcate all the good qualities within me like the spirit to serve my acharya, parents, elders, etc., making effort to gain knowledge of Vedas from acharya, and donate towards right path.

Idea –
The word “Duritani” used in mantra implies those defects /flaws and vices which are prevalent in human behaviour and become the cause of their unhappiness.

It is from the three gunnas- qualities viz Raj, Tam and satva of non-alive Prakriti that the entire universe is created by the grace of God’s power. In these gunnas, Raj- connoting action and movement/motion is the storehouse of vices like sensuality etc. Tam quality generates defects like laziness, inactiveness, sluggishness etc., which make a person irreligious and wretched. Satto quality generates pride, ego within a person. The mantra contains the prayer to remove the above discussed vices/faults from us.

Another word mentioned in the mantra is “Bhadram”. By saying the word Bhadram, we request the God to give us knowledge to get rid of all these defects. By virtue of this we can get all the happiness in this life and also achieve moksha (the final liberation).

As per Vedas, praying to God everyday gives immense power and God always listens to the prayers said with Ved mantras in a Yajyen. However, mere praying is not helpful unless effort is put through yogabhyas (practice of Ashtang Yoga), doing prannayam, dhyan-meditation, Yajyen/hawan and by concentrating our mind in doing good deeds (shubh karma) to get rid of vices/defects from within us.

(Yajurveda mantra 13/4)

(hirannyagarbhaha) form of jyoti i.e., God. God manifests the world, God gives light to sun, moon and others but He does not take light from anywhere since He Himself is a divine, perennial source and form of light, (bhootasya) of ‘bhoot’ i.e., from five bhoot or matters i.e., agni(fire), vayu(air), jal(water), akash(space), prithivi(earth), so bhootasya means the world made of five bhoots quoted above. (jaatah) famous (patihi) lord (ekah) only one (aseet) was i.e., the God who is form of light was only one famous Lord of whole world made of five matters. Again (agrey) before this creation (samvartat) He was present, (sah) the said God (imaam) this (prithiveem) earth, (ut) and, (dyam) dyulok = celestial bodies emitting light, (dadhar) is holding (kasmai)form of pleasure i.e., the God- It should be noted here that God has unlimited qualities whereas we the souls have limited qualities. So the God as said above is (hirannyagarbhaha) i.e., form of light as well as (kasmai) i.e., form of pleasure. Kasmai word is made from root word (dhatu) ‘kam’ which means pleasure, (devaiye) for the dev, i.e., God – I have previously mentioned the meaning of word ‘dev’. (havisha) by offerings i.e., aahuti, yaj/yogabhyas (practice of ashtang yoga) it should be noted that worship of God means the offering of aahuti in burning fire of havan kund, doing yajyen and ashtang yoga practice, (vidhema) ‘vi’ =special ‘dhema’= worship, in this way we do the best worship of God.

Meaning –
Oh! God, You are the source of the eternal light given to this universe, You have created the sun and the moon who give light to us. You are the Supreme Master of this universe. You were there before the creation of this universe, and will remain there even after this universe ceases to exist. You are the giver of all the happiness and pleasure. We pray to you by offering ahutis in the Havan, by doing Yajyen and practice of ashtang yoga.

Idea –
In this mantra qualities of the God have been described. God has numerous qualities. There is limit to the qualities of living beings but God has unlimited qualities.

In this mantra God has been described as a Creator and the source of eternal light to this universe and there is no one else with such qualities. The God, who has within Him, the sun and the moon-the sources of the light to the earth and who was there before the existence of this universe, is holding this universe after creating it, He takes care of this entire universe.
In this mantra it is said that, we should pray to such God, who has countless qualities and there is no one like him.

We should not pray to the creations of the God but only to the God by means of agnihotra/yajyen, practice of ashtang yoga etc.

Oh! God you are the perennial and divine form of light by which you manifest the whole universe. You are almighty that is why You need not to take light from anywhere. You are only one formless Lord of the universe which has been created by Your power through five matters of prakriti i.e., agni(fire), vayu(air), jal(water), akash(space), prithivi(earth). You are the only creator of the previous creations. It is pertinent to mention here that process of creation is eternal and before this creation unlimited creations had taken place, nursed, destroyed and again created. Oh! God you are the creator of present earth and above quoted celestial bodies and, will always remain so. You alone shall destroy and create the universe in future too. You are the form of pleasure. We worship You by means of aahuti, yaj and practice of yoga philosophy, which is the best worship of God stated in the Vedas. This worship includes chanting the holy name of God observing celibacy (brahamcharya), wielding good qualities, discharging of moral duties by students, families, vanprasthis and sanyasis according to Vedas and other holy books. God is one and only one and no other entity is equivalent to this God. He is the ultimate form of pleasure and we get pleasure in return when we worship the said God who creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe.

Samved Mantras:-

(Samved mantra 793)

MEANING: (MITRAM) Prann i.e., breathing air and (VARUNNAM) apaan i.e., breathing air (PRANN) moves in nostril whereas apaan move from rectum(HAWAAMAHE) we call i.e., we use. The idea of the mantra is that a yogi attains the Som i.e., divine merriment by hard practice of Yam, Niyam, Asan and then Prannayam. Then he reaches at the stage of Samadhi i.e., Som or Asampragyat Samadhi i.e., realization of God. So the meaning of attaining Som is the yogi who experiences divine pleasure of realizing God.

Mantra 793 states that (AYAM) we the aspirants who perform Yajyen (SOM PEETYE) to realize the divine pleasure of Almighty God. We should control Prann and Apan, i.e., do prannayam. However, practice of Yam, Niyam and Asan is indespensible before doing prannayam and when we do prannayam then our prann and apan become more energetic, strong, minute and purified and give us immense strength, long life etc. Hence, we must always do Yajyen and prannayam to attain blessings and divine pleasure of Almighty God.

2.) Samveda mantra 38 says that –


(AGNE) Oh! God (JANAANAM YANTARAHA SANTU) there must be a leader of the public i.e., king/preacher and he should (DAYANTA) protect (GONAAM) cows.

But nowadays, it is said that mostly our Government, President, Prime-Minister and leaders , due to lack of eternal knowledge of Vedas , do not protect the cows and cow slaughter is still continuing and such slaughter , as stated in Vedas , is awarding sins to culprits.

(JANAANAAM YANTARAHA) the leaders of human-beings must be there and they must (DAYANTA) protect (URVAM) the herd (GONAAM) of cows.
In this mantra God orders the political leaders, administrators as well as learneds to be the protectors/saviours of cow as well as devotees of God. Political leaders should pay special attention to this teaching. So the elements who insult or physically harm the cow must be arrested and punished.

(Atharvaveda Mantra 2/26/5)

This mantra relates to protection of animals including cow. Mantra states all human-beings should always protect the cows. Presently, number of schemes are being framed at world’s level to increase the brotherhood, unity and maintenance of peace etc., ironically there is a steady increase of serious problems related to unity and brotherhood posing serious threat to world peace. Rishi of Chchandogyaupnishad states that service of sacred cow leads to attainment of knowledge of Vedas-
Chchandogyaupnishad (fourth prapathak) narrates a story that Satyakaam son of Jabala, went to his acharya Haridrumat ( of Gautam Gotra) with the desire to attain knowledge of Vedas. He said, “Oh! Acharya kindly accept me as your disciple, give me deeksha, I shall stay with you while observing celibacy”. Acharya performed upnayan sanskar of Satyakaam and then gave him four-hundred weak, feeble cows to take care of them. While rearing cows Satyakaam told his acharya that until the population of these cows increases to thousand, I shall not come back. He reared and sincerely served the cows for years together and reached back to his acharya. Hence, it is important to reckon that Rishis accept service to cow as the means to attain salvation.

Service to cows made Satyakaam realise the fact that all the directions where he took the cows were pervaded with God, hence, he was enlightened. If with open mind we analyse ancient Indian culture comprising of Vedas, Mahabharata epic, Valmiki Ramayan, Tulsi krit Ramayan, Shastras, Shatpath Brahmin etc., then the world shall reach at conclusion.

2.) Atharvaveda Mantra 3/14/2-

(ARYAMA VAHA SANSRIJATU) i.e., Daily consumption of cow’s milk enable us to control senses, perceptions and mind. (POOSHA SAM) i.e., Cow’s milk gives us nourishment. (BRIHASPATIHI SAM) learned of Vedas always associates with you that is why, he becomes learned by rearing you and consuming your milk. (YAHA INDRAHA DHANANJAYAHA SAM) learned person who is the controller of his senses, perceptions and mind victorious over wealth i.e., a wealthy person associates with you. Actually Oh! Cow, your association makes them healthy, wealthy and wise. (YAT VASU) whatever wealth is necessary for me (MAYEE PUSHYATE) make it available for me i.e., the services rendered to cow and consumption of her milk provide us with all wealth necessary for us to survive (Atharvaveda mantra 3/14/2).

Idea of the Atharvaveda Mantra 3/14/2- is services rendered to the cow in the shape of rearing, loving, respecting her and consumption of her milk, enable us to control our senses, perceptions and mind successfully, provide us with required nourishment and makes us wealthy.