Vinod: What is the need of creation of the universe? Why there is sorrow , pain, decease, desires, jealousy, hatred? Is it God has will to do it. How can God be so pathetic?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorrows, pain, disease etc., we experience here are the result of our previous lives’ bad deeds. However, the effect of bad deeds can be destroyed by following Vedic eternal path where we listen to Vedas, do daily havan/yajyen and practice of ashtang Yoga philosophy under the guidance of a learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy. Now, it is our bad luck that after Mahabharat war, when there did not exist present spiritual paths but only Vedas knowledge was in vogue on the entire earth after that period the study of eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from God, declined and uptil now our generation is not in the habit of studying Vedas and to act upon it. As a result, the sorrows, diseases, pain, desires, jealousy, corruption, hatred etc., has cropped up and will sure be faced by us. As regards rest of your query, I paste my article as under-

Why God has created the universe?

It is usually asked as to why God should create all this at all. Why indicates “mark of interrogation” i.e., question, that is, what is the reason behind? So, actually the above question will be what is the reason behind creation of the universe? Its answer will be that creation is eternal. A deep study of four Vedas reveals that God, prakriti and souls are called “Swayambhu”. Swayambhu means which has not been made by anyone. The universe is created from prakriti but prakriti is non-alive and God is alive. At a stipulated time (which is eternal) power of God (not God) acts in prakriti and universe is created. This creation is eternal then the power of God nurses the creation and automatically at a stipulated time, the final destruction takes place. So creation, nursing and destruction take place automatically at a fixed time. It means creation, nursing and destruction is eternal and God has not to decide or even think for the same. So question does not arise to put question that why God should create all this at all.

Freedom to the human beings to do good or bad deeds is also eternal and thus everlasting but God awards the result of deeds. So naturally, here also the question of grading etc., does not arise because such process is eternal and everlasting. It is only for the person to decide whether he follows true path of Vedas for long, happy life and to attain salvation or he wants to be indulged in illusion to do sins etc. God has nothing to do for the same, being eternal law. Keeping the above views in mind, to give or not to give freedom is now not a question please.

God has not only given the freedom to do good or bad deeds but he has blessed us with the knowledge of Vedas wherein other pious rules and regulations to live a long, happy life have been mentioned. For e.g.: In Yajurveda, God states that the best pious deed is Yajyen, to be performed by all. Then moral duties have been mentioned to be discharged. In Vedas, God has warned that if anybody will not obey the preach of God mentioned in Vedas then only the God will punish the defaulter.

So naturally, the sins are done when people do not listen to Vedas or do not make contact with learned Acharya. Yes, if God could not have preached us in Vedas to follow pious path. Then it would have been the fault of God only. But really, God is merciful and has showered all blessings upon us in Vedas to follow.

A S: I am in love with a boy but the horoscopes don’t match. Please tell, if our marriage is possible and what are the remedies and how our future will be? Please help us….
Swami Ram Swarup: You have not given the exact details of the boy and yourself. Please tell the education, family background, qualities of the boy and his financial independence i.e., monthly earnings. Also, tell your education etc., However, the said information, if you do not want to send, it’s O.K. Then you open your heart before your parents about the marriage. Let the above quoted information be asked by your parents. I mean to say, your parents should agree first. Otherwise, such marriages oftenly do not become successful in the absence of blessings of parents and elders.