Sanjay: The wealth earned through pious means flourishes, and that through dishonest ways brings destruction ultimately. – Atharva Veda. Please give chapter no where i can get the shloka in original Veda
Swami Ram Swarup: Yajurved mantra 8/17 states “Yajmanaaya “ for the person who performs Yajyen (swaha) by doing pious deeds (dravinnam) money/wealth (dadaat) hold i.e.,
the money should be earned by doing pious hard deeds.

Mantra 8/18 states that those who do pious deeds, they should earn the money for giving /getting.

Mantra 8/21 states that the person who has control over his mind, he should deal with family life and discharge all moral duties by doing pious deeds.

Yajurved mantra 18/10 states – “Rayihi Cha Mein Raayaha Cha Yajyein Kalpantaam” i.e., by performing Yajyen and earning the money by doing hard deeds, the money/assets become pious.

Devidas: Hello sir which is the true mantra 1-om sarvarthsadhini swaha
2-om sarvarthsadhini kuru kuru swaha
3-om namo sarvarthsadhini kuru kuru sawh
4-om namah sarvarthsadhini kuru kuru swaha
5-om namah sarvarthsadhini swaha
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear Devidasji, the shlokas quoted by you do not exist in Vedas, please. So, according to Vedas those are unauthentic.

Sandeep Lal: Namaste swamiji, kya aap bache hoye books bej sakte ho? Aap ka intazar hai.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Books and Cds are being sent to you.

Raju: Swamiji, vedvetta ka kya arth hota hai? Charan sparsh swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedvetta ka arth ved ka jaanane wala vidwan hai.