D. Joshi: Aadarniy Swamiji …..Aapko mera sastaang-dandvat !…mai atyant aabhari hu aap jaise mahan hasti ko main atyant shullak sawal puch kar aapka bahumulya vakt kharab kiya ;main aapke jawab se santusht hun ! kuch ek aisi ghatanayen huyi thi isliye maine aapse ” najar ” lagane ke sambhavta ka jikr kiya ! actualy maine at the age 60 aapse adhyatmik unnatti ke sandarbh me sawal puchhana chahiye tha mai jald hi isi snadarbh mai mujh balak ko sata rahe sawal puchhata rahunga jisase main apni manjhil ki or prasthan kar paunga ! pun:chya dhannyawad ! aapaka krupabhilashi
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Mujhe khushi hai ki aap Prabhu premi hain jo ki manav jeevan ka lakshya hai. Aap jitna chanein utney Prashan kar sakte hain aur mujhe uttar deiney mein khushi hogi.

Yash: I got beej mantras in 2004 but I didn’t get any special experience.
Swami Ram Swarup: I do not know what type of mantra you’ve taken, please. But it is very much clear that the knowledge of Vedas is eternal and everlasting in which Almighty God has preached in Yajurveda mantra 40/15 to do the jaap of His holy name Om.

We’ve to listen to Vedas’ knowledge regularly but mostly the people have failed to do so and hence illusion. If possible, please try to chant Gayatri mantra daily, both times and also do hawan with Gayatri mantra including name jaap of God –OM. It would give you peace, being the preach of Almighty God and not being man-made.

R Babu Veeraraghavan: Swamiji, Pranam. I have read your previous answers in which you say that the Vedas say that God is formless. Please inform,from where, when and how did Hindus started worshipping idols? which upanishad / puran wants us to follow idol worship?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. To reach at truth, it is eternal law that Vedas’ proof is required. I mean to say that if we do Idol worship then reference of any Ved mantra should be quoted in support. Actually, Yajurveda mantra 32/3 states – “Na Tasya Pratima Asti” i.e., there is no idol of God i.e., He cannot be measured. The idol worship has been started for the last about fifteen hundred years ago i.e., since the time Jainism came into existence. I also paste one of my articles in this regard.

Idol worship

Idol worship is due to the fact that mostly the saints have not studied Vedas. So naturally, they will not preach the eternal knowledge of Vedas to the public. Secondly, people are already innocent about the knowledge of Vedas. Thirdly, for the last about two-thousand years, the idol worship has been preached by those saints who are not aware of the knowledge of Vedas. So either the man-made worship or the God-made worship will be followed by the people. God made worship is briefed in Vedas and man-made worship has been mentioned in other granths.

After Mahabharata war, knowledge of Vedas is not been given. As the result, worship against Vedas has come into existence. So it is up to the public whether, they follow Vedas or not, however, Vedas are the eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis, at the beginning of the earth for the benefit of the mankind.

Simona: Is there a mantra against affective dependence? Thank you very much.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please, there is no mantra against affective dependence. Vedas preach only to perform holy Yajyen which always gives protection every where. You are welcome, please.

M N Roy: Revered Swamijee, Many many thanks for the prompt enlightening reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.