Abhilash: 1.It has been said that we have five bodies.one physical and four subtle bodies.It is also said that MANO KAROTI KARMANA -MANO LIPTAYE PAATKE.In this context if the mana is the sinner then why the atma has to return in various yonis to suffer.
2.The Vedas were revealed in the begining of the shristi.All the incarnations took place well after that.Is it possible this is why they are not mentioned in the Vedas.
3.The seven chakras in the subtle body are controlled by various deities.What are they.
Swami Ram Swarup: (i)Yes, five kosh are there. Mann is not the sinner, please. Every decision to do pious deeds or sins is delivered by soul to intellect, intellect sends to mind and mind then to the concerned organs like eyes, ears etc. moreover, mann is also created from non-alive matter, prakriti. Mann works only when soul resides in the human-body. So, Mann is not the sinner.

(ii) Vedas have emanated, directly from God in the beginning of the universe. I mean to say knowledge of the Vedas originates direct from God in the heart of four rishis. It means the universe had already been created.

Secondly, fundamental laws of the Vedas which emanate direct from God are ever unchangeable i.e., whatever has occurred in past, is occurring in present and shall occur in future creation will always remain the same.

In this regard, Rigveda mantra 10/190/3 refers.

Idea of the said mantra is that the present creation and occurring of universe is same as was in the previous unlimited creation. So, will ever remain in the future as well. Hence, no question arises about the unknown pictures of incarnation, etc.

Avtarwad is not mentioned in Vedas.

(iii) There are eight chakras in the body as is also mentioned in Atharvaveda mantra 9/9/2 , these chakras are not controlled by any deity.

Narayan: Om om om…, jayramjiki prbhuji me janna chahta hu ki budhhi ka svarup kya hai? budhhi kya khati hai? budhhi kya peeti hai? krupa kare om om om……jayramjiki
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Buddhi jad tatva prakriti se banti hai. Jaise ki eent patthar kuch khaate peete nahin hai, issey prakar buddhi kuch khatee peeti nahin hai, yeh manav sharer ke antahkarann ka ek hissa hai jo chetan jeevatma ke aadesh par karya karta hai aur buddhi mann se sari soochnayein lekar jeevatma tak pahunchaaati hai.