Reena: Maharaj ji aapko pranam. Me kai saalo se ek prb me fasi hu.. Me ek ldke ko pasand kreti hu.. Real me maine use ne dekha. Milene ko bolo wo taal deta h.. mujhe ye bhi pta hai useka rel kai ldkiyo seh haa wo mujhse pyr ne kreta h.. mera prb ye h. Me use pglo ke jaise cl kreti rheti hu ..wo mujhe gaaliya deta h.. useki gaaliya hurt kreti h bhut jyda.. me kse ine sbe se bhr aao.. maine bhut galtiya kr le pura pura din drink kreke nind ke goliya sbe try kr le. Ab me inse sbe se bhr aana cheti hu.. me asa kya kru ne bhul jao use..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Beti aapkee problem bahut galat hai. Abhi se peechhey hut jaogee to sukhi rahogee nahi to sari umar ka pachhtava hee rahega. Jub tumhein pataa hai ki us ladke ka kai ladkiyon se contact hai phir bhi jaan bhooj kar aap museebat mein phansna chahtee ho, yeh buddhimaani kee baat nahi hai. Is raaste ko turant chhod do, isee mein aapka bhala hai.
Bhoolne ke liye ek pakka nishchaye karna padta hai. Aap yeh pakka soch lo ki aapne us gandagi mein dhyan nahi dena hai to yeh ganda rasta aapse chhoot jayega.

Anupam: Swamiji Namaskar please give me correct translation and interpretation Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, I eat beef because it is very
soft and delicious. Is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Maharishi Yagvalkaya was a learned of vedas and himself was a mantra drishta Rishi. So, nobody can even imagine that Yagvalkaya ji could promote eating non-vegetarian then what to talk about his own eating? So, from here no more comments, please.

However, false shlokas have been added in Rishi written granths which should be avoided. As regards translation, I’m so busy nowadays in my spiritual tasks that translation is not possible.
So, is the case of Apastamb Grihsutram wherein slaughtering of cow is not possible. False shloka could’ve been added there to ruin our Indian culture.

When shradh is not an authentic task and vedas do not promote shradh then how a Brahmin, who denies to eat meat, can go to hell. My article on shradh is pasted below:-


At the time of death, the soul comes out of the body and when a person is dead, his body is burnt on pyre. When soul resides in human body, person uses his mouth to eat, ear to listen, eye to see, hand to work, legs to move etc. Now the body has been burnt and the soul remains alone. Alone soul can do nothing but remains in the stage of Sushupt i.e., like in coma. Then after thirteen days, the soul takes rebirth. So how the dead person would eat the food which is made for him during Shradh. So Shradh is not mentioned in Vedas. Vedic meaning of Shradh is to serve the alive parents and elders by providing them with food, bedding and necessary goods etc., faithfully and lovingly.

In this connection I paste my article below –

Brihadarnnyakopnishad shloka 6/4/7 and 6/4/18 are as under-
In the previous shloka 6, the Rishi has briefed about the wife as respected, pure, auspicious wealth and Rishi has told that such lady only deserves to bless the husband with children not other. So, in the following shlokas i.e., 7 and onwards there is no way to insult the wife/ lady. Therefore, the idea of above quoted shloka 7 will be (Sa ched asmai na dadyaat) if the wife does not surrender herself before the husband for procuring children the husband should (enaam kaamam avkreenniyaat) try to control her by sweet speech and the desired matters of the wife (Sa ched asmai naiv dadyaat) if still she does not agree then (kaamam enam yashtaya va panneena va uphatya) the husband should try to show fear that he will punish her [ but here it is not mentioned to punish her. But only to show the fear thereof.] that (Te yashaha yashsa indriyeinn aadadey) oh! My wife, if you will not agree then to save my fame, I shall get you fame along with organs etc., that is I shall maintain total brahmacharya for whole of life, with the result, you will not get any child. Then in the old age you will have to face several sorrows in the absence of children. Therefore, considering the said fear, you must agree with me to get the child.

Therefore, idea of shloka 6/4/18 is as under

If a person desires to have a learned child who would be able to speak/teach the four Vedas and get long life then the husband should take the “maasaudanam” i.e., dal of “urad” with rice duly mixed with desi ghee to eat, by both. Here, mostly the people become doubtful about non-vegetarian but the word is “Maas” not “Maans”. “Maas” means dal of urad and “maans” means non-vegetarian.

You are welcome, please. I love you too, my son.

Sunita: Guruji manav ko bimariya pichle janam k karmo anusar milti hai? Manav kis tarah marega y bhi janam k time s hi nischit hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Beemariyan bhi apne hee burey karmon ka phal hain. Isliye pratyek manushya ko ved marg par chalkar apne sabhi dukhon ka nash karke moksh ka sukh prapt karna chahiye. Aisee agya Bhagwan ne vedon mein dee hai.