MC: Pranam Swamiji,as I have not taken deeksha and I have no guru or acharya,I am not able to listen to Vedas(except a few videos of yours),cannot do yogabhyas,yaj etc.In this situation, do only naam jaap of OM and chanting and “mannan” of Gayatri Mantra be effective or help? Does only naam jaap and remembrance of OM help? Please clear this doubt of mine Swamiji, I am ever grateful to you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, beta. Yes, somehow it will be helpful but Rigved states that fundamental law of vedas are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. I mean to say that vedas tell to get deeksha from a learned Acharya of Vedas and in this way get second birth i.e., first birth is taken from parents and second birth is taken at the time of deeksha when ved mata becomes mother and Acharya of Vedas becomes his spiritual father. So, to take deeksha is necessity, say all four Vedas.

Anonymous: Swami jee apne kaha ki vedon mein history nahi hai par rig veda 10/89/14 mein vadh ka jikr hai jahan pashu mare gate hain? Kripya arth spasht karein.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vadhalya samanya sangya hai atah yeh vyaktivachak sangya nahi hai. Vadhalya toh kahin bhi ho sakta hai jahaan pashu kaate jaate hain. Jaise ki vedon mein pedon ka varnnan hai, gaye-bhaison ka varnnan hai, to yeh common noun hai, common noun ka to varnnan hai par particularly kisi proper noun, kisi biti ghatna, history ka varnnan nahi hai.