Karan: Hello, i have a new question regarding parmatma. Is parmatma or God is present every where? Is it true? Or God’s power, his divinity, his blessings or his control is every where? Please answer with proper reference in Vedas.
We give respect to people bg saying namste -means (I bow you) i.e parmatma is inside him/her but is that true how is it possible? Then we should namaste to a dog or a cat they are also a living being.
Every thing is god’s . Sab hamare parmatma ka hai. The power of parmatma is omnipresent, not him.
Many peoples worship idols, air, sun, etc. Why? It is only because they have this concept of god is omnipresent? I would be very thnkful if you would clarify this doubt or truth. Me ek jigyasu hun. I need help.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes Please, God has a nature of being omnipresent, Say for all Vedas. Yajurveda Mantra 40 /1 says “Isha Vasyam idem saryam yet kinch Jagatyam Jagat” ie in whole of the Universe right from Prakriti to Earth whatsoever the alive and the non alive world exists, the god resides therein being omnipresent .

The “Namaste” is meant for human being and not for other living being of the God. However whenever we perform Havan / Yajna with Ved Mantras, that one is the best Namsate and worship of God. God is omnipresent therefore his power is / blessings etc is also everywhere. A man builds his house that is why his house is called House. So in God, he has created every matter of universe including our human bodies, therefore every matter relates to God.

Due to lack of Knowledge of Vedas people around the world have started Idol Worship. So nowadays there are two types of Worship. One is eternal worship of formless, omnipresent and almighty God, the details of which only exists in four Vedas and too prached by God himself. Second worship is which is made by human beings for last 2500 years. Men made Bhakti / promotes idol worship where as Vedas preach us to worshop of formless God. Now we are free to accept anyone ie God-made or man-made. Knowledge is gained when it is given by anybody else. God has given knowledge is four Vedas only but Human being by one or the other reason does not take interest to listen Vedas and then how he will be able to understand the Vedic Knowledge and to know that who is God? On the contrary, people have been listening to this man-made worship. So People do worship accordingly. I mean to say that if people will start listening to Vedas, then surely the people would accept God made Vedic Knowledge / worship. And you know that there are several devotees of Vedas in India as well as in other parts of the world. Who started listening Vedas and thereafter have adopted the worship of formless god.

Sid: Pranam Guruji, Guruji you have told us that God listens only in yajen. But guruji as I do havan, I pray to him for strength so that i can study harder. Guruji does God listens to what I ask for and will he give it to me? Besides during my studies I sometime become nervous thinking about the future and I again try to pray to God and to you to help me in my struggle, guruji are such prayers of use. I mean God and my dear Guruji are my strengths but how should I convey my feelings to them, if I pray to them in my mind during havan or otherwise will they be addressed?
Dhanayd Guruji aapke charnoon mera shat shat pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, in Yajyen we do three pious acts. That is praise, prayer and worship of God. In Vedas, it is known as stuti, prarthana and upasana. You see, God helps those who help themselves. So mere prayer will do nothing, says Rigved. We have to work hard accordingly. So, you work hard with devotion, dedication and concentration in your study then your prayer will definitely be accepted by God.

In this connection, you must please know that nervousness is not required but one must be brave and should have patience.

My blessings are always with you. May God accept your prayer.

I hope you will go ahead.

S S: Sir, I was in relationship for 2.5 yrs and we love each other a lot (We are just like husband and wife. I even put sindur in her mang and mangalsutra in her neck). Now she is going away from me and I want her back in my life and marry her. I try to convince her but all in vain. Is there any way to get her back by going sum jaap or puja? Please revert at the earliest. If there is some vashikaran I am ready to perform please guide me how to proceed.
Swami Ram Swarup: Such loving affairs are of no use before or after marriage, it creates problems. Hardly few percentage may be successful. So I usually advice the younger based on Yajurved that before marriage one should not give one’s heart to opposite sex.

However, if you are still interested, you may try your level best to marry the girl.