Ayesha: If a girl wants to marry a boy of her choice who is well educated n earns good but girls family is not happy for the same.what a girl should do?
Swami Ram Swarup: If girl and boy both want to marry each other then it is their duty to open their heart before their parents and try to please them. If they not agreeable then both must accept their decision.

Vijay Agarwal: Can you do Mundan Ceremony by yagya as per gayatri parivar padati in shardiya navratri i.e. starting September 25 2014 since it is dakshinayan and deities are sleeping.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mundan ceremony is a pious Vedic deed. It can be performed at anytime, any date, which suits you. You see, as per Vedas present palmistry, shardiya navratri, navgrah poojan, kaal sarp yog, etc. are against the Vedas and therefore learned of Vedas do not accept it.

In Vedas, there is only one formless almighty omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is only to be worshipped, say all four Vedas. As you told about the deities that they sleep it is all against the Vedas so learned do not accept worship any deities except the formless God by performing daily Yajyen/havan from Ved mantras, name jaap of God and practice of Yog philosophy. The said is the eternal worship of God preached in the Vedas by God himself.

I am busy and I cannot perform the Yajyen from Ved mantras till December 2014.

Parmander: Pranam Swami Ji, 7-8 saal pahle ek Gilahari meri cycle ke niche aaker mar gai thi or en picchle 2-3 salon main 2 chiriya(sparrow) meri bike k neeche aagai or 1 month pahle 1 or chiriya bike ke niche aaker mar gai. Ye mere saath hi kyon ho raha hai ? Mai to pryaas karta hun ki chinti bhi mere peron ke niche aaker na marai fir ye sub hone ke baad mai bohot hi tanaav mai aagaya hun ki mujh se ye paap kyun ho rahai hai.. Aap mujhe ye batayen ki kya eska paap mujhe lagega ? jabki meri mansha unko marne ki nahi thi vo to bus achanak hi meri bike ke niche aa gai thi. Or agar paap lagega to kya es paap se mukti ka koi upaay hai? Aapki bohot kripa hogi agar mujhe es paap se mukti ka upaay bata de.. Dhanyavaad..
Swami Ram Swarup: The death of gilhari and chidiya by sudden accident by your bicycle is also a sin though you did not intentionally do it. Daily several vehicles crush the living beings accidently. So, it is not only you.

As I told that this is also a sin but unknowingly sin that is why the God has told in the Vedas that the person who performs daily havan/Yajyen, does name jaap of God and follow Vedic path then his said unknowingly sins are excused. So I will advise you to please be in contact with the learned acharya to listen Vedas and to know the process of performing Yajyen from Vedmantras. This is the only way to kill the sins.

Poonam: Pranam guruji. I have taken diksha from you in May. Now I want to come for the practice of yoga n asanas. I’ve my college holidays in few months. I live in Pune.
Please tell me if this time be fine for me to come for the learning.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes my daughter, you may come to Ved Mandir Yol at the indicated time. My blessings to you my daughter.