Bhavesh: Namaste Swamiji, Thanks for replying. I am happy with your answers.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are most welcome, please.

Sainath Bhattacharya: Pranam, Till we can try to understand the ACTs, RULEs, GAZETTED ORDERs enforced in India and ORDERs of the Authorities functioning in India in the light of VEDIC CULTURE with BIDHIs misunderstandings will prevail. Please let us know the basic differance betwween BIDHIs and RULEs for the benefit of students in general. Namo nama to all.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. No doubt, naturally the misunderstanding would arise but you see at last “truth prevails”. Again, no doubt that to establish the truth we will have to fight with illusion which is again not an easy task but still even a ray of light in the darkness vanishes away the illusion. I mean to say, first of all Vedic culture, even conclusion of Vedic culture will have to be understood by those who would try to teach further to the students. The main difference is that the present acts, rules, gazzetted orders enforced in India etc., trying to destroy the Vedic culture i.e., culture has been imposed first by us starting about four to five thousand years ago i.e., after Mahabharat war then on the fundamental made by the European countries etc., “if you want to destroy a nation destroy their culture.” Our eternal Vedic culture has been ruined by Mughals especially Aurangzeb, Britishers etc. I mean to say, our Vedic culture is being destroyed by us or outsiders, both are men (human-beings) and they tried to impose their own man-made culture in India. So, the said all things are man-made whereas our Vedic culture is eternal and everlasting which emanates direct from Almighty God. Vedas will remain as it is even after final destruction of the universe but everyone knows that rest of the culture would not exist. So, to differentiate the matter in question is not a small task and would take time. Your views are highly appreciated and I would request you either to come here and discuss and differentiate the matter or give me time about one and a half months to write a simple book on your views, please.

However, I would again highlight that difference is never ending that Vedic culture is made by Almighty God, Himself and is still applicable universally whereas most of the worship, Bidhis, culture etc., are man-made.

Pari Venthan:Dear swamiji, thank you very much for your clarification.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you and you are most welcome, please.

Varun: Pranam Swamiji, This is regarding my previous questions. With regard to cloning your article was interesting, so according to cloned animals have soul too? Regarding financial independence of women, I found it little unclear with no specific answer. Our history is filled with stories of great women who took important places in society and did lot of pious deeds, how could this be wrong according to Vedas? Not all of us can do pooja all the time, a constructive work channelize our energies in constructive manner, so when girl works how it could be wrong? I am trying to understand my religion as best I could, please forgive me If my language appears sarcastic.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please, a cloned animal possesses alive soul. Its nursing and growth is not possible otherwise. You know, it is fundamental law that clay is non-alive but the pot-maker is alive potter. So, non-alive matters are only nursed and become capable of growing etc., when they possess alive soul etc. It is a well-known fact that when a person is declared dead and if he is a donor of eyes or any part of his body then his dead eye when is transferred to an alive person then it starts functioning whereas eye was not functioning in dead body because alive soul had left the body under whose influence/power the eye was in action.
No doubt, that in the ancient times when the influence/knowledge of four Vedas was in vogue, the women were highly qualified and according to Rigveda were appointed as judges to impart justice in the public. In the needful circumstances, Vedas allow to be an earning hand to assist his husband and family.

But it depends on the firm decision, dedication, well-built character, duly adopted Vedic culture etc., by the women. Directly like Sita Mata who spent one year duration under the imprisonment of Ravanna but she protected her chastity etc., by all means due to her good Vedic sanskars. It is our bad luck that Vedic culture which inspires everyone to possess a good character and have control over senses, mind and intellect has been destroyed a lot and mostly men who are wolves in sheep’s skin, have bad intention towards women. To make societies, to hold meetings, to frame rules etc., by society, at lower or higher level of administration has gone in vain and insult of women is increasing. This is due to the loss of Vedic culture. When there is no institution where Vedic culture is preached well to built the character of people then law will do nothing. The main fear in the heart of human-beings must be established i.e., the fear of Almighty God and Dharma (righteousness) failing which control over women degradation/dishonour is impossible.

For example, Vedas and Manusmriti state that in a single room, place etc., the opposite sexes must not remain together but in offices, schools, colleges and other places the over time is practised where single woman and single man work, etc.

So Vedas are not against the woman to be an earning hand. But situation is required to be examined about the suitability of woman to leave her house and attend office, etc. Therefore woman has been stated in Atharvaveda – Istree he Brahma Babhoovith” i.e., woman is situated at the position equivalent to Brahma also. Instead woman has been asked to discharge the duties towards family, husband and children also.

Secondly, nowadays the desires of a person are reaching skies. So, whatever a man-head of the family, earns seems to be less and less to meet with the requirements. Due to lack of the Vedic culture, public is not satisfied with her individual earnings. In the ancient times, head of the family used to earn and whole family was nursed well. Now, due to increase in desires and daily requirements (some unnecessary requirements as well) somewhere all the members of family earn, then also hardly the expenses are met with. So, Vedas’ knowledge should be spread which automatically minimizes the requirements, etc.

As regards worship, it is same as it was in ancient times that worship is done for sometime in the morning and for sometime in the evening rest of entire day is meant to be utilized in doing hard working and pious deeds.