Kailash: Pranam acharyaji..mai aapke uttar se samadhani hua,jo atma bhog yoni me janm leti hai use phir se manushya janm kaise milega kyonki vo to koi bhi karm nahi kar sakti hai,,aur jitni sankhya me manushya dikhte hai shayad us se lakh guna jyada atma bhog yoni me dikhti hai…itna bada virodhabhas kyon hai?ishwar ne unhe karm karne ki swatantrata kyon nahi di hai?kya is se ishwar pakshpati nahi hota..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Jeevatma dubaara manushya yoni tab hee prapt kartee hai jub uske paap aur punnaya karam barabar ke reh jaate hain. Jaise ki Sankhya mein to unginat paap punnaya karma hain lekin pashu pakshee kee yoni mein karma bhogte bhogte jo jeevatma kayee pashu kei yoni mein rehkar paap aur punnaya kee Sankhya barabar kar leitee hai tabhi usko manushya yoni mein janam prapt ho jaata hai.

Ishwar kabhi bhi pakshpati nahin hota, ussey vedon main aryamaa kaha hai. Aryamaa ka arth hai nyayakari. Paapi ko agar is prithvi par bhi kiye hue paapon ka dand nahin mil pata to prameshwar kee adalat mein dand pane se weh kabhi nahin chootta.

Pashu pakshe kee yoni mein jeevatma apne kiye hue paapon kee hee to sazaa bhog rahi hai. Tab Parmeshwar pakshpaati kaise ho sakta hai?

Abhilash: Swamiji pranaam. I have a few questions please.
1.It is being said that we have five bodies:sthul sharira,pran sharira,manomaya sharira,jyanana and anandmaya sharira.After death the physical body is creamated etc here.what happens to the other 4 subtle bodies?
2.Mano karoti karmani,mano liptaye paatke. If the manomaye sharira is the doer and responsible for its consequences then why the Atma has to live jn various bodies again and again.
3. What are navdeep and aath khand?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

(i) The human body has been constructed from five matters of prakriti i.e., Agni, Vaayu, Jal,Akash , Prithvi. When the human body becomes dead then soul comes out from body along with seventeen matters i.e., five senses, five vital airs (prann), five minutest matters of five tatvas i.e., Prithvee, Jal, Akash, Vayu, agni and mind and intellect.

(ii) Mann, buddhi etc., are made of non-alive matter, Prakriti, so independently they cannot do any deed. They work only on the instructions received from soul, so, if the soul is indulged in illusion then soul becomes slave of mind and intellect and inspires mann, buddhi to do sins.

(iii) There are nine holes in the body and eight chakras.

Abhilash: Swamiji why sticks from mango tree is used for havan? What happens if in countries where mango sticks are not available? What is the significance of Tulsi? What is Samidha?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mango tree twigs burn without smoke and do not emit more carbon-dioxide as compared to other wood sticks. Moreover, they serve as disinfectants as well. Even phenyl is derived from the bark of mango tree. The alternative of the mango sticks have been stated to use in case of non-availability of mango sticks peepal, bargad, shesham and keekar. If the said trees are not available then any other wood would serve the purpose barring wood which gives more smoke like chir.

Tulsi is medicinal herb and its qualities are numerous. I’m now going out of station, so unable to describe more.

Samidha means wood stick used to perform hawan.