Anonymous: Param Poojniye Bhram Rishi Maharaj ji. Aap ke charno mein sadar pranam. Maharaj ji.

My sister is married in a brahmin family where her inlaws are strict followers of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She has very kind in-laws and a supportive husband.

It is my desire that my sister should also get knowledge of vedas from your holiness. Also it is my firm belief that my sister’s as well as her husband’s life will become better and worth living only if she get your pious blessings, deeksha, vedic knowledge and if she also does agnihotra the way we do at our home (by grace of your pious blessings) as well as in pious guru ashram.

Maharaj ji due to my sister’s family bindings she feels very hesitated to do agnihotra because it is not permitted at her inlaws home. As a brother i feel it is my responsibility to motivate her again and again towards real path in life. But i can not do that knowing the fact that she has a different environment at her inlaws home.

Guru Maharaj ji what should i do so that i may help in contributing shape to her life. Please guide me

Thanking your holiness for again and again for blessing my family Guru Maharaj ji

Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Son, you God is Almighty. He knows everything of every heart. Person should always do hard work on right path – true path then he will success one day sure. I mean to say you may advise your sister to do daily havan by heart, that she should not pronounce but pronuntiation must be within heart. At this stage, nobody will judge about the agnihotra. This heart pratice of both times, that is morning as well as evening, will favour your sister, will help your sister and one day your sister’s family will also follow the right path. My blessings are always with her.

Jagdeep: Charansparsh Acharya, I shared your article “Of donations and donors” to my relative and friend. And one of relative asked why Gold and silver is donated to Pure People as they don’t want this. Please clear this doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: If we pay our attention, in the previous yugas, then we find that Vashisht Muni, Guru of Sri Ram, and Yagvalk Rishi, Guru of King Janak, and several other rishis, used to live in a palace, and the king used to look after them. You see, money, rather gold or silver, etc. is not needed only in family life but it is also needed by the rishis and munis, and true acharya to live upon and to meet with the daily expenses of ashram. That is why, God has ordered in Vedas to donate the gold, etc. to the learned of Vedas, tapasvi and those who have controlled their senses and discharge their duties for the benefit of public.