S R: Guruji, Namasthe, but you have not given the answer as to which Japamala I should use for chanting of Gayatri Mantra as I am using Spatikamala is it okay?
Namaste ji. You can use any japmala, please. However, the best jaap is done by doing prannayam under the guidance of a learned acharya where no japmala is required.

Navin: Pranam Swamiji, Jai shree krishna. Thanks for all your narration of ved.
As aim student of history, i have been tought that no one can say exactly about the original home of the aryans, where as you say according to ved it is bharat or india and as ved is been spread from mouth to mouth there is no authentication of purity, may be several shloks are added with original shloks.
After mahabharat vedic life become impossible is true because ninty percent of the population killed or died hence there were few left who were learned and those days brahamans we main learned population
Here is the big question why god krishna has sanction mahabharat war, he could have avoided the war and in doing so we would have preserved dharma or so called ved the right path for any soul but i presume there were much adarm at that time and he was born to finish adharm, but in abolishing the so called adharam vedantic life is also abolished hence the problem which we are facing today should have been avoided but god krishna must have other thoughts in this mind, it may be that he wanted kalyug to start after mahabharat time.

It is really pity that today ninety nine percent of saints, sadhus and so call rushi, munis,etc are spreading there own stories to collect unwanted wealth, i was associated with one bhagwat kathakar whose daily income is one cores,

Even Balaji mandir whose gold wealth is 52000 corers, with is money they can built, school, college, hospital in each state of india, in nathdwara, where second richest god is there is controlled by whom, twenty five percent of revenue which devoted present to mandir goes to founder.

I have been told several time to start haveli and earn 5 lacks per month. In our daily life if we commit crime then there is provision for punishment as per law, but there is no provision for punishment to these sadhus etc, they should be hanged.

Before human being there were dev and danav, i say yes we are dev and danavs why before human beings. In puran i have seen few acharya were also dedicated to king or rich persons. Your guru is absolutely right in saying that dakshina received has to be purified, give and take law is for business person only even for business community we have to give our portion of money for charity just to purified the earnings. Satyug was the beganing of yug as such dharma was innocent hence it was hundred percent which has reduced to further twenty five percent in dwapar and treta which means we have with us only twenty five percent of dharma.


I know one Krishna was sufficient but today who could be the Krishna?

I know Ved vyas has written mahabharat katha but the character were brought from vankuth like dharmraja, indra, etc

as such i wish to know the reason for the same

If aim confused as educated person then think about billions who does not know what ved and puran is? Once again pranam and jai shree krishna
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please. History of India has been distorted several times by Mughals and Britishers. However, the ancient Rishis, who have written holy granths like Manusmriti, throw light over the fact that Aryans have not migrated from outside India. As regards Vedas, I again paste my article below-

The knowledge of four Vedas traditionally used to be remembered by heart and process right from satyug is still in vogue. Before 5,300 years Vyas muni too heard the Vedas from his Acharya and remembered. He then first time made up his mind to write Vedas on Bhojpatra. Vedas are in divine Sanskrit which is easy to understand under the guidance of Acharya. Those who say that Vedas language is hard, difficult etc., and if Vedas are uttered with wrong pronunciation, It will be harmful, all that is false. You know, on one side such gurus tell that Bhakti can be done by an ignorant and sinner also then why can’t the Vedas be listened from an Acharya by all public (men or women). Actually Vedas themselves tell that everyone is entitled to listen and get the knowledge of Vedas for a long, happy life. Mostly such gurus learn number of sanskrit shlokas, etc., and orate before innocent public just to impress them or to show themselves that they (so called gurus) are learned of Vedas etc., and surprisingly they utter at the same moment that Vedas are difficult, do not do Yajyen otherwise you will become sinner, etc.

If people can listen their Sanskrit shlokas without knowing the meaning thereof then why cannot people listen Vedas and do Yajyen under guidance of learned Acharya. Listening is not difficult. To study Vedas can sometimes be considered difficult but listening of Vedas from an Acharya cannot be told as difficult. An Acharya will explain the Ved mantras in simple Hindi or English. So how can Vedas’ be told to be difficult. Public must be alert and listen to Vedas. Otherwise so called gurus will be telling them the wrong meaning of Ved mantras, etc.

The Vedas’ knowledge is generated in the heart of four Rishis about one arab, ninety six crore, eight lakh, fifty three thousand years ago. Uptil Mahabharat war, i.e., before 5,300 years ago, the said knowledge was obtained traditionally, heart to heart. That is by listening from an acharya and was memorized by heart as well. That is why, Vedas are called ‘Shruti’ also. ‘Shruti’ means the knowledge was listened from the mouth of the said four Rishis by disciples, then disciples became Rishis and they spread the knowledge of Vedas and so on. So, uptil Mahabhart war, the said knowledge of Vedas spread heart to heart, by listening method and no book was published. Now, a great Rishi named Vyas Muniji, who also listened to four Vedas from his acharya and remembered it by heart, decided for the first time to write the knowledge of Vedas on Bhoj patra. Finally, he wrote the four Vedas on Bhoj patra, in his hand-writing. In sixteen century, the printing press came into existence and four Vedas were printed and produced in the shape of four samhitas.

So, he who studies Vedas has control on senses, mind and intellect, does daily yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy keeps himself away from sins, is called “Arya” otherwise “Anarya i.e., devil. So, Arya did not come from outside. They were living right from the beginning of the earth. And Vedic period starts at the time of beginning of each creation. Now, most of the saints lack the knowledge of Vedas and have made their own path of worship that is mostly against the Vedas. So, how can they oppose the illusion. Only, Arya samaj has been trying but their efforts are like cumin seeds in the mouth of camel because rest of the saints and public do not know about Vedas.

Instead, they promote the foreign spiritualism and culture. They visit abroad and thus collect huge amount from there i.e., Indian future has been made miserable. I am not against to promote foreign culture but not at the expense of our own Indian culture.

Aryans, as I have stated above, never came from outside. As regards, the oldest book, most of the people are in dark (ignorant). As stated above, the knowledge of Vedas originated in the heart of four Rishis, but the sequence was first Rigveda in the heart of Agni Rishi, second Yajurveda in Vayu Rishi, Third Samveda in Aditya Rishi and fourth Atharvaveda in Angira Rishi.

Manusmriti shloka 1/23 And Rigveda Mantra 10/181/1,2 states that there was an aspirant who obtained the knowledge of four Vedas from the above quoted four Rishis and is called “Brahma”. Vedas state that he who has knowledge of four Vedas is always called ‘Brahma’. That is, the same law is applicable in the present also. Now, you please think that Brahma got the knowledge from the above four Rishis, it means the Four Rishis were alive at the same time, then it is baseless to say that most ancient book is Rigveda, infact we should state that four Vedas belong to the same time period. For example- Twins take birth and their time of birth can differ for about few minutes but it cannot be told that the first born baby was more ancient than the second one. Vedas are not book, it is a formless knowledge like God. The handwritten books by Vyas muni were also written in same time period, because writer was one i.e., Vyas muniji. So, the four Vedas written by Vyas muni and the printed books of Vedas at present also, are not called Vedas but are called “Samhitas”. ‘Samhita’ means collection of ved mantras which have been printed in the shape of a book. Vedas are the preach which comes out from the mouth of learned acharya of four Vedas. The preach (voice) of the learned acharya is also formless and unseen.

Before Mahabharat, Manu Smriti (in Satyug) and thereafter Valmiki Ramayan (in Treta) had been written by Manu Bhagwan and Valmiki Rishi ji respectively wherein great events have been mentioned.

Study of Valmiki Ramayan reveals that those days, the science was at much advanced stage then that of today.

I mean to say Vedas’ knowledge has been preached by God for the benefit of all human beings and in vedas there is no sect or caste system. The said knowledge, as you know is given in the beginning of the non-sexual creation. Therefore, it is still universally applicable for whole mankind. As regards Hinduism, the said name has been given to us by Greeks, Arabs etc.


In Samveda mantra 7, two kinds of languages are stated. First “Ittha” and second “Ittra”. Ittha is the divine Sanskrit language which emanates from God in the shape of four Vedas to preach the human beings.( Yajurveda Mantra 31/7 refers) naturally, the Ved Mantras are not in worldly language but in divine Sanskrit language. Ittha is preached at the time of every creation. So when we will talk about the present creation i.e., about more than 1 Arab, 97 crores, 8 lakhs, 53,000 years ago, when this earth came into existence, the knowledge of Vedas emanated from God as usual. As God is immortal so the said language is immortal too. It is not out of place to mention here that immortal power can only generate immortal language. Keeping the said statement in mind it is very clear that Vedas have not been written by any Rishi-Muni saint, men or women etc.

Another language is called “Ittra language”, made by human beings. The second one is not immortal because it is generated from the mind of human being and the mind being made of Prakriti is destructible and not immortal.

It concludes that whenever we want to know the truth, we will have to tally it with the Vedas. If any kind of material, deeds, worship, action is to be checked as to whether it is true or false, it is to be verified from Vedas. If it is mentioned in Vedas as true then it is true otherwise it will have to be declared false. (Yog Shastra sutra 1/7 and Samkhya Shastra 1/52 refer). This is fundamental law so cannot be changed. Now we discuss about the form of Almighty God from Vedas. Yajurveda Mantra 31/18 says-

God is form of light, the light which is the source of light and energy to sun, moon and to whole of the world i.e., God is Himself the perennial source of light. He is enlightened through his own light. He gives the light to all but He Himself never takes light from any source.

When anyone (Yogi), through the power of Ashtang Yoga, realizes the light within his soul, he overcomes the death and gets final liberation. It means we must worship the God who is formless and Himself a light.

The idea of Rigveda Mantra 10/121/1 and Yajurveda mantra 40/8 state that all the powers rest in God, i.e., why He is called Almighty. He is light. God was before the creation i.e., He was in past, is in present and will remain in future unchanged after destruction of this earth/world. He is the only matter who creates, nurses and destroys the universe i.e., why so Yajurveda Mantra 27/36 also states that the God is one and equivalent to this God, no other God was either born or will ever be born. We must worship the said God only. God gives birth to everybody but He never takes birth. Yajurveda Mantra 31/3 says that His (God’s) greatness is beyond description. We can only say that God is so great that this creation is nothing before the greatness of Almighty God.

Now we must discuss as to how many Gods are there to be worshipped. In this connection, all four Vedas, six shastras and holy books of all religions clarify that there is only one God, who was present before creation, He is present now and will remain present after destruction of this world, being immortal.

Atharvaveda Mantra 13/4/16 to 21 say that God is neither two nor three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine. There is only one God. So we must only worship, one God and no other. In this connection, the guidance from a proper spiritual master (Acharya, guru who is learned of Vedas) is a must. The form of God is light which is within each human being. God is always away from birth, death, or to face the result of any deeds etc., (Yog shastra sutra 1/24 refers). He is the only source of merriment. He whose several names have been mentioned in Vedas. He is the only God described in Vedas. For example, Vishnu. Vishnu word occurs in Vedas and it means omnipresent God.

Traditionally Vedas were being learnt and recited orally since Satyug by the grace of our ancient Rishi-Munis. Afterwards, about more than 5,300 years ago Maharishi Vyas jee wrote the Vedas on Bhoj patra. Then few historic events which took place in Dwapur Yug were compiled in the form of Mahabharata epic by Vyas Muni jee. Mahabharata originally has 10,000 shlokas written in Sanskrit, which are true and give Vedas’ knowledge too. Presently, Mahabharata contains 1 lakh 20,000 shlokas out of which 10,000 shlokas are only true. That is why untrue and impossible stories are being heard like birth from fire (agnikund). Vedas do not accept it.

Vedas do not contain any historic event. It is a knowledge which emanates direct from God. So naturally the Vedas do not tell about any individual’s name, place etc. After destruction of the previous creation, there remains nothing in the world. There was no sun, moon, human-being, day and night, death and birth, space etc.(Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 129 refers). So at the beginning of present creation, no event could take place in the absence of living-beings and other matters etc. Then at a fixed time power of Almighty God starts functioning in prakriti and the creation starts. Thus, the world comes into existence. It was non-sexual creation of all living-beings. And naturally, they were not learned. At this juncture, question arises, who was present there to educate the human-beings. As without giving knowledge to men or women, no one can become wise. God is merciful and therefore as usual He showers His eternal mercy in the shape of four Vedas on all the human-beings to educate them well. The said knowledge of Vedas emanates from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis of non-sexual creation, who then become wise. Thereafter, the Rishis shower the knowledge of Vedas to aspirants. So the first Guru of our ancient Rishis is God.(Yog shastra sutra 1/26 refers) thereafter only Rishis have been our Guru to give Vedic knowledge not only to worship God, but to educate people about all kinds of science and pious deeds. Hence, as said above Vedas are not a story. Story describes an event or happening and will be destroyed at the time of final destruction of the world.

But God and His knowledge of Vedas being immortal, will ever remain, surpassing destruction. And this is the true knowledge. So we must worship only Almighty God through Yajyen, reciting the holy name given by a guru (learned Acharya of Vedas). Vedas state to discharge family duties besides worshipping God. We must always leave sins and accept the truth but to realize truth, one will have to listen the Vedas first. It is unfortunate that oftenly some people falsely state that Vedas are difficult. In this connection, please remember that when a child first time goes to school or first time starts studying, is the study easy for him? Or is to get B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD., degrees or to be a doctor, scientist or engineer easy? Yes, the same are very difficult for those who are lazy and is quite easy for those who are hard workers. So when a student listens carefully and works hard then no topic remains difficult for him. So are the Vedas. You have to listen the Vedas and not to read them. In the matter of Vedas, these are to be listened traditionally and not to be read. So listening is not difficult. One has to seek his Acharya who is learned of Vedas, to listen the Vedas from him.

Listening of Vedas, is an order direct from God. And to oversight the same may be the order of man. We have to decide either to obey God to become learned or to obey man to remain ignorant.

Only Vedas’ divine Sanskrit language for first time in the beginning of creation originated in the heart of four Rishis. For example- Rigveda mantra 8/100/11 states “Devim vacham Devaha Ajanyant” i.e., the divine vedic voice first time is generated i.e., chanted by the learned Rishi-Munis. “Taam Pashva Vadanti” thereafter the ordinary people learn and recite. The said fact has been accepted and adored by all the learned acharayas like Vyas muniji, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj etc., right from the beginning of the earth till date.

Vyas Muniji in Mahabharat i.e., about 5,300 years ago, states that when the Pandavas were asked to go to lakshgriha, with a dangerous plan concocted by Duryodhan to burn all of them alive, then the Prime minister of Duryodhan i.e., Vidur started conversing with Yudhisthir in a language other then Sanskrit. Language used by Vidur was not known to others i.e., Duryodhan, Kunti- the mother of Pandavas and other four Pandavas etc. The language was named Malechch language. In the said language, Vidur warned Yudhishthir about the plan of Duryodhan and gave hint of an underground tunnel secretly made to escape from the fire and go out using the tunnel.

So, to know about the first language or about oldest language, one will have to study and research about the origin of language, please but learned give proof that the oldest language of the world is divine Sanskrit language of vedas and thereafter worldly Sanskrit and then other languages etc.

Questions on the dignitaries like Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj, Sri Ram etc., are often put forth but we being mostly unaware of the eternal knowledge of Vedas do not know the fact that the dignitaries, who have gained the Vedic knowledge, practised Ashtang Yoga and as a result, have attained Dharam-megh Samadhi wherein they have realized God and eternal truth, their decision being the decision of Almighty God cannot be challenged. Their decisions are always beneficial for the living-beings. For example- Duryodhan, who first tried to murder the five Pandavas several times, could not be successful. He forced King Yudhishthir to gamble and got success for himself (Duryodhan) by trick. Duryodhan had started insulting women, used addiction, caused atrocities on public etc. At last, Pandavas requested Dhritrashtra/Duryodhan to give only five villages to live upon but all efforts went in vain. Duryodhan also insulted Draupadi. At last, Sri Krishna Maharaj went to Duryodhan for compromise etc. Then also, Duryodhan played a trick and tried to arrest Sri Krishna Maharaj by throwing a powerful net made of strong iron, on him. But Sri Krishna Maharaj escaped and went out of the court premises. Duryodhan had started insulting Rishi-Munis and eternal knowledge of Vedas as well. Vedas then allow to kill such king immediately so as to protect the public. This protection is secured to people by putting an end to irreligious, unjust, uncooperative rule and power of such king. Following the Vedic instructions only, Sri Krishna Maharaj supported Pandavas to wage war against kauravas. Sri Krishna Maharaj views to destroy injustice etc., were purely Vedic otherwise the present bad condition of India and world would have been even worse. The present bad condition prevalent in India cannot be attributed over Sri Krishna Maharaj’s decision of waging war. It is due to the remaining surviving persons. Including present leaders etc. why? Because the then kings/ministers and thereafter their kings/ministers till date have not tried to follow the Vedic rules and regulations to build a nation strong. Corruption, crime, injustice, insult of women, blind faith etc., are not only related to India but the same have infested the entire world. The reason behind is not to follow the Almighty God’s instructions given in the eternal knowledge of Vedas. People have become habitual, under the influence of so-called saints who are against the Vedas, to follow the man-made spiritual path and hence the illusion. If the war had not taken place then Duryodhan, who had already begun to ruin religion (righteousness) and eternal knowledge of Vedas, would have happily continued the same for further hundred’s of years by managing to grab the control of power in the hands of equally corrupt kings traditionally.

Then even the trace of eternal religion, Vedas honesty, mercy, morality, honour of women etc., would have been obliterated. After destroying the lineage of Duryodhan, the said fear was overcome automatically at that time, due to pious decision of Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj and Pandavas. If Duryodhan and his supporters had been left alive then all Brahmins, Rishi-Munis, spiritual masters would have automatically been ruined by him. Then the question to preserve Vedic culture and country’s honour etc., does not arise. So, decision to fight Mahabharat war, taken by Sri Krishna Maharaj was unquestionably correct, keeping in view the situation at the time of Mahabharat.

So, it cannot be assumed that Vedic culture would have been saved, had the war not taken place. It is also pertinent to mention here that it is because of the few surviving Brahmins, Rishi-Munis after Mahabharat war that the Vedic culture and Dharma has been preserved till today, Vedas glory is being revived and learneds are giving the knowledge of Vedas to people.

Sri Krishna Maharaj cannot think about kalyug, satyug etc., because it is an unchangeable fundamental law of Almighty God that after a stipulated time, every Yug like Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and kalyug starts automatically. I would again advise you to read At least one of my books- Bhagwad Geeta – Ek Vedic Rahasya – I worth Rs.400/-, excluding postal charges, on receipt of your postal address, if you so desire.

India, our pious motherland, has been the land of Rishi-Munis, acharyas, gurukuls etc., who preached the king and public to follow only Vedic path because the present sects had also not come into existence at that time.

Now, our India has made constitution wherein the country has been declared secular state wherein everybody is free to follow his own path. So, question to punish the saints etc., does not arise. Every learned person has to keep his eyes closed towards illusion which is being spread among masses. The meaning of Dev in Vedas and ancient Shatpath Brahmin Granth is “Vidwansa Ev Devaha” i.e., He is dev who is learned of Vedas, has practised Ashtang Yoga and thus has full control over his five senses, perceptions, mind and intellect. He is impartial. He never speaks lies, follows only Vedas and shastras (written by ancient and present Rishis). He does daily yajyen/havan, is soft spoken, never indulged in kaam, krodh, ahankar etc. he is the one who is dev and danav is the one who does not follow the said instructions i.e., always tells lies, does not follow Vedic instructions to be vegetarian and does deeds which are against the Vedas etc.

Purannns are not authentic granths, say all the learneds of Vedas. To remain with king is not a fault. Fault is this that the saint who wants to make contact with King or rich person is learned of Vedas, as quoted above, or not. Because learned of Vedas is not particularly interested to make contact with learned acharya of Vedas then Vedas say- both will make the nation strong, otherwise not. So, learned would make contact with king, leader or rich persons for the benefit of all country men whereas saints who are against the Vedas and do not know Vedas’ knowledge would always be professional, selfish ones.

Satyug i.e., the beginning period of creation (about one Arab, ninety six crores, eight lakhs, fifty three thousand years ago) was not pure hundred percent and hundred percent dharma was not there.

The said Vedic views have also been mentioned in Manusmriti. It is a fundamental law that public would be learned and honest only if Vedic path is followed by them. It has no concern with satyug, treta, dwapur etc. That is why, it is stated in Manusmriti that there occurred several cases of thefts, corruptions etc., because people were not learned of Vedas etc. It is also a fundamental law that knowledge is gained when it is given by someone. So, till the time of knowledge of Vedas was not given hence people remained ignorant/danavs. Then Manusmriti states that harassed people come to Manuji and requested him to control the situation. After all discussions, at last people requested Manuji to become their king. Then Manu took over the command, ruled according to Vedic philosophy and spread the knowledge of Vedas. Then only people became religious. Because, as I have told above and have written several times in books, the fundamental law of nature that knowledge is only gained when it is given by someone. Thus, Manuji spread Vedic knowledge and people gained it and as a result people became religious. It is really difficult to say- “We know ved” and “We love ved” because Vedas are known after hard study under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and yoga including hard practice of ashtang Yoga Philosophy. After doing the said study and practice, a person becomes capable of knowing the divine qualities of Vedas as well as Almighty God. As a result, love inculcates. In absence of knowing the real, divine, unlimited qualities of Vedas and Almighty God who can say that- He knows Vedas and loves Vedas. For example- A person states that He knows God but actually he does not know because he commits sins everywhere whereas one divine quality of God amongst numerous qualities is that he is omnipresent, he sees everyone everywhere.

Shakuni and kauravas were not on tips. Kauravas were the rulers of entire world and Shakuni had their shelter, support. One Krishna was not sufficient at that time. He only decided and supported for war but war was fought by warriors like Pandavas and their army because Sri Krishna Maharaj was not God. God was infested within the body of Sri Krishna Maharaj and only formless God who never takes birth, controls the entire universe without any help, being Almighty whereas Sri Krishna Maharaj had to take the help of his body and Pandavas etc. He was a great dignitary, Yogeshwar had complete knowledge of Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. He was the purest, most adorable dignitary that is why, God manifested within his body. So, Sri Krishna Maharaj is adorable but God is formless, omnipresent, omniscient and who creates, nurses and destroys the universe never takes avtar because it is not needed by Him. There must be reason to take avtar but in case of Almighty God there remains no reason for the same. If God wants to kill millions of Ravanna, at a time, then according to Vedas, His name is Rudra and His power would only kill such culprits within no time. Then, why Almighty God, who is omnipotent take the help of bow, arrow and body. We, the souls, need help of hands, eyes, ears etc., and not God. vaikunth, Dharamraja or Indra etc., do not exist because its description is not in Vedas. As I have already told that Ved Vyasji has written only ten thousand shlokas which do not describe about the said devtas etc. In the spiritual; path, education means learned of Vedas, please. Otherwise, you see, several educated persons are following the worship made by men and not made by God in Vedas. Several so-called saints, are educated, who are spreading illusion in public and are totally professional. My blessings to you and I appreciate your views.

J P: Jai Shri Krishna! Swami Ji Thank You Very much for reply me with the good answer & Supporting refrences,So is it Necessary to wear Thread (Janav/Janoi) to do Havan? But in Godiyamat sampartha (Hare Krishna Hare Rama) they says it is Necessary the person should be Brahmin Initiat.
Kindly reply me.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please. Yes, please. Wearing of janeyu is necessary to perform havan. Janeyu can be worn by any person, lady, daughter or boy i.e., everyone is entitled/authorized to wear it, keeping aside the caste-system made by man, not by God, says Vedas.