Gurpreet Singh: Sat Sri Akal Swamiji. Is it of any use if one recites God’s Name with concentration lapses. In Guru Granth Saheb it is written Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad (Aushadhi) Nam. What is your opinion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sat Sri Akal ji. Yes, when an aspirant recites holy name of God he should not worry about lapses etc. God is Almighty and omniscient and God without fraction of second’s break is watching each of our action. So, he knows that aspirant is sitting to recite the name and the time inspite of lapses etc., is counted towards worship. When an aspirant will start reciting the name of God his concentration will automatically be broken and when he would know about its break then he must break away his worldly thoughts where the mind has wandered and reconcentrate again. You know, practice makes man perfect and one day he will achieve perfection in concentration. Yes, I agree there is only one medicine i.e., holy name of God which is applicable for whole of tensions, problems, blind-faith, corruption, diseases etc., etc. Guru Granth states “Naam Japat Koti Soor Ujara”. “Naam Ke Aadhaare Sagaley Jant, Naam Ke Aadhaare Khand Brahamand”. “…………….Kar Kirpa Jis Aapey
Naami Laye Nanak Chauthey Pad Mein So Gati Paye.” “Sacha Naam Mera Adharo”. “Prabhuji Tu Mere Prann Aadhaare” etc.
Actually, I love Shri Guru Banni and sing Shabda kirtan with its brief description. My life is very much busy, so uptil now I could not spare time to make audio CD of Shabda kirtan yet I shall sure try.

So, all human beings must do the jaap of holy name of God to realise him. However, we must know that of whose name we’ve been chanting or doing the jaap, whether we love him more than the family, ourselves or the world etc., because until we love him, our concentration will never be steadfast on him. Secondly, love is not possible until we know everything about the Almighty God. To know it, the process of satsang, where the natural, eternal, divine qualities, powers and deeds of god are preached or are sung as bhajan-kirtan must be attended more and more. by listening to such satsang and bhajans aspirant will very well know the divine, eternal and everlasting qualities of Almighty God along with other secrets of His creations etc., based on which the aspirant will start to inculcate true love for god and thus will full concentration and love , the aspirant will start doing jaap of His holy name. for example:- “Ek Onkar Satnaam Karta Purukh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajooni Saibhung Guruprasad Jap Aad Such Jugaad Such
Hai Bhi Such Nanak Hosi Wi Such” are the divine eternal qualities of God mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Similarly, Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says
“Sah Paryagaat Shukram Akayamavrannamasnaviram Shudhamapaapvidham
Kavirmanishi Paribhuhu Swayambhuryathatathyatoarthan Vyadadhaat
Shaashvatibhyaha Samabhyah”

“ Shukram” Almighty,
“Akayam” i.e., bodiless, so does not take birth,
“Avrannam” holess and can not be converted into any part, so soul is also not a part of God
“Asnaviram” i.e., without nervous system etc.,
“Apaapvidham” sinless and does not love to those who are sinners,
“Pari + Agaat i.e., omnipresent,
“Kavihi” Omniscient,
“Manishihi” knows thoughts of every soul
“Paribhuhu” who keeps behind the culprits/sinners
“Swayambhuhu” who is eternal/beyond death and birth/has no father, mother etc.,
“Shaashvatibhyaha Samabhyah” for eternal living beings,
“Yathatathyatah” with truth,
“Arthan” gives knowledge of all through Vedas,
“Vyadadhaat” preaches,
“Sah” He is God.

So Vedic satsang and vanni of true Mahapurush must be made the part of our lives to generate the firm love and to continue daily the name jaap of Almighty God .

Aneel Kumar: Namaste Swami Ji, Since there are countless souls (as you have described in VEDAS – A DIVINE LIGHT), it means there must be some souls that would never be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Every soul has the right to attain salvation when the soul gets human-body only. Now, it depends on each soul whether he remains indulged in illusion and enjoys with worldly materialistic articles and kaam, krodh, Mad, lobh, ahankar etc., or leaving the same adopts true Vedic path to get salvation.

C K Vatsa: Poojaya Swamiji, Namaste. In the ultimate analysis, how do you look at the death of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and four others, in an air crash?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. There are three types of karmas-
Sanchit (which have nothing to do with the present life).
Prarabdh- the result of such karmas-good or bad is to be faced by humans in present life. However, with the present pious karmas (deeds) the effect of Prarabdh karmas can be destroyed and a person may avail a long, happy life.
Kriyamann karmas- which have been doing in present life.
So, we will have to think over Prarabdh and Kriyamann karmas, the result of which the accident took place. However, it is a great shock for the country that a person with such a great caliber has gone for heavenly abode leaving behind his chair (responsibility) vacant fulfillment of which is not so easy. I am also sorry on the death of other four persons who have also offered their lives while serving the country. May God give them all peace.