Deepti: Respected guru ji, mai shuru se padhai me bhut tej thi parantu ab dhyan nh lgta mere laakh chahne pe bhi.aap hi dwara pta lga ki mere pichle bure karmo ka fal bhugat rh hu. mje konse ved se jankari hogi ki mje konse mantra or puja krni chahiye
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Beti, pehle tum dhyan se padtee thee ab kum dhyan lagaati ho. Kuch pichhle janamon ke bhi karmon ka prabhaav mitaaney ke liye Ishwar Bhakti zaroori hai. Dil toh padai se hatega lekin insaan kartavya yaad rakhkar jub mehnut karta hai toh ussey achha phal milta hai aur weh apney burey karmon ka phal mita deita hai, Aap bahadur bano aur padai mein dhyan lagao. Student ko kewal do baton par dhyan deina hota hai.
Ek to padai doosra Brahmacharya aur achhee sehat banaa ke rakhna. Aap isee par dhyan dein to sab theek ho jayega. Baki aapko pichhley Question ke answer mein pooja aur Gayatri mantra ke bare mein likha hai, usey follow karein to nishchit hee aap par Ishwar kee kripa hogee.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Agar aap kar sakein to mantra saanson se japaa jaata hai, saanson mein chalta hai. Swans har samay chalte hain, isliye ghar ke karya ya dukan ke karya karte raho aur jab-jab yaad aaye, naam japte-japte karya karo. Dhyan mein baithtey hue naam jaap zaroori hai. Aagey kee shiksha leine ke liye Guru ke paas hee aaya jaata hai kyunki shiksha to aamney saamney baithkar hee dee jaati hai.

M: Pranam Swamiji, We are the family consisting of 2 children having age of 6 years(boy) and 4 months(girl). My husband does not take interest in learning Vedas. I want to follow the path of Vedas and change the perception of worshiping idols and worship only formless almighty GOD. As advised , I am already chanting Gayatri Mantra and OM jaap daily. I will also start performing havan once I learn it. Question is: How should I teach my children to follow the vedic path and by what age they should be taught the same (Especially about Brahmcharya)? What if, husband does not know (or does not want to know or follow) about Ashtang yoga philosophy but wife want to learn and try to follow it. How is it possible to learn and follow Ashtang yoga by wife? Thankyou for your time and advise.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I bless you and your family for a long, happy life. It is not a praise but is a fact that due to your previous lives’ pious deeds and blessings of Almighty God that you have a desire to follow eternal vedic path made by God and not by any
Rishi-muni or any man. Rishi-muni only followed it and became great dignitaries by realizing Supreme power of universe i.e., Almighty God. No doubt, it is a problem that your husband is not interested in Vedic path but I hope that when a lady of your calibre will start daily hawan both times and will read Vedic books, then one day eternal truth will also be observed by your husband. I would also like to advise you about your duty towards your family to look after your family and
husband well and to always be faithful to your husband and to always shower your love on him. These are your worldly duties towards your husband and to follow Vedic path is spiritual matter by which anyone can destroy sorrows, while discharging his duties and doing all pious deeds. You see, we the humans have only a motto to get our present birth, that we’ve to do daily worship based on Vedic path to realize God. I’ve prepared a Cd which is being sent to several devotees in which process of pronouncing Gayatri mantra with word to word meaning exists. Cd can also be sent to you, if you desire. It can be shown to your husband also. Because in all hindu dharmas, Gayatri mantra is considered religiously as important. This Gayatri Mantra has been mentioned in three Vedas.

The vedic education starts at the age from 6-8 years. When you sit to do hawan, hawan must be done accompanied by children and they automatically will be able to utter Gayatri mantra or OM. I also paste one of my answers in this regard. I’ve nothing in myself, it is all due to grace of God that He inspired me to do Ashtang Yoga Practice under the guidance of my spiritual acharya in the cave in dense jungle of Rishikesh for a long time. My spiritual master was kind enough that he heartily taught me about Yoga philosophy practically. So, with the blessings of God and my spiritual master, I was enlightened. Now, all my divine deeds, working, service to mankind, writing of books, singing of spiritual songs and cds, daily Yajyen with ved mantras, Vedic preach to devotees/aspirants are dedicated to Almighty God. Because, knowledge is gained only when it
is given by someone, God made me able to understand it very well that the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from God in the beginning of earth is the only truth, so the truth is realized by listening of Vedas from acharya, doing daily Yajyen /hawan with ved mantras, name jaap of God and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga under the guidance of learned acharya. So, whatever I speak or write or sing is based on my realization (enlightenment) because mere bookish knowledge creates several vices/shortcomings like kaam, krodh,mad, lobh, ahankar etc., whereas practical worship as quoted above, is really a bliss awarded by God Himself (Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 also refers).

Yajurveda mantra 7/48 and Bhagwad Geeta shloka 2/47 preach us that we the human-beings are free to do deeds either pious or sins but result is awarded by Almighty God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.

So, it is duty of all learned acharyas to spread Vedic knowledge at their level best, amongst those humans who are desirous of the same. Vedas tell that the learned must destroy the illusion from society. So we’ve only to do our level best to spread knowledge, to destroy illusion which generates problems, tensions, diseases, sorrows, injustice, blind faith etc., in the society. So, we must work without having desire of the result thereof. Let the result be left in the hands of God Who as stated in mantra above awards it. Evil means illusion and illusion (evil) is destroyed by knowledge. Except knowledge, there is no other way to destroy the same. If a student desires to pass examination, but he does not study hard then his only desire will be of no use. So, million or one in million, if desire then only desire will also be of no use. In several replies to questions, I often write that you’ve put the question only but you would not try hard to worship or make contact with learned acharya of Vedas to learn spiritualism, to decide to take firm unchangeable decision to know that Who is God. Nowadays, I’ve experienced that people often do not work hard to first decide the Eternal, Immortal, Formless, Unchangeable, and unchallengeable God Whom he should
worship. They follow others and start worshiping directly i.e., without confirming that Who is God and hence the problem.

Satyug, treta, dwapur, kalyug are calculation of time period and is also non-alive matter. In this connection, I paste my article below:-

About Yugas

There are four yug – Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and Kaliyug.
Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousands years
Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousands years
Dwapur = 8 lakhs 64 thousands years
Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousands years

So, non-alive matter can never cause any obstacle/hurdle in worship or in any action – good or bad, which is being taken or will be taken by anyone. So, we can’t blame any time-period. In this connection, Vedas-shastras tell that blame yourself, your mind (mann) or your intellect(buddhi) who are after materialistic articles of world, pomp and show, pride etc., due to which often a person becomes helpless, lazy and becomes unable to spare time and to do hard tapasya, to do real worship, while discharging all our moral duties towards family, society and nation (Yajurveda mantra
40/2, 40/14 etc., refer) so, our duty is to spread Vedic knowledge through yajyen, preach, books if possible by Vedic spiritual Cds, let rest is in the hands of God.

As Napoleon, used to tell that there is no word as ‘impossible’ in his dictionary similarly all learned of Vedas never lose heart and try their level best to spread Vedic knowledge. Vedas tell that deeds done by anyone will never go in vain i.e., it will sure give effect to those who are desirous of gaining. If we become nervous then we will be declared by God as lazy and selfish etc. Vedas have unlimited knowledge but main knowledge are three educations-


There are three educations/preach about

(i) knowledge – science etc(Gyan) in Rigveda,
At the time of every creation, knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis in non-sexual creation. In the said process, first of all, the knowledge of Rigveda advents and originates in the heart of Rishi Agni. In this veda though the description of every worldly matter right from straw to God has been mentioned but it speaks especially about matters concerning science of the world. God has described qualities/nature of all materialistic articles of the universe. Therefore, the entire mankind must get the benefit of eternal knowledge of Vedas by knowing about right from straw to Brahma i.e., God. The meaning of “Ric” is that wherein the qualities and nature of all matters have been described and the meaning of veda is knowledge i.e., true knowledge. These words are used in making the pious word “Rigveda”.

(ii) In Yajurveda, the form of true, pious deeds have been preached . So, in the absence of listening of Yajurveda, we can’t know about real moral duties of students, married persons, vanprasthis and sanyasis. Even the moral and social obligations of King, parents, children etc., can’t be known.

(iii) In Samveda there is preach about eternal true worship of God like yajyen, name jaap, practice of ashtang yoga by following which an aspirant realises God/attains salvation.

(iv) Atharvaveda authenticates the above three vedas’ preach. It also contains comprehensive knowledge of medical science.

So, Almighty God who is formless, creates, nurses, destroys and again creates universe. This process is eternal and everlasting. So, at the time of beginning of each non-sexual creation, the knowledge of above four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis. The knowledge is given by the God to the human-beings for their welfare/benefit because until the knowledge is given by somebody, no one can attain the knowledge. In the beginning of the creation, no preacher, guru, acharya, teacher is present there to teach. So, God gives the knowledge.

Main objective of all four Vedas is to destroy the illusion to realize God, while discharging all our moral duties. Meaning of Shiv or Sadashiv is benevolent God who is Formless, Almighty, unchangeable, unchallengeable and who alone has power to create nurse and destroy the universe and again create it. Because God was one, is one and shall always remain one. Amongst several Ved mantras, Yajurveda mantra 27/36 also states- ‘Na Jataha Na Janishyate’ i.e., equivalent to this
God, neither other God was born, nor shall be born in future. Rigveda Mantra 7/104/14 also states that those who worship false God and Goddesses, God punishes them. So, we have to follow Vedic preach and not preach which is against the Vedas.

As Yajurveda Mantra 40/8 also states that God is ‘Shukram’ i.e., He was Almighty, has all power and needs no assistance to control the universe or to do any divine deeds. He alone is enough to do divine deeds. I mean to say He needs no assistance like Yamraj to award death etc., no Indra devta to cause rain etc. He is ‘Akayam’ without body, ‘Asnaviram’ i.e., without nervous system, ‘Avarnam’ i.e., no hole cannot be made into Him, ‘Shuddham’ i.e., He is the purest, it means there is no illusion which can overcome God. ‘Apaapvidham’ God is always away from all sins and from facing result of any deed etc. So, He cannot speak, because He has no mouth, tongue etc. Actually, being Almighty when He is able to tell or to inspire the people or to make them understand about any matter without any tongue, so its necessity is not required by God. We are souls who needs assistance like tongue to speak, eye to see etc. That is why, when in the beginning of every earth, God gives knowledge of four Vedas to four Rishis then the knowledge of God with the power of Almighty God automatically is originated in the heart of four Rishis. In Vedas,
there is no existence of Devi-Devta, bhoot, pret, jin, sayyad, kali, mahakali, Kalyug Maharaj, Sani Maharajji etc. Vedas only tell to worship one Formless, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Yet, those who believe it and worship it they may go ahead on their own.

Luck (destiny) is always in our hands, say Vedas i.e., who works hard towards right path i.e., according to Vedas, Shastras etc., and worships God daily, he destroys the effect of previous lives’ deeds and makes his future bright. For example- Samveda mantra 830 states that he who daily offers aahutis in the yajyen/Havan with Ved mantras, he makes his future bright. Rigveda mantra 10/135/4 states that those who make contact with learned acharya of Vedas and under guidance of
acharya, they destroy their sorrows and attain salvation.

It will be your efforts and love towards your husband to request him to allow you to follow Vedic path and learn Ashtang Yoga. A faithful woman is capable to mould her husband and I’ve told you above that one day he’ll also be able to understand eternal truth of Vedas to follow. We must always pray to God for this, my daughter.

My daughter, main motto of life is first to remember God to worship Him and then start other worldly pious deeds like studies in your case. Hawan mein sirf 20 minutes lagte hain, aur yeh hawan aur naam jaap aapko mental and physical , dono power deiga aur aap Ishwar ka ashirwad bhi prapt karogee. Meri kitne hee disciples (daughters) doctors, engineer, commissioner, scientists foreign countries kee high post par hain. Weh bachpan se dono time hawan kartee hain aur padai
bhi kee. Aap jab samay se hawan kareingee to aapkee madad Ishwar karega kyunki hawan/Yajyen Ishwar kee hamein saunpee duty hai jo hamein imandari se nibhani hai. Mala kee bilkul zaroorat nahin hai. mental jaap to moonh (mouth) se bolne se zyada achchha hai. But yeh vidya aap kisi ved aur yog vidya ke gyata acharya se seekhein avashya. Tab aur bhi faida hoga. Positivity bharne ke liye jeevan mein sada shubh karma karein aur in shubh karmon ko jaanne ke liye ved avashya Guru se sunein aur vedic books ko padna shuru karien. Kabhi bhee alasya na karein hamesha mehnati aur honest banein.

Main yahi advise karoonga kee meri vedon ke aadhaar par likhee pustakon ko padein jo English, Hindi dono bhasha mein hain sath mein vedic spiritual bhajans kee cd sunein jinhein maine Ishwar kripa se likha, gaya hai. Pustak aur Cd aapko address milne par bhejee jaayeingee, agar aapkee ichchha hai, iske liye postal addres bhejna hoga.

Dhyaan ke liye koi image rakhee nahin jaa saktee. Yog shastra sutra 3/1 mein kaha hai- “Desh Bandhasya Chitasya Dharnna” Arthat apne chitta ko shareer ke kisi bhag par sthir kar do. Sabse
achchha bhag (sthan) hai, dono bhohon ke beech mein . bhaav yeh hai ki dono bhovon ke beech mein jo sthan hai arthat jo skin hai us par dhyaan sadaa do arthat sthir kar do.

Yahi vedon –shastron ka updesh hai. kisi image (murti) par dhyaan sthir (tikaya) kiya hee nahin jaa sakta kyunki dhyaan mathe par jaayega kabhi naak par, kabhi thodi par, kabhi shareer ke kisi aur
bhag par itiyadi. Kisi image par dhyaan lagaane kee shiksha vedon-shatron mein hai hee nahin kyunki Ishwar kee koi image nahin hai.

Again, my blessings to you, my daughter.