Kailash: Pranam acharyaji..maf kijiye acharya ji par aapne pedome atma ke bareme jo uttar diya us se mera samadhan nahi hua…atma k jo gun hai ichha sukh dukh vo ped me nahi dikhte hai..agar vo bhog yoni hai aur usme sukh dukh hi nahi to usme atma hone me kya praman hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Ved aur science, is baat ko siddh kar chuke hain ke pedon mein bhi atma hai. Karmanusaar char yoni kahi gayi hain:-

Rebirth and different yonis

Idea of Yajurveda mantra 39/6 is that after leaving the human body, the soul goes to several matters in the space etc., and then according to good or bad deeds takes next birth. Yajurveda mantra 39/7 states that those souls who do sins they take birth with violent nature like wolves, bear and those who give fear to others in human body, they take birth in body with dangerous nature like crocodiles, poisonous snakes, tigers, lions, wild boars etc., those who give fear to others, they will be of timid nature also like rabbits, deer etc. Those who give justice and make others fearless, they will take next birth in a fearless nature. Those who are indulged in illusion, they will take birth in a place where the atmosphere will be full of illusion (Yajurveda mantra 40/3 also refers).

Those who are learned Yogis but are not yet attained salvation, they will take next birth in a place where there will not be any illusion but divine enlightenment. Those who have not controlled their five senses, five perceptions and mind then in the next birth they will be of restless nature. But those who have controlled their senses etc., will be of calm, peaceful nature. Those who have followed eternal knowledge, they will also be of peaceful nature in the next birth.

Atharvaveda mantra 9/10/16 states that those who are not learned in this birth, they will get the birth as “sthavar” rooted plants etc., as birds and as animals etc., and those who are learned they take next birth as rishi-munis. So the soul based on his sins or pious deeds takes birth in upper class or lower class. The above said Atharvaveda mantra also states that the soul in the human body knows each and everything that is each outer matter of the world but due to involvement in illusion, soul does not know himself.

As Manusmriti states in shlok 1/43-46 the soul according to deeds takes birth as animal, non-violent deer etc., carnivores like tiger, leopards etc., devils, human beings. The said are of “jarayuj” type i.e., those who take birth from their skin i.e., tissue. Soul takes birth as “undaj” type i.e., those who hatch from eggs like birds, snakes, crocodiles, fish, tortoise, etc. Soul takes birth in “Swedaj” type i.e., those who take birth from sweat, humidity, moisture, for-example, lice, mosquitoes, flies, bed-bugs, etc.

Soul also takes birth in Udbhij i.e., who takes birth from within the earth like plants who emerge from seeds etc., and are stable at one place like trees etc. So there are four above quoted main origin (yonis) of which the total number comes as 84 lakhs.

Har yoni mein karma bhogne ka apna-apna alag-alag swbhav hai. Jaise machchar ko maaroge to weh sukshma awaz hee kareiga jo sunayee nahin deigee. Sher ko maaroge to virodh kareiga. Saanp ko maaroge to phunkar maareiga etc. issee tarah jab tum harey vriksha se patiyan , dali aadi katoge to yeh ped udbhij yoni mein hain. Yeh kuch nahin kaheingey parantu atma mein weh mehsoos kareingey issee tarah anday ke andar bhi atma hai par jab anda todogey to weh bhi kuch nahin kaheigee.

Atma ke gunn sukh dukh aadi kabhi khatam nahin hote. Jaise kee pratyek ped mein ek nar hai ek nari hai. Agar unmein ichcha na hot to us ped mein phal phool nahin lageingey kyunki yeh bhi grabh dharann karte hein, ichcha hai to dharann karte hain, ichcha na ho to garabh kyun dharann karein?

Anonymous: KOTI KOTI PRANAM MAHARAJI Thanks for being always with me and my family, its ur blessings anrd kripa that today iam here. Thanks for that. I am thinking of doing a job to help my family, and by studying side by side.Please guide me whether i am right or wrong. Thanks being always with me and my family.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my daughter. You are doing well.