AKL: Pranam Guruji, Does a nation also have a prarbadh / sanchit karmas or only individuals? How do we explain our country as ‘Spiritual Leader’, ‘Future Economic Power’ and among the most corrupt at the same time, how these being brought on by cumulative prarabdh / karmas of countrymen? How can citizens help fate of a country? Guruji, could Kundlini experience (secret?) be shared in an authentic manner?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you.

Nation is made from people. So nation has no prarabdh or sanchit karmas but inhabitants of nation have prarabdh and sanchit karmas.

‘Spiritual leaders’ like Dashrath, Harishchandra Sri Ram, Yudhishthir are not born in our country anymore due to our bad luck because spiritual means the leaders who knows four Vedas and Yoga Philosophy and does daily hawan/yajyen as was done by our previous leaders.

About future economic power nothing can be told at this stage, till corruption ends.

Spiritualism has no connection with the prarabdh karmas of countryman. Instead, if people follow the Vedic spiritualism as was followed by above quoted dignitaries then automatically corruption etc., and effect of prarabdh karmas is destroyed. To make the fate of country national character is to be built. Kundalini experience cannot be shared please.

Shallu: Guru ji namaste, agar hamara koi bahut payara aadmi maar jai, hum chaha ki woh hamare sapne main aye par wo aata hi nahin. to hume kya karna chahiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you, my daughter.

Vedon ka gyan hamein yeh sikhata hai ki mare hue ko nahin rona chahiye aur mare hue ka swapan mein aana aayu kam karne ka indication hai. Han, mare hue ki achchee baton ko sadaa yaad rakho aur unkee atma kee shanti ke liye hamesha hawan, yajyen karte rahein.