Mohit: Ye gaytri yagya kya hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Gayatri yajyen koi alag se vedon mein nahin kaha gaya hai. Parantu iska seedha sa arth yahi lagayein ki Gayatri mantra se kiya Yajyen, Gayatri Yajyen kehlata hai. Han! Yajyen mein Brahma ka upasthit hona avashyak hai.

Rashmi: Pujya guruji maharaaj, Pranaam n charan sparsh, Regards to all at ashram,
Guru ji maharaj we have shifted to mumbai.ADvait n advay also have joined school. We all are thankful to you n almighty for your presence in our life. Guruji maharaj one question i have we did continously 3 yrs havan in vizag at our residence.As told by you slowly the effect of ved mantras comes. Now we have left that residence n some one else is occupying it. Will the power/ effect of vedas mantra will still be there? How it will benefit the other occupant? Guruji my son has got a fracture.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter. Please, shower my blessings on both Advait and Advay.

Power of ved mantras spreads in whole atmosphere of the world. So, that power is still with you all. You know that words uttered by anyone move around the entire universe for seven times in one second. So, is the case of uttering pious eternal ved mantras. Secondly, ved mantras already exist in space also all times. Sorry, to listen about fracture of dear yajyam. However, it will all be O.K at the earliest.

Rakesh Kumar: Please send me 1: brahamcharya dukh nivarak divya mani 2:mrityu ek katu satya 3: sandhya mantra 4: yajna karm sarvashresth ishwar pooja.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please send your postal address to enable us to send the books as asked by you.